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maa ke sath blue film in public

2011-Apr-20, 05:05
The Theatre
by varun ©

Note: All names have been changed. All characters are 18 & above. Any similarity is purely fiction.


Native place and Theatres brought pleasant memory to all but to me it was horrifying till I entered the world of Sex. It was then I understood that I had wonderful experiences others would die to have. It was never horrifying instead very simulating.

One of the incident my memory recalls is the episode in the Janet theatre in my native place. The Theatre is in a complex, which has 2 more theatres, called Jain & Jincy. Jain & Janet theatre always played family movies while Jincy Theatre played only 'A' movies. We went to see – a love story film that had been running here for almost 3 months continuous houseful playing in Janet Theatre.

We always went to our native place as soon as the school closes. It was fun when all the relatives came together, but this time it was getting bore because majority of them couldn't make it, though some had promised to reach as soon as possible. That was why we had decided on a film.

The 'We' meant Aunt Sheeja age around 32 breast whose marriage was a controversial and got married to her teacher at the age of 19, her daughter. Sonia her daughter who had a very beautiful face like a model with a small body. Her face looked like she was an adult but her body displayed her true age for which she was always angry. The next gorgeous figure with big boobs was my mom Sheila. She had a perfect ass which would bulge up in every type of dress she wore giving a knockout look. My younger sister Sowmya who was slim and looked younger than she was was another display of men's lust. Other than the group of women the only males were Stevens & Raghav. Stevens was Aunt Sheeja son who was one year younger to me. I was 15 at that time. We only seldom went out. Though my mom & aunt were born up they were brought up at Uncles house in the town, so they could go to the class easily. They could never adjust to the city and being away from the village neither were they free here.

We arrived a little late and by that time the theatre was full. We were in despair; the thought of going back and simply sitting was unthinkable. Unable to take a decision we were standing there when suddenly a man approached us and asked mom if she was willing to buy tickets in black. After a moments hesitation and our 'please' look she said yes. He said it would cost 100 per ticket. The actual cost was only $40, but we didn't think twice, we wanted to see the film so she bought it.

"Hurry up and go." He said the film has started.

"Where's the door?" She enquired.

"You are not from here?"

"We are from here but we live in Kochi." She said

"Ah!" he said as if it made sense. "Please come." He said leading the way till the door. "They are strangers here but our guest," he said to the doorkeeper.

The ticket checker looked at us in an odd way and smiled. I thought it was because of the remote place where women came with big families consisting of many men. Women or a group of Women coming to see without husband or uncles was not heard of. Only one type of women went alone and just the thought that they were alone meant evil thoughts for them.

The film had begun and the lights were dimmed. There were only few people so we got a good seat. I was surprised because the tickets were all sold out, but then I thought maybe the black marketing people had got the main part of the ticket as there were many outside selling tickets in black. Everyone seemed to be looking at us. The print seemed a little old but since one year was over since it released, I didn't think of it. Stevens sat in the end, followed by me with Sonia, Sowmya, mom and Aunt Sheeja. As soon as we sat some people from the back row came and sat in the row behind us, then slowly two of them came and sat near Aunt Sheeja leaving a seat empty in between them. Usually when we went to films we used to sit at the beginning of row so there wont be any trouble from people like unknown touch, smiles, etc, but since so many seats were available we had sat in the middle for the DTS effect. Also we couldn't say anything especially since they had left a seat empty, which divided us from them. So we concentrated on the film, but as the film rolled on I began to get doubt – not on the men sitting near Aunt Sheeja but of the film.

Be it the hero or villain semi nude women always surrounded them both. There were kissing scenes and bed scenes though they did not show much. I think both mom & Aunt Sheeja had begun to feel the same doubt. They were discussing something between themselves. I saw Aunt Sheeja lean over and ask the person nearby,

"Isn't this KNAPH II?"

They nodded; she turned towards to mom and said

"It seems so, maybe it's the new generation films. They are always on beach or somewhere else." Both of them giggled.

Suddenly the heroine in the film went to riverside and stripped down to her bra & panties, wadded into the river and started taking bath. With her back towards us the girl began to undo her bra and wrapped herself in a white flimsy cloth. She dipped in the river and arose facing the audience. I focused on her cloth as her nipples were beginning to be visible through the flimsy cloth. I could trace her breast in their oval shape. Suddenly the villain jumped in and pulled her to the side and started to grab her. I held my breath as he pulled off the flimsy cloth. With the flimsy cloth gone she had only her red panties, which the villain was tugging at. They were rolling all over giving the view of her swollen breasts at every angle and her ass in the red underwear. They rolled on for some time with the villain grabbing and squeezing her breast and ass and sometimes sucking her nipples. They were rolling on when 4 other people came and surrounded them. Instead of saving her they grabbed her hands and leg as the villain pulled of the last piece of shame from her. She was held naked, spread eagle as the main villain arose and pushed down his shorts to project a stern long dick.

"What the..." Stevens exclaimed

My face turned red seeing his huge dick. Without turning my head I looked sideways. Both Sonia & Sowmya were watching dumbfounded. They never had seen anything like this. Come to think of I doubt if they have seen any other dick other than children's small penis. To them such a long dick was sure to shock them. I looked at my mother & Aunt. They too were sitting and watching dumbfounded afraid to turn around in shame and fear. Had they been alone they would have just walked away in shame, leaving none the wiser but to see this with the children and the fear that they might spread it were making it worse. This was the first rape scene I hoped would end soon, usually I would get angry when the hero rescues the girl.

I stared back at the screen.

The girl was moved into sitting position facing the villains hanging dick. The other villains held her head and were teasingly pushing her head towards his dick as she continued to struggle. Slowly her face touched his dick. Her lips kissed his dick as she tried to move her face. They forced her to suck his dick. Holding her head he began pushing it deep into her mouth.

I looked at sis who was really startled at the change of the scene, and then I looked at mom again. It was then I noticed the seat near Aunt Sheeja wasn't vacant anymore. Someone was sitting on it. His hands were moving on her thigh and she was trying to push it away without attracting anyone. I turned to get a view but he had removed his hand so I sat back to see the film which was a mistake, because the fucking scene wasn't over.

The screen now showed 5 people rubbing their dicks and the girl spread eagle. One of them squatted in front of her and pushed his dick into her mouth while the other had lifted her legs sky-high and was trying to insert his dick in her while others were grabbing her ass & boobs. One fellow inserted his finger in her ass and she wriggled and in a way it helped the other person's dick to enter her.

I looked at Aunt Sheeja. The other person had begun again. This time he was lifting her sari up. As he pulled it up I got a glimpse of her milky thighs. My dick began to grow. I sat as if I didn't see the person undressing her. I was watching the screen while my eyes was watching the real grope. She was trying real hard to push him off without distracting anyone, when 2 hands came from above and began to squeeze her boobs. She jumped up in sheer surprise. Mom looked at her then turned around and shouted at him. But the shout was like a whisper. For some time they sat like school students. The moment she turned the assault continued from all sides. Now the attack included mom also. More than sexual grab it was fun for the people behind her. As soon as she turns they would bring their hand over her head and squeeze her boobs or insert 2 fingers through the gap in her seat poking at her ass. The same was happening with Aunt Sheeja, only a little more. Other than the grope from above she had to wade off the hand tugging her saree.

Suddenly the screen changed and a fighting scene appeared with great noise and bomb blasts. For a moment the assault on their boobs stopped. Mom signaled us to come and pushed Aunt Sheeja to move. Together hand in hand we moved crouched towards the door. We pushed and pulled the door but it would not budge. We knocked on it, afraid to make noise, fearing that the people who troubled us would come here. But they seem to have lost interest in us and were watching the film ardently. Mom knocked on the door and began to shake the door. Suddenly it was opened and the ticket checker entered closing the door behind him.

"Yes madam" he said with great respect.

"What kind of dirty theatre is this?" Mom exploded

"Madam, if you come to such dirty films you will see dirty films." He replied

"We didn't came for any dirty film" Aunt Sheeja said, "We came for KNAPH."

"Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha." He laughed rolling his head backwards, "Then why did you come here."

"Because we were told this theatre is where the film is playing." Mom said annoyed.

"Very true madam, very true." He said in his down to earth manner " but this is Jincy not Janet."

For a moment mom & Aunt Sheeja stood blank as if the doorkeeper was mad, then it hit them. Janet theatre played the family movie. They had got in to the wrong theatre. Since all 3 theatres were in the same complex we had got in the wrong door. Janet theatre was on the other side.

"Oh!" Mom & Aunt Sheeja exclaimed together.

"So you see madam, we are not at fault."

"You should have warned us at least." Aunt Sheeja said

"How could I – You came with the ticket of Jincy theatre escorted by a person, so I thought you came to see this movie." He said humbly.

"Jincy Theater's ticket?" both exclaimed together

He nodded his head. In the hurry we had not checked the ticket especially when he took us to the door. The black ticket selling person had cheated us.

"Well you should know women don't come to see such films." She said angrily

"Oh, the times have changed." He said sadly as if saying a poem "Now days women do come."

"Well we are not that kind and we want to go." Mom said.

"Oh Why didn't you tell me that earlier. As soon as I entered the owner has locked it. The doors will open only at the interval."

"What are we going to do now?" Mom asked as if to herself.

"Well maybe the top door is not closed. Let me check it. Please follow me."

We followed him to the top row where a portion of the balcony was modeled to a box like a separate balcony. It was covered with glass and had a small door barring the entrance giving a look of an office. He opened the entrance to let us in. We had to bow low to enter. The module consisted of around 15 seats in three rows of 5 each.

"This is the new VIP box." He said as if we were taking a round of the theatre. He climbed the steps and tried the door. To the utter despair of Mom & Aunt Sheeja it was locked. He shook his head and motioned us to go down.

"Maybe" he said as if an afterthought "You would like to sit here till the interval."

Aunt Sheeja and Mom looked at each other, then nodded to him and offered their thanks for his help. As he left she motioned us to sit. Stevens & me sat in the upper row while the women group filled the middle row. Mom told us all to lie on the seat with our head down and not to watch the film. The girls began giggling at each other angering mom as she scolded them and told to behave like us. We meanwhile had our head down with our hands covering our head, but slowly we would peep and watch the screen. Silently we put our head down and as she turned we all giggled quietly looking at each other. Suddenly we heard someone coming. It was the people who had groped Mom & Aunt Sheeja.

"What are you doing here?" Mom said, "This is private place. Go or I will call the ticket checker."

"We just purchased the VIP tickets." He said waving some ticket counterfoils.

Mom started shouting " Hello there, Mr. ticket checker, Hello."

The ticket checker was standing down. Hearing the commotion he climbed up quickly.

"What is the meaning of this outrage Madam?" he said quite annoyed

"These people have come here." Mom said

"Madam this is a theatre. People come here. What is wrong in it?

"But these people...." She said as he interrupted

"Madam these people has VIP tickets. VIP ticket holders are allowed to sit anywhere as long as there are vacant seats. I have helped you now please don't make anymore trouble or I will be forced to send you down to your old seats."

She stammered losing confidence as he moved near. The thought of sitting in the midst of all was a humiliating thing.

"Sis there might be relatives or friends or neighbors in the hall. Creating a scene and attracting attention might worsen the problem." Aunt Sheeja said to mom.

With a stubborn look at both the ticket checker and the youths she led us all to our seats. The ticket checker told the men to take their seats and went down closing the door behind him. As soon as he closed the door the sound was cut off. I was sure since no sound entered no sound would go out. There were 8 of them. 5 of them took the front row, 2 came and sat with us. One of them came and sat near Mom who began to tell him to go.

"We don't have seat."

"So" mom asked angry

"Can we sit on your laps?" he said and all roared to laughter.

Ignoring them she turned her head as if to watch the film. Unluckily for her another bedroom scene had begun in which a person was squeezing the girl's boobs.

"Hmmmm too much interested in the film. Can I help?" he asked bending near her as if to grab her melons frightening, but instead he adjusted a knob under her seat and we could hear the film. He got up and smiled at mom. She ignored him. As she moved her eyes he grabbed her melons. She turned green as all roared.

Two of them from the front row got up. There was little space in front arranged like a box. They climbed on it, like actors on the stage they began to take off their shirt with an excuse of hot. With a quick move they turned towards one another and removed each other's pants. Standing in their underwear they grabbed their dick and pointed towards us. We all got up as mom motioned us and went to the door, but it was locked. As we were trying to open the door, they came from behind and lifted us, pushing back to our seats.

"Sit there" One of them ordered "or it will get worse."

We sat back to our seats, as the two began their wild dances in their underwear. All were clapping hands and encouraging them. One by one all joined in till they were in their underwear. Then they began to circle us and introduced themselves till they reached full circle. Some of the names I got were – Gobi, John, Peter, Muhammad, Pan, Krishnan, and Sinu. Slowly the person in front came forward. It was Gobi. Pressing his dick slowly in a dance manner he wriggled out of his underwear to display a thick stern dick. He pulled up his fore skin and began the to & fro motion in his dance.

Mom got angry and started threatening him to complain to the police.

"On the contrary madams when the police arrive it will be my word against yours."

It was the ticket checker.

" I shall complain that you are a prostitute, now acting a good girl when caught red-handed."

"Go to your seats" Some screamed

"Remove your dress bitch!" another screamed

I saw mom's stern eyes lower. She saw the reasoning. Who would believe her especially in such a situation? The ticket person would say he had warned her, which would put her in a no-back situation. Mom quickly went and sat on a nearby chair. Her eyes all full with tears in fear & shame. It was a planned action.

"At least let the children go," she pleaded

"We shall of course" he said, "if you sit quietly and watch the film for at least 5 minutes."

With no choice left she sat silently. The other persons were more than happy. Soon it was like a crowd around mom. They made us watch sitting near by. They couldn't circle mom since we were 5 and had the row filled. The youngest of all was told to get up. It was sis. Into her seat Aunt Sheeja was send and sis was send to my lap. Sis was sitting on my lap in fear as I consoled her.

Gobi sat near mom and started lifting her dress revealing her thighs. She tried to push him off when 2 more hands came from above and squeezed her boobs. It was Peter's. As she moved her hands to wade off him Gobi pulled up her dress sky high giving a glimpse of her white panties. She quickly bought her hand down, but the hands on her boobs began to open her blouse. She moved her hands back to stop him. Quickly Gobi moved his hands towards her panties and began to pull it down. Peter meanwhile grabbed her with her hands up in a locked manner and heaved her up giving space for Gobi who quickly pulled her panties down to her knee. Recognizing trouble she began to struggle when a new person came and held her making the group count 10 other than us.

I recognized him, as the person who had sold the ticket to us whose name as I later came to know was Marcellus. He stood in front of mom as she tried in vain to pull off all the hands groping and teasing her. Her hands were held as he opened her blouse teasing her. She was wearing a silk bra, which he patted. There was an 'hmmmm' and 'ooooo' sounds. He slowly pulled up her bra revealing her white milky boobs with a cherry red nipple. As he pressed her boobs I could see ripple movement like in water on her boobs. It felt very soft and his each movement would waddle her boobs. She was struggling hard but held on all sides. In the midst of onlookers he opened his zip and let his fly out. Then holding her both boobs he pressed his dick on it and teased her nipples with his dick. She pushed him off and tried to run away only to be pulled down to the person near her seat. She ended up in his lap struggling.

I looked as The Ticket Checker pulled up her skirt and made her sit on his throbbing dick. Mom began to fight like a cat giving a good display of her panties and the secret passage covered by her panties. Marcellius came and pulled her panties down to her knees and without warning gave a slap which was like a thunder strike in the hall. Mom's struggling stopped in that shock. He caught her head and pulled her towards his dick, then forced it into her mouth. She had no option but to suck it as he pushed it deep into her throat. The Ticket Checker meanwhile was busy undressing her. He pulled of her blouse along with the bra. Her boobs began to waggle and jiggle as he pulled of her top. Her skirt was pulled over her head. Mom sat on his dick stark naked with the panties around her thighs.

It was a novel sight, which I wish I could have recorded. Her beauty in her nakedness knew no bound. She was sitting naked on a stranger's dick with another stranger's dick in her mouth. Soon the others joined in groping her. Some grabbed her melons while others tried to finger her pussy. Seeing my mom naked with dicks all around trying to touch her - a loving son should have got angry instead I had such a hard on and sis sitting on it made it worse.

As they grabbed mom my dick was numb, but as they began to undress her, my shameless cock began to grow and that too on my sis's ass. At first I tried to move her to my thighs but the movement made my dick rock hard. I felt my sisters soft sponge ass on my hard dick. With mom getting more naked and the show moving from her thighs to panties to boobs to pussy and in the end naked I could hardly control myself. Luckily I was behind all. Every one was staring at the grope scene. Aunt Sheeja called out at times to leave her. I slowly shifted her to my thighs and then opened my zip to ease the thrust. My dick sprang out to touch my sis. I whispered her to stand down. Without taking her eyes from the show she got down. I managed my fingers under her frock and slowly lifted it. Then suddenly I whispered her to sit on my lap and at the same time lifted her to my lap. My dick touched my sis's panties as I pulled her to my lap. I shifted her and her naked part of ass cheek was on my dick. It was like my dick was sinking to a soft spot as my dick immersed onto her ass. For a second she sat wondering what the hot and hard substance was, but with the drama unfolding in front of her eyes it didn't take much time for her to understand that the cocks around her mother had a similarity to the thing poking her ass. She tried to move away but I held her hard. I was on the edge of cumming when she was pulled off from my lap.

I thought none would be watching as my mom was being undressed and fucked but the Ticket Checker had understood what was happening under the frock. He whispered something to Gobi who came and lifted Sowmya off my lap. My dick was out in the open rock hard and shivering like an eel, surprising mom and everyone. For a second everyone was blinking then Aunt Sheeja came and slapped me.

"You fucking bastard! Even when your mother is attacked and stripped naked you are trying to fuck your sister instead of saving her. You gutter child how could you do this to her – you filthy bastard..............." She went on spraying all the bad words she knew and slapping me. I just stood there. She could sit there and preach but with my pants down and dick out, Mom naked & groped, sister's young soft ass on my hard dick and a horny person like me – Was there any chance of avoiding what I did. It was the ticket checker who saved me.

"So our young friend wants to join the party?" he said

Everyone giggled and someone pushed me closer to mom.

"C'mon give him a shake hand." Marcellius said

She extended her hand. I also extended my hand.

"No, No" Marcellius said, " When a naked woman and naked man meet shake hand means actually shake the man ..." he said placing her hand on my dick "...his dick."

Mom quickly withdrew her hand as if it was a snake. The room shook with laughter. "Go on shake him." They chanted. She was forced to take my prick. The numb & dull dick began to wake up as my touched it like a bud turning to a flower. They made her play with my dick. She was forced to push my foreskin back and pat it, then clean the skin and then released the skin and do the to & fro motion, but when they told her to suck it she wouldn't agree and got angry. She was still holding my dick and arguing with them saying I was her son when suddenly I ejaculated on her boobs. For a second everyone was quiet, and then the loud laughter.

"So he is your son hahahaahaha," one of them laughed

"He is hornier than us," someone else hooted

"How do you like her tits" another one of them shouted

"Make him fuck her!!" others shouted

Mom's face went red. She didn't expect her son to do like this and neither did I, but a mother naked in front of her son, someone else riding her with her tits bouncing up & down and especially when the mother is pumping the son how could I think of controlling.

I was pushed aside and sis pulled forward who began to cry. They told her not to cry and would leave her if she did a dance. Sis was learning dance so she agreed. Sonia was also brought forward who said she didn't know to dance. "Do what she does." One of them said pointing to sis.

I watched my sister dance when one of them told them to spin like a top. She began to spin. Both were wearing a loop skirt, which was now turning to an umbrella. Some people began to sit down watching the skirts rise higher displaying the panties. I watch fascinated seeing Sonia's underwear. Light blue in color it was a silk one, which was almost like a thong. I could see part of her ass. Sowmya had worn a red one, which I knew was her favorite. Suddenly one of them told her to stop. He held Sonia's waist and moved it left and right saying move this like this. She agreed. But the person had slowly opened the button of her skirt. As soon as she moved the skirt fell down. She turned red as laughter and hooting came from all sides. They wouldn't allow her to put it back and pulled it off. She stood there in her blue panties and shirt. Peter ripped open her shirt displaying her small boobs. She had worn nothing under it. They forced her to continue her dance. Sowmya too was cheated off her dress. Both of them were in their panties. They made both of them bend and touch their toes. My dick began to grow as my eyes scanned my little sister Sowmya's soft thighs and ass who was bending to touch her toes her panties began to slide in displaying more and more of her cute little ass.

Marcellus came from behind and pulled down her panties. She jumped off and tried to hide her pussy with her hands as everyone started hooting and encouraging. One of them held her hand and did a merry-go-around dance displaying her to every side. Sonia was not left behind. She too was stripped off her panties and the merry go round dance followed. I watched her small sprouting hair on her pussy beautifying it.

He then lifted her and placed on Peter who was sitting near mom. He licked her ass and pulled her to his lap. Sonia sitting on his huge manhood seemed like sitting on the edge of a boat. He held her and moved his dick under her rubbing her pussy. I was pushed forward. Peter shook my dead meat with Sowmya's hand and pushed her face towards my dick. Her lips touched my dick as it began to grow. He pulled her hair and as she said 'ahh' my dick was in her mouth. Holding her head, he pushed my dick to & fro in her sweet mouth teasing her nipples. Peter then fucked her asshole with his finger. Gobi came in between her legs and teased her pussy with his tongue

Mom was brought forward struggling. Some held her hand while others were busy drumming on her breast. Her ass was facing Peter. Teasing her, he split open her ass and began to finger it. Mom began to wriggle. The 2 persons holding her hand pulled her hand down making her bend. Now her ass was split open. Peter pulled her nearer. Spitting on his huge dick, he pressed it on her asshole and pushed slowly. Mom began to shout in pain as his huge dick slowly began to move in. As soon as the head went in he shoved it hard sending his man deep into her ass. She was trembling as he pulled her and sat on the floor. The others still held her hand as he began to ram into her ass. Mom's boobs were bouncing up and down in rhythm. I never felt her boobs to be so huge. Gobi pushed her towards Peter's chest and spread her legs. Mom was still trying to put up a fight, but he was quicker and stronger. Before she knew he was in her. She was literally being thrown up as Peter fucked her ass and now Gobi too joined in pushing her pussy. Both of them were fucking her hard and fast. Gobi sucked her breast and teasingly bit her nipples. Another one came behind her and began to push his dick on mom's lips. He was slim and so was his dick as he began to rub it on her face. She was slammed with his dick then it was her soft red lips, which was under attack. He came to the side and began to rub his dick on her lips. The foreskin was moving to & fro on her lips as his hands moved on to her boobs and squeezed them hard. I watched as he teased and then raced his dick deep to mom's throat and pull back. He held her head and did a quick jabs and within second's ejaculated in her mouth. The ejaculation was a surprise to mom and she couldn't escape as he held tight suffocating her as he exploded again deep in her throat. She had no alternative but to swallow it.

"You filthy bastard." She screamed as he released her. That was the only sentence she had time to tell. The next dick was inserted in her mouth. It was big and filled her mouth. I could see her cheeks swell as his dick moved in her mouth. Mom was groped from all sides and it seemed like she was covered with fingers. Her boobs were constantly under attack. Her nipples sucked, squeezed pressed, pinched rammed by dicks, teased and so on. The man fucking her mouth held her face and moved his dick to & fro on her lips fast and as he was to cum he ejected his cream on her lips. Her face was held all his cum. Her lips were covered with his cum which she cleaned with her tongue. He pressed his dick on her face and held as the last drop of his cum squirted out. Her face looked like the sluts with cum on the magazines and Internet sites. Soon others were coming.

Marcellus made Sowmya sit on John's lap and inserted his dick to her mouth. Gobi began to tease Sowmya's pussy as he fucked mom's ass. Some of the men made my mom suck them while some fucked her ass or pussy while others were busy fucking my sister Sowmya's mouth, others were trying to insert into her ass and when couldn't they inserted their fingers and rotated and enjoyed seeing her jump. Sowmya was now made to lie on John's lap. Sinu as they called him, came in front of sis and spread his legs to perfect his dick to her mouth. Holding her head he moved in and out of her mouth. I was pushed towards them. I looked at my sister's smooth round ass. Someone caught my head and pushed to her crack. I followed her ass line with my finger tracing it all the way to her ass hole, and then slowly parted her ass cheek. There was no foul smell as I thought, instead a mild smell of dampness. I kissed her asshole and felt it shrivel. I traced the round band teasing and trying to put my tongue through. She contracted it for some time then suddenly it was unimpeded. I was taken by surprise as I found my tongue stuck in her asshole as she impeded again. It was because someone had squeezed her nipples that she had suddenly contracted, forgetting just for a second that I was attacking her ass, but once over she got over that second she was bent on thwarting my plans and to hinder the tongue, but the damage was done. My tongue had crossed the threshold. With superfluous eagerness I began my attack. I spread her ass cheeks wide, stretched her ass-ring (the beginning of the asshole which looks like a ring) with my fingers and pushed my tongue deeper. I felt a tingling sensation on my tip as I continued pushing deep into her ass for the extra-renewed new ecstasy of the dark unknown forbidden world. Vigorously I rotated my tongue in a circle along with thrusts. She was trying to hold on but at times as pleasure hit her she would contract out and I would push deeper and again she would contract in.

Sinu pulled her up before I could go into new dimensions. He pressed her ass to his dick massaging her buns, then again positioning his legs he lowered himself to come under her and with a quick push he rode her pussy. He held her hair and drove his dick hard and deep in his half sitting position. He grabbed her breast and circled her nipples continuing to bang her. He began to tongue her body as Muhammad came in front of her and masturbated pushing his foreskin to & fro. Slowly he placed it on her lips as she swallowed it. Sinu caught her head and began to push and pull fast as she sucked Muhammad. Suddenly he went rigid squeezing her breast and thrusting his dick very deep in her. For three seconds he stood still with his dick deep in her, and then continued fucking her again. After few thrusts he collapsed on her. Muhammad came and moved Sinu and pulled her down from John's lap which was all creamed up by his cum as he had erupted as she lay on his dick as Sinu & John had attacked back & front respectively. Patting & kissing her ass Muhammad parted her ass cheek. He pulled back his foreskin and pressed his red tip on her asshole and began to push slowly. As she cried out loud with a gripe he stopped and waited for her to regain then very slowly continued pushing. This time the protest was minimal. After few try slowly his dick entered the forbidden virgin small hole. Then he pulled his dick to the edge as she moaned he again pushed it down. He continued slowly increasing speed as she moaned and swooned in pleasure as his fingers masturbated her pussy.

I went in front of her and began to masturbate watching Muhammad fucking her glorious ass. She looked at me surprised as I moved my hips in motion with my dick in hand. She smiled seeing me biting my lips and pumping my hard dick. Her sweet smile made my dick harder. I neared her and pushed my dick moving all over her face, slowly guiding to her lips. She took it in easily as I pressed my dick on her lips. There were gasps and moans of 'NO' and 'Oh No' as my family saw sis giving me a blowjob. She took my dick and sucked it in her hot mouth and teasing with her lips. I could hold no longer as my sister sucked me, her tongue waddling on my dick and her sweet lips rimming on my dick all together I just ejaculated a load into her mouth. She didn't expect it and couldn't it hold it and began to over flow. Just like a reflex action I held her head and pushed my dick deep and ejaculated in her throat as she spurted.

"Let's not be hasty gentlemen!" Peter said aloud "There's still lot of time. So lets watch and take rest--------" He left it as an incomplete statement looking around while we were pushed to the front area. All came around us like a circle.

"While they" he said pointing to Stevens and Sonia " enchant us with their show"

Aftermath: It was only later I came to know the depth and arrangement of the scheme, which these people did. Their targets were young women who come alone or with just one friend, teenagers, School kids or strangers. They would lead them with some excuse to Jincy theatre and humiliate them, then the ticket checker would come in as their savior and lead them to this sound proof box. They would then grope them and scare them that they were going to rape them. In the end they would agree to her pleas to let her go if she would strip for them. Once she strip she would be asked to do a blowjob, which she would agree reluctantly in her fear. In the end she would be given some money and told to keep quiet. The whole episode would be taped unknown to her. The tape would be edited so that it would look like she was stripping for a group and doing a blowjob and accepting money. She would be blackmailed then to come and act without showing her face and then later on to bring her friends. It was a slow process where fear is installed in doses making sure there is the correct amount of fear, because if the fear is too much she may breakdown in front of someone close to her and tell the tale or if it is little she may go for help thinking there might be a chance and take a risk. Thee youngsters or schoolboys would be trapped differently. A woman would seduce him and take him to the room and have a half sex with him making sure he ejaculates on her but thinks he came in her. This too would be taped. He would be forced to bring his sister or friends. It all was like a chain where one recruit would bring in the other. In case all flopped there would be no evidence and the mafia would fall in to save them. The group of 10 consisting of the ticket checker, Marcellius and others would be moved and other 10 installed in their place.

The most interesting thing was there was no exchange of money and they were true to their word. The tape which held the performance of the sexual acts, which they would use to blackmail were never released if they brought in their sister or friends but if they failed to pay they would release the cassette in foreign countries for a large sum, editing a little as to not to give the exact identification.

NB: If & When you are lucky to fall in a surprise situation and get to fuck or fondle you will have the ability to ejaculate at least more than once, because even if you have stopped the brain will be registering the sexual acts performed by others and soon you will arise again. May you be lucky to face such a situation?

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ma se sex ki tuition

2011-Apr-20, 05:04
Teacher Mother

Hello friends I am going to tell u how I fucked my mother. Her name is Usha. She is professor in a college in my city. She is 45 and she little plump with huge boobs and huge round ass. My dad is officer in government department and he will be always go for tour and some time it will take 2 weeks for him to return. I never had any intention of fucking her until that day comes and now we are fucking regularly. I will tell u how that happened.

My father had gone for tour and he called us and said that he will one more week to come back and it was a Saturday and I know that there is hot movie in one of channels and I looked at the paper to which is the film. It’s a movie which I missed when it came last time and my friends said that its movie with nice story. Its something like a younger boy fucking his mother’s sister. I thought that I will watch that movie this time since only mother is there in house once she slept she will walk up only in the morning. By this time mother came back from kitchen after washing the dishes and sat near me and asked me what me reading in the paper in night. I said I am looking though the movies that night. She takes the paper and started looking at the paper. She came across this movie name since noted director who in the beginning was directing blue type of movies directed it. This move comes under one of his first movies. She saw his name ask me whether this movie is good. I said this good one, because if said this not good then she will not let me see it. She said she is going to sleep and gone to bedroom. It was only 10pm and movie will start by only 11pm. I browsed through the channel. After some time I saw mother coming out of room I asked what happened. She said she is not feeling sleepy and she will join me in seeing that movie.

. I decide to sit there and browse through the channel and by 11 still reluctant to put that channel and mother take the remote from my hand and put on the channel. Reluctantly I sat there watching the movie. Mother was fully concentrating on the movie. By half an hour the story of the movie become clear and she got embarrassed and she want to stop the movie and still she got interested by the movie. By this my laura began to grow in my shorts and tried to hide it from mother. She saw I am pressing my laura and she sat there as unaware of that. I can see that she is also aroused that her boobs under the gown become erected. She tried to focus on movie, but my bulge was in her mind. At that movement the hottest scene of the move came in which boy is fucking his aunt. Where they shows the boobs of the actress, and boy sucking it and all. I looked at the mother and say she pressing a pillow over her boobs and enjoying the movie. Now I was clear that she was horny.

Suddenly the power went off. And emergency was in the living room. Mother said to me to bring it. When I got up to pick the light mother also got up for taking some water from fridge. And we collided with each other and she fell on the floor. I said sorry mother I didn’t seen you I thought that u’ r still laying on the chair. She asked me go and take the light. When I came back she was still laying there. She asked me to help her to get up. I asked for her hand to pull her up suddenly I lost my balance and fell over her and my lips came in contact with her barren neck and I licked there unknowingly. My erect laura was between her thighs and she close her thighs same time. I laid over her for some time and came to know that she is breathing heavily and her choochee is getting zor zor se my each minute. I am aware that all these because of the movie and my laura between her thighs. I become bold by this time and from where I got this courage and started to lick her on neck and face. She laid there still enjoying my licking and after some time she hold me tightly now I am sure that my mother Usha was under my control and slowly put my hand on her boobs and started to press it over the gown. She started to morn little bit now I am sure that she is enjoying and I opened the front button of her gown and started to press his boobs over her bra. And I pulled her gown upwards and started to rub her choot over panties and planted one kiss over his lips first time her lips was close on second time she opened her mouth and chooma me back. It was the most incredible kiss I ever had.

Slowly I moved her gown up and I released the cap of the bra and slowly removed both of them over her head and I started to remove my short she said the first word after the incident started. What we doing are right? Manu! She calls me Manu in home. I don’t say a word and removed my shorts and placed my hard 8inch laura on the entrance of her choot. She opened her leg wide and guided my laura into her choot. As I entered her power came back and in the movie started again. By this time I was slowly ramming my laura on my own mother’s choot through, which I came out and she was enjoying and crying with pleasure. She caught me with her leg and said in my ear to fuck her faster, I started to fire her choot faster and faster her morn become louder and I can feel she become stiff and at the same motherent she exploded I also exploded my cum. We lay in that position. For some time and she stood up, that was the first time I seeing my mother in her birthday suite even though she seen me several time. We stood up and she said she want to drink some water and started to walk to fridge I hold her in my arm took her face in my hand and started to kiss her I love you Usha and she hold me tightly and I felt my laura growing again and I started to finger her choot and she stopped me and she said now I am for you only and wait till she get some water.

She came back with water and gives me some water and sat near me. And she says my laura said you have bigger laura than you’re dad and caught hold of that. She bends over and started to kiss on it. I spread my leg and she move to floor in her knees and taken my whole 8 inches in her mouth. That was the first ever blowjob I had. My laura began to swell and told mother I am about to cum and she taken that out and put it between her boobs and started moving between it. Suddenly I exploded all over her face and boobs. Then she taken my laura in her mouth and licked all cum on my laura and drank that all.

She said to carry her to bed. I carried her to bed and there we fucked that all night. I fucked her in ass, choot in her face and finally around 5 am we stopped and taken a bath and I fucked her in bathroom also and slept around 6 am in each others arms till 4 pm in the evening.

Now I am fucking my hot mother Usha every time we get opportunity and any where in the house, even one day we fucked in our car and once in dark corner of the college she teaching. fucking in the college was the greatest fuck I ever had and next time I will send that to reader. You can contact me in my id.

I am Manu. As all of u knows that I am fucking my mother. She is a teacher in a local school here. I always pick her from school after class. Since my dad was around I couldn’t fuck her for 2 weeks and I was dying to fuck Usha, and I decide to fuck her in her school. That I gone to school to pick her up little late, so that everybody else had left the school. When I reached there she was waiting for with another teacher her name was Latha. Since I studied in same school I always fantasized to fuck Latha. And with the help of my mother I fucked Latha also. That I will tell u next story. I told mother that I want to go for latrine urgently. Mother and me walked back to school and she opened her room as soon as she opened the room I pushed her inside and locked the door.

Mother asked “ Manu what are u doing?”

Nothing mother I want to fuck u here. I can’t stand any more with out fucking you.

In home dad is there so you will not let me fuck u.

And I began to kiss her in lips and started to press her boobs over her sari.

She aaahed and holds me tightly.

I slowly removed her sari and started to kiss her on neck and I licked her naval.

She asked me to sit on the chair.

When I sat there she opened my zip and taken my laura started to pump my laura using her hand.

Its started to grow and she planted a kiss on head of my laura.

She stood up and taken her panties off and she climbed to the chair so that her choot will position on top of my laura and hold my head for support and started to chodo mujhe. I caught hold of her ass and helped her to move in a rhythm. I started to open the front part of her top and made her big boobs free and started to lick her boobs one by one.

She began to aaah and I know that I was about to cum. Suddenly she stopped fucking and she get down from me. From my face she can know that I was disappointed for not cum inside her cute.

She smiled and said son I want to taste you’re cum. And kneeled in front me and started to suck my laura. And with in minute I cum all over her face and she drank all my cum.

She caught my boobs again and placed it between her boobs, I slowly began to move my laura between her boobs and my laura began to grow again.

I asked her to bend down holding the chair and said that I will fuck her from behind. She bends down and spread his leg wide; I positioned behind her and position my laura in to her ass.

With my first push I entered inside her and I started to pump my laura in to her ass regular speed with my finger I finger fucked her choot. She started to screen loudly with each of my trust. Suddenly I saw somebody watching us from the window. It was Mrs. Latha. I given a loud aaah and pumped my last trust into my mother’s ass and I came at same time.

Then we made our dress proper and walked back to car.

Latha aunty asked why we late

Mother said there was no water there so we have gone to the other latrine. She gave a naughty smile. While I was opening the door for aunty I pressed my laura behind ass and gave her a naughty smile back and mother saw this.

We dropped aunty to her house and told her that we will come and pick her up tomorrow to school. And I gave her a nice smile.

When me mother was alone in car I told her that It was one of my fantasy that fucking teacher in school.

She asked whether that teacher is she.

I said “no”.

Then “who is that?”

Its Latha aunty I said with a naughty smile

And taken mother’s hand and place it over my crouch.

The image fucking Latha made my laura erect and again and I told mother that I want to fuck her again. And I parked the car in dark place on the door.

And I stated pressing my mother’s boobs.

She said not here, it’s becoming late and this is busy road somebody will see. I told her that Latha aunty has already seen what we done in school. And I opened my zipper and made my laura free and pushed my mother’s mouth to it. Hold her by hair and dip her mouth into my laura as if dipping a tea bag in milk.

After some time pulled her dress up and widen her leg and positioned my head to her choot and began to eat her choot. I fucked her choot with my tongue for some time. Then I placed her leg on my shoulder and positioned my laura to her cute and entered her. With my each trust our car shake like as if like earthquake. I fucked her 10 minutes and pulled my laura from her choot and hold her by hair and asked her to open her mouth pushed my laura to her mouth and I fucked her mouth and cum all over her face.

I made my dress properly and started the car. And looked at my mother and told her

Mother I want to fuck Latha aunty…………………………….

Teacher Mother (Contd.)

We were fucking like newly wedded couple. I fucked mother in kitchen, garden everywhere in house even started fucking her while dad is home. One day she told me that she want a baby from me I was really shocked. Suddenly some thing came to my mind and I told that I want to marry her.

That was the when I got a job and was transferred to another city. I told her that we will marry and we can stay in new town. At first she didn’t agree, latter she said ok she told me that she want me to marry her in a temple with lots of people seeing that. I agreed and we gone a temple that’s in hometown and married her in front of god and lot of people. I told mother just after marriage that I want to fuck her in the temple.

She said “no you can’t chodo mujhe here its holy place”

I said “ mother I married u and u r my wife and wife should always obey their husband”

Then I taken her to one corner of the temple where there is nobody and I started to kiss her on neck and I slowly taken off the pallu of her sari and started to undress her. She gave a kiss on my lips and put her hand under my shorts and began to play with my laura.

Mother “ I want to make u pregnant here”

She said, “You can do what ever u want “

I told her to spread her leg and I positioned behind her and pulled her panties down and entered her from behind while I was ramming her hardly I pressed her boobs and licked her neck and ear. Suddenly I become stiff and I put all my seed on m mother’s ovary. She suddenly kneeled before me started to suck my laura. She sucked as if it was an ice stick. When I was about to cum she asked me to fuck her once again and cum inside her I fucked her once again from behind and cum again in her choot. These two fuck was enough for me to make her pregnant.

After that we taken a room there and fucked for whole night and next day we registered our marriage and came back to home. I asked her to take divorce from dad and she applied for divorce. And she said in court that her husband always out of time and he doesn’t have to take care of her and court asked me with whom I want to go I said “ I want to go with mother” they agreed for the divorce.

The very next day I took her with me to town where I got job and we taken a house as couple.

By that she was 2 months pregnant. After we finished arranging the house we sat on the sofa

“You’ll be my best present, I’m sure!” He said as he pulled the tiny top off of her heaving stans and fell into her lap and began sucking her choochees like a baby.
Usha aaahed out as me sucked her big choochees, “Oh my baby boy! Suck Mothers’ tities!” she cried out. As he used her fat choochees as hard as he could. “Oh my poor baby, your pee-pee is all hard. Just look at it!” mother teased as her hand moved to stroke my hard laura. “Mother needs to fix her baby boy!” she aaahed as her hand moved up and down his long, hard shaft.

“Yes! Fix it Mother, it hurts so bad. Maybe, Mother could kiss it better,” he asked looking into her wanting eyes. He knew she would, she loved sucking his big laura. Many nights they would watch TV for hours and she would suck him the entire time without stopping.

Mother moved to My aching laura and took it in her mouth as deep as she could. She was a pro at sucking him. She could also suck every drop of cum from his balls. Her head moved up and down his throbbing laura as fast as she could go. “Stop! Let’s go out to the bed, I want to fuck you so bad!”

Mother lifted her nightie up, exposing her thighs and her beautiful bush. The hair down there was a dirty blonde, just like the bun at the top of her head. She rubbed her hand over the fur a few times. “Well, it isn’t wet. I’m not going to let you stick it in me dry, and frankly the thought of doing this is not turning me on in the slightest. You’ll have to lick it first to get my yoni ready.” She moved to he bed, and lifted her leg. I was still lying on my back on the bed. She pushed her choot towards my face. I could smell her juices. She wasn’t that dry at all. The pungent smell really got me going. I had smelled my sis’s dirty underwear a few times, but it was great to get the aroma straight from the source. I grabbed at my mother’s ass with gusto and pushed her towards my eager tongue.

I licked and licked. Mother moved more into position, eventually squatting on the bed over my face. She was a little heavy, and it was tough to breath, but I managed. I used my hands to pushed her pelvis back and forth. Tasting her juices. I tried to lick her clit, but she seemed more interested in getting her opening wet. I really wanted to lick at her asshole, but I was sure that Mother wouldn’t find that behavior acceptable. So, I just took what I could get and stuck my tongue as deep inside her lower lips as I could.

It was a little strange, licking the same opening that I came out of all those years ago. I tried to imagine my sister also coming out, her young choot rubbing against the very flesh that I now tasted.

After a while, my mother pulled off of me and moved down my body. She squatted over my laura and took it in her hands. She held it up against her opening, rubbing the tip across the wet hair. “The things I do for you kids”, she said, rolling her eyes a bit. Then she sat down. My laura slipped right into my mother’s choot without much resistance. She was pretty wet. I guess that having two kids really opens you up. Her twat was pretty floppy. I had always heard that a tight choot is better than a loose one, but let me tell you, loose was great. My laura slipped in and out with easy. I could feel the lips of her choot sliding back and forth. It was almost like getting a great blow job. I felt mother’s juices running down my stomach. She had gotten really wet in a hurry.

I looked up at my mother’s body. She was on her knees, sitting on my laura. Her hands were on my chest, and she was bouncing up and down slowly. I could see her tits bouncing up and down freely in her nightgown. The bottom of her gown was hiked up, and I could see the top of her choot hair between my legs.

I lay back and tried to enjoy it. I really wanted to cum, but I held back. I wasn’t sure if mother would ever let me do this again, and I wanted to enjoy every minute if it. It didn’t matter whose choot it was, it was much better than my hand. I didn’t want to blow my load too soon. I closed my eyes and thought about my sister. I imagined that it was her nightie that was hiked up. That it was her tits that were bouncing up and down. That it was her dirty blonde pubic hair that I could feel against my skin. I reached up and felt my mother’s stans. They were nowhere as big as my sister’s, but they were still pretty firm. And her choochees were hard as rocks.

“Well, are you going to do it or not?” my mother said. “I don’t have all day. You said that you needed to release some semen, so do it. I have to finish the laundry.” I opened my eyes. Mother was still bouncing up and down slowly, but with a look of boredom in her eyes. She was annoyed that she had to waste her time like this. Mother is a very busy woman.

I guess that it was the sound of my mother’s voice telling me to blow my load that did it. I began to pump zor zor se and zor zor se into my mother’s choot. I could feel the sperm start to move. I tried to fantasize about my sister, but I couldn’t take my eyes off my other’s clit. It was hard and long, and it stuck out through the hair. I could see it throbbing almost. I fixated on it, imagined sucking it, imagined my mother coming to a screaming orgasm as my tongue sahalaaya her straining clit. I wanted to make my mother cum, my own mother.

Then, it came out. A gusher. My spurted out load after load. Filling my mother’s twat. There was so much. I hadn’t jerked off for a while, and so I had a lot stored up. Plus, I was so turned on. Squirt after squirt entered her. She slowed her movements, but didn’t stop entirely. That let me keep Cumming even though the tip of my laura was so sensitive.

After a few motherents, I finished. I was hoping for a few post orgasm hugs, but mother just slid off of me, my laura coming out of her with a pop. She pulled her nightgown back down over her thighs and bent over to pick up the laundry.

From that day I fucked my mother as my wife, after 8 months she gives a nice little boy. We never gone back to our hometown or we called any of the relatives all my friends still thought that she is my wife.

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Son husband

2011-Apr-20, 05:04
Son Husband

But 6 weeks after my pati died, my pita came to me one morning and started talking about my future. I told him being a widow and looking after my pita and my beta is my future.
He said me 'you should look after your beta more and you should marry again'
I interrupted pita 'No pita! I can't marry anyone anymore! Please don't ask me!'
Then he became more appeasing and he started explaining. He kept saying if I need to take care of my beta, I need to marry again.
I was interested what Ramesh thought about me marrying again. So I asked pita.
He said Ramesh not only approved it, he is the one who suggested it.
I was a bit shocked to hear that my beta suggested me to remarry.
My immeidate thoughts were that Ramesh might be thinking I am a burden to him and his plans.
So I told pita 'If Ramesh thinks it ok, it ok with me too!'
'where is he?' I asked.
Pita said he wend to the market to get some grocers.
I saw happiness in pita's face.
I asked him 'So, does this mean I have to make myself presentable to prospective grooms again?'
He said 'No! I have already chosen one....you will like him!'
I was surprised! I asked 'does Ramesh know him too?'
He said "yes!"
There was a big silence between us. I was puzzled at the amount of underground work that my beta and my pita did to make me remarry. I felt sorry that they already feel I am a burden to them.
After a while I asked pita 'Well, pita, aren't you gonna tell me who is the groom?'
He said 'what to say? you already know him'
My brain wandered off to all the people and particularly the bachelors I know.
I was puzzled.
I was annoyed. I asserted pita 'cut the chase and tell me who is it?'
He said "Its Ramesh!"
"Which Ramesh?" I said.
"How many Rameshes you know?'
I counted and said 'The only Ramesh I know is my beta'
'Then he is your groom'
'shutup pita!' I cut his words. 'don't play with me...tell me!'
He said 'I am not joking! Ramesh is your groom!'
'What?' I said. 'Ramesh is my beta for god's sake!'
'He is a grown purush now Kantam' my pita said.
'But he is my flesh and blood...how can I...how can he?'
My whole world is raoming around me. I could not expect this.
'He himself asked me..he wantas to marry you' pita said.
'Ramesh himself asked you? He asked his grandpita to marry his amma?'
'Yes! At first I thought he is joking and its wierd. But after a while I thought he can say that'
'What? That it is legal and moral to marry his amma?'
'I may be immroral but its legal my dear. According to the law he can marry you as you are a widow'
'But he is my own beta? How could you accept this? Even if you do, I cannot'
'Its too late for it dear! I have already signed the agreement'
'Agreement? What agreement?'
'That I will get you married to Ramesh'
'But how can you do this? I am his amma and your daughter'
'He didnot ask me as my grandbeta. He asked me as a pita to a daughter he loved'
'And then you signed the agreement!!! What was the agreement? Did he promised some favour in return for me?'
'What was the favour pita?'
He was silent.
I asked him again with anger.
'some money'
'Money? Thats great! Now you sold me. You sold you daugher for some measly money! How much?'
How much pita?' I screamed.
'500,000 rupees' he murmurred.
I was shocked. I didnot believe I heard right. It is a lot of money. I had to ask pita again to make myself sure. He again told me its 500000. He even said 'He said he is ready to give more'.
I could not help being a little proud that I am not cheap.
'You would take more if you can..haven't you pita' I hissed....'selling you own daughter to your grand beta'
Pita got angry. He said 'Look! Your beta offered me money in return for your hand in marriage. You are are a widow anyway! And you will always be with him. I am not marrying you to a stranger.'
I answered 'Thats what! You are marrying me to my own beta'.
He said 'Whats wrong with marrying your beta? You already love him. Now love him as your khasam.'
I almost cried 'You are a very hardman pita! Very!' I ran to my room with tears in my eyes.
I don't know how many hours I cried. I slept thru until that evening. I got up about 5pm and felt very run down.
I went to the kitchen to make evening dinner. I ate something and wanted to make some coffee. I looked around to make some for others and found only Ramesh is home. He is in his room.
I made some coffee for him and took it to his room.
I kncked on his door and walked in. He was sitting on his bed reading something, looked at me and immediately turned away.
I said 'coffee for you'
He said thanks and took it.
I sat beside him.
There was a big silence.
I could not look at him. I didnot know if I loathe him or love him.
I could not keep quiet...'You want to buy me? Your own amma?'
'I love you amma' he said looking into his book.
'Is this the way to show your love? By buying me?'
'I wanted to be more closer to you amma'
'More closer? You mean like lovers?'
'I am you amma for god's sake Ramesh! How could you think such a thing?'
'Because I love you' he didn't look at me.
I am loosing my anger. I kept quit for a while sipping my coffee.
'But why?'
Ramesh paused for some time.
Then he said 'I know you will be idle amma. I want to be near you too.'
'But you can be near to me as a beta!'
'I can. And then you would ask me to marry too.'
'So what? You can marry and we all can be together. You will have kids and I can spend my rest of days with them.'
'Yes but I want to marry you and have kids with you.'
SHUT up Ramesh! I am your amma'
'For the same reason amma! I want to marry you!'
'Now you are saying you lust for me?'
Ramesh paused a while.
'Yes! But for a long time now'
'How long! Even before your pita left us?'
'Yes! longer than that'
'How long? year, two years?'
'Almost five now amma'
I stumbled on my cup. God! My own beta was lusting for me for almost 5yrs now!
'You disgust me Ramesh! How could you have those feelings for your own amma?'
'Because I love you?'
He didn't speak a word after that.
He returned the cup after he had his coffee.
I took it an walked away.
There was a big silence for the rest of the evening.
Pita returned, we had our dinner and went to our respective rooms, all without saying a word.
That night was a very disturbing night for me. I never knew how and why I got into this mess.
I kept thinking about it all night. But the more I thought about it, the more I started taking lighter aspects to it. What is wrong in Ramesh lusting for me, his own amma. Is it not better than his lusting for some other women? Now that I lost my pati, he is making arrangements to fulfil his lust. He had at least that respect for his pita.
And the best part is, atleast he is getting his wish fulfilled by proposing to marry me legally rather than just keeping me his dasi. He knows I will reject his proposal if I am approached first. Thats why he started from my pita. Bribing him and paying bride money.
What can poor pita do? He needs money and with that kind of unearned money, he can live well for the rest of his life. He doesn't have put up with his widow daughter living with him either.
My thoughts were getting positive. Its not too bad for me either! I still get to live with Ramesh and I cannot loose him to another girl in his life. Only thing is I have to bed with him as his wife. He will have access to my secret parts of my body which is forbidden for him. He will have right to open my blouse and lift my saree and pettycoat.
A thought of all this itched me more between my legs. I could not believe I am wet thinking about my own beta. Things have changed and so are my feelings, I thought.
I could not help but finger myself that night thinking about my beta making love to me. Surprising for me that I am not feeling any guilt thinking about another purush just 6weeks after my pati died.
The next day I caught hold of pita by himself and asked when is the wedding fixed. He was delighted to hear that!
He went to his guru and fixed the marriage at a temple. The day was 20 August...five days from the day I asked him.

I kept Ramesh in control though! I could see him in his highs as he might have known about the date too. But I gave him an impression that I reluctantly agreed for pita's sake.
I felt like a virgin again. Marrying for the first time. I was more excitement for me than a virgin because I can see my would be khasam is my own beta. A Young handsome purush who took shape in me and came out of me 23 yrs ago.
I decided I will let my beta get a glimpse of my assets which he may not have seen before. So I did many things 'accidentally' like changing my clothes leaving the door open and making my loose end of the saree slip ove my bust more often.
I must have overdone the stuff as he acted as he figured it out. He held my hips 'accidentally' so many times and brushed his 'willy' with my body every now and then.

The Marriage
The marriage took place the days evening at 4 pm at a temple near to our village. There were few people present and I never heard any murmur from them as they all know us very well. I later found out that Ramesh paid them handsomely too!
I wore a new silk saree which Ramesh bought. It looked exactly like the one I wore to marry his pita. Ramesh though wore his pita's dress which his pita wore to marry me. In that dress he looked more like his pita.
While the brahmin chanted all mantras, me and Ramesh performed pooja and finally Ramesh tied mangalsutra around my neck. It was an exciting scene for me with my own beta tying the sutra around my neck to marry me. Then he sat beside me to complete other pooja.
We did all the things new weds too while marrying. My pita has performed parent's duties from my side and my brother has performed my duties for my beta. Since I am my own amma-in-law, I had to take my new role of bride than my beta's amma.
The weddings complete by half past 6 in the evening. Everybody followed us to my pita's house for dinner. They made me and Ramesh sit on special vip chairs as they had dinner.
They gave us food in one plate so that we can share while we eat. Ramesh took some food and offered it to me as I opened my mouth to eat. At that time I thought things have changed. While I was his amma I used to feed him like that. Now that he married his own amma, he is feeding me.
While we were eating, my brother came to us and said 'I dont know how to call you both? sister and bro-in-law or nephew and daughter?'
We all laughed as I blushed.
Ramesh added 'wait until we have kids! you will have to decide if you wanna call them nephews or grandchildren'
I could not help but blush more hearing the talk of my beta making plans for making more chidren with his own amma.
The first night
Most of the relatives left as we got into the last ritual; the first night. It wasn't a first night of my life but it is my first night with my beta Ramesh. I could not imagine the same kid who grew before me and on my choochee milk is now entering my room as my pati on my wedding night.
They finished all rituals and then took Ramesh to our room. Few minutes later, my pita gave me a glass of milk and escorted me to the room amidst all laughs.
It was a shaking moment for me. I am going to celebrate my firstnight with my own beta. I am taking a glass of milk for him as if I am taking it to my pati. My own beta is my pati.
My pita slowly pushed me into the room and quickly shut the door behind me. I could hear him locking it from outside.
I took a look at the room and saw Ramesh sitting on the bed that was decorated with lots of flowers. Just like on my first night.
I slowly walked towards him hesitantly. He got up and met me halfway. He took the glass, drank half the milk and gave me the other half to drink. He helped me lift the glass to my mouth as I slowly drank the milk blushing.
Then he said 'Thank you amma!'
I told him' I am your wife now, Ramesh. call me Kantam'
He said putting the glass on the table 'Thanks but you are still my amma'
'Then why did you marry me?' I was dissappointed.
'Because I want to marry my amma...I want to make love to my amma. I want to make my amma my wife'
I was more sexually aroused listening to those words.
I sought of liked it too. I also wanted Ramesh to make love to me as my beta rather as my khasam.
Ramesh continued 'Our marriage is to make us pati and wife only to the world. But in our family, we will still be amma and beta. I will still respect you as my amma. You also treat me as your beta.'
I interrupted 'If you still my beta, then how can I treat you as my khasam?'
Ramesh said 'Don't treat me as you khasam. Treat me as your beta-lover. A beta who has lust for your body.'
I was shocked to hear it but it was kinky for me too. I figured out Ramesh wants to make love to his amma than to his wife. His marriage is just a stunt to keep the community quiet.
Ramesh then put his arms around me and hugged me. He hugged me like that many times before but this time it was different. It was as if my lover is hugging me.
He slowly then pushed his crotch against mine. I hit ecstacy.
He then slowly parted and brought his face against mine. I looked at him as he did into my eyes and then to my lips as he leaned and grabbed my lips with his.
I thought I am in heaven. My own beta is kissing me mouth to mouth passionately.
He then started kissing all over my face; then my neck.
Then he removed my pallu over my blouse covered choochees as I closed my eyes as I am into the first steps of getting myself naked before my beta.
He kept kissing on my neck and slowly getting downwards onto my chest.
Then he planted his kisses around the rim of my choochee and then planted his kiss right on the choot between my choochees and ran his tongue in it.
It was a great experience for me.
He then loosened the tfarishtas of my saree by pulling them out of my pettycoat. I was a bit embarrassed initially but Ramesh's shameless pulling drew me away.
He then threw the saree away from us.
I closed my eyes as I could not feel myself standing with my underwaer before my beta's lustful eyes.
He then kissed me on the blouse between my choochees and slowly reached my naked stomach kissing it and to my belly button.
Then all of a sudden he put his face on my crotch and took a deepbreath from the pettycoat cloth.
I felt very embarressed. He then spoke saying' I was dreaming to do this for years now amma'
I could say nothing. He continued 'You smell great as I expected'
He then held on to the thread to untie the knot that was holding my pettycoat.
I almost lost my breath for a while. My instincts took over to struggle to make him not to untie. Then I realised I am married to him. Even though he is my beta. He has a full rightful access to my body.
Before I finish my thought, I could feel Ramesh pushing the pettycoat down on my hips. His hands are gaining access to my naked hips and suddenly the pettycoat collapsed around me.
I am embaressed to open my eyes as I enjoyed my beta's lovemaking; moving his hands and touching my naked body.
Ramesh then touched my clean shaven choot which I shaved for our first night with Ramesh, with his nose and took a deep breath.
He then said 'Thank you for showing me my temple amma. The temple of my birth.'
I said to him in my heart 'You are welcome beta!'
He then got up to open my blouse hooks. Every opening of hook took me to another level of sexual exstacy.
He then took off my blouse as I helped him still closing my eyes. Then he grabed my bra ends at the back and unsnapped it. Off came my bra as he took it off.
I am all naked before him. Before my own beta. Before my new khasam. It was all embarrassing.
He then whispered 'Thank you again amma...for a view of motherly choochees where I fed and grew up'
I am too excited to talk nice. I thought 'Shut up and suck on your ammas tits you amma lover!'
As if he heard, he took my already erect right nipple into his mouth.
Thats when I thought I have become wife to my beta. He is sucking my nipple. Same mouth but this time for pleasure. When he sucked my nipple as my beta, I did not enjoy it but now as he sucked my nipples as my pati, I felt great thrill.
After a while of sucking and caressing, he stopped everything and stood in front of me. I slowly opened my eyes to see my beta-pati take off his clothes. I could see his lund struggling to spring out of his undie and as soon as he did it just sprung out. It was long and thick. It was longer than his pita's. I was amazed how long my beta's lund had grown from the days when he was a small child and it was like only tiny little green pepper. I could not stop but watch as he moved towards me and hugged me.
Our first naked hug. Last time I hugged him naked was when he was 6yrs old. This hug was never like hugging my beta. His dick probing my crotch and his chest pinning my choochees.
He then took me to bed kissing me on the lips.
My heart was pounding as he pushed me slowly onto the bed and him leaning on top of me. I slowly adjusted myself to lay properly on the bed as he run his hands along my body curves.
'This is it' I thought.
While on bed, he started caressing my choochees while still kissing me. It was time for me to close my eyes again.
He then parted my legs and moved his body between them. I could feel his lund touching my clean shaven crotch now and then as he adjusted himself.
Then he lifted his crotch. I could feel his right hand moving towards his crotch and after a second his fingers started probing my fuddi lips.
A jolt of electricity ran through me as he parted my fuddi lips to guide his dick into my yoni. I will never forget the moment his tip touched the walls of my yoni for the first time. It was as if I am experiencing my first penetration. My own beta's lund touching my yonil lips towards new hieghts of sexual pleasure.
As soon as it touched my fuddi lips Ramesh pushed himself deep into my yoni. I could not help but moan a little as my own beta's lund invaded my fuddi.
ONE hump and Ramesh collapsed on me and remained unmoved. His lund now completely inside me. I could feel his manhood completely engulfed by my yonil walls as if it was waiting for it. His pubic hair is touching mine and I could feel his hardened balls touching the rim of my aurat (lugai)hood.
I felt like the cycle is complete between me and Ramesh. 23yrs ago I brought him to this world through the same hole and pretty much in the same position. Now 23yrs later the same beta who came out through my yoni and became a purush put his erect manhood into the same hole and in the same position I birthed him.
After few moments he started sliding his lund inside me. Finally he started fucking his amma. His own amma who he got to marry and today he is doing it as in our first night.
He slowly started to increase his speed. I was ashtonished by his style. It was like from an experienced guy. Fucking slowly and then suddenly variating the speed. He was doing it like a pro!
Meanwhile I must have had atleast 4 orgasms. I couldnot help but keep thinking that it was my beta who is bonking me and beating his meat inside my yoni. Those thoughts were my orgasm contributors.
I don't know how long he fucked me as I was enjoying myself but looking at our sweaty bodies it must have been very long. I felt his first jolt of his cum hitting my choot walls as he grunted. Few more jolts followed as he collapsed on top of me.
Now the cycle is more full with my beta's cum spilled into the same womb he was spawned. My womb has become a place where two generations of men in my life, my first khasam and my beta deposited their wad.
The act is over; The marriage is complete. I am not his normal amma anymore. I am also his aurat (lugai) now. He has bridged the only gap between a amma and a wife. A wife does all the things for a purush his amma does but also gives her fuddi for him to fuck and procreate. The day a beta fucks his amma, she will become his wife, married or not.
Thats why I respect Ramesh because he made me, his amma, his wife ceremonially before fucking my choot. If he wanted my choot, he could have made me his slut by other ways. He could have raped me or even seduced me into fucking him without marrying me.
So now I am legally and sexually his wife.
As I was still recovering from my amma-beta first night sexual act, Ramesh turned on to the bed from me as his limp lund got out of our incestuous bond.
After a while he asked me, 'did you like it maa?'
I felt shy. My own beta fucked me in the name of our marriage and asking me did I like it? I didn't know if I had to say 'yes' like a wife should or say 'don't be naughty' like a amma should.
Even though my beta just fucked me and voilated our amma-beta relationship, my motherly instincts are still not accepting him as my pati. I might have accepted him as my lover; a amma lover but not as amma khasam.
So, I said, "Don't be naughty, Ramesh. You are embarassing me", and hugged him thereby showing him indirectly that I like it.
My aurat (lugai)hood though, has a different mind for itself reminding me of real truth by trickling the combination of his semen and my fuddi rus along my thighs. I couldn't help but think I am sleeping with my beta's semen between my legs.
Next day morning as I got up, it was a scene from incest heaven. I am naked and sleeping beside my naked beta. My crotch is stiff as cardboard. The blanket has also got some stiff spots.
I could not believe my beta is my khasam now and we made love last night. I quickly got up from the bed and looked for my clothes. They were all over the place. My saree is crumbed up by the door, my pettycoat is also on the floor between my saree and the bed, and my bouse and bra were by the side of the bed. I took them all and quickly dressed up.
The door was unlocked by now and I opened it slowly. As I walked out the clock struck 7. I quickly went to the bathroom. As I returned from the bathroom pita is sitting on the dining table reading the news paper and he greeted me.
'How is my bride daughter?'
I smirked at him.

Then he said smiling 'Looks like my beta-in-law has done quite a few things lastnight...you all curmped up!'
As I was about to reply him walking into the kitchen, he remarked 'Or shall I say my grandbeta has done few things to his amma'
That disgusted me. I said 'How dare you pita?'
'Well he is my grandbeta isn't he?' he remarked still smiling.
'Yes, but he is you beta-in-law now.'
'So whats wrong with saying he did it to his amma?'
I felt very shy. I jeered 'Isn't you who got me married to my beta? Isn't you who pushed me into my beta's room for a first night with him? So why are you remarking about what my beta did to me? Well, if it makes you happy, yes my beta made love to me last night. My beta fucked me like my khasam and we slept naked together!'
'There you go!!! Now, are you happy?'
Pita got serious. He said 'I am always happy for you pumpkin. I wanted to cheer you up and tease you a bit.'
I felt sorry. I said 'Sorry pita, it is just that I am caught between being a amma and a wife. Unfortunately I am both to a single man. And I dont know how to cope.'
He said 'sorry dear, if you ask me, you have to stop being a amma to him. You should be a wife. Wife is more closer than amma. I am sure Ramesh married you to make you his wife not his amma. By marrying you, he indicated that you to be more than his amma. He wants your friendship as a wife.'
'But I am his amma pita!'
'I am sure you are, dear! But you are married to him now! You have to become his wife now. I know it would be hard for you being his amma. But you have accept him as your lover too!'
'But how can I share my body?...'
'Well you have to now. It is is clear indication that Ramesh wants your body too when he asked you in marriage. Everything else a wife does, he could have had it from you as his amma. So his intentions are straight.'
He continued 'Sure it might be hard for you being his amma. Look at him as a young purush than your beta. Think you are married to a young purush than your beta. Make him happy.'
That eased up my heart a little. I said thanks to pita and walked into kitchen to make some breakfast. A few minutes later, Ramesh got up and went to bathroom. After a while, I heard Ramesh and pita talking while I was making some dosas. Then suddenly Ramesh came into the kitchen and hugged me from behind. I was startled but kept my cool. He murmured in my ear 'Thanks for last night amma' and went back to the dining table.
I finished making dosas and took them to the dining table. Pita and Ramesh were sitting opposite each other and pita is still reading his paper. Ramesh kept watching me. As I was serving the dosas Ramesh quickly grabbed my pallu and started pulling. I was embaressed as as my blouse coved choochees are showing. I said 'stop that Ramesh'.
Ramesh didnot stop. I said 'Pita?'
Pita said 'He is your pati dear. He can do anything he wants'
Ramesh added 'Thanks grandpita!' and kept pulling my pallu as I struggled holding.
Ramesh let go the saree end winking at me as I struggled myself to get the saree on top of me again.
I resumed serving as Ramesh kept looking at me with his lustful eyes. After serving I quickly vanished into the kitchen.
Inside the kitchen, I let go the grim look as I infact enjoyed Ramesh flirting with me. How many ammas will get their betas strip their sarees with sexual intent? My beta flirting with me in front of my own pita. The feeling of mine drove me nuts.
I slowly got used to being a wife to my own beta. My beta's attittude towards me never changed. I can see he still loves me as his amma as he never treated me as his wife. He never showed his anger at me commanded me in doing something. His attittude towards my body though were never amma-like. I was annoyed several times as he treated me as his new wife. Slowly that cooled downed too. Now a days he even respects my no to sex. Previously he just stripped me and fucked me.
6 weeks after Ramesh became my khasam, I got pregnant by him. It was a scary moment for me but the kinky part of my beta knocking me up at 44 was surpassed my scare. I never thought I would get pregnant after Ramesh was born. I not only got pregnant but also it was Ramesh himself who made me pregnant. A month after Ramesh made me pregnant, he took me with him to US. Pita was sad but he knew that day will come.
I entered US as his wife as we have a marriage certificate. A 23yr old guy married to a 44yr aurat (lugai). To his friends, I am still his amma.

We now have a beautiful baby boy now. He was born the day before Ramesh's pita's death anniversary. We named him after his pita. Ramesh wants to pita another child with me and presently we are trying for it.
After almost 20 yrs I am back to active sex life. I never thought this would happen but it happened. Ramesh told me he would have had sexual relationship with me even when his pita was alive. It seems he was planning to bed me somehow when he returns to India and his pita's passing away coincided suddenly.
Thats why he took no time in purchasing his amma for fucking. I already gave birth to my beta's beta before we commemorated his pita's anniversary. I was holding his grandbeta which his beta pitaed through his wife on his anniversary.
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didi ka fashion show

2011-Apr-20, 05:04
Sis ka fashion show

Dear brothers and sisters, Aap sabhi ki sexy kahaniya padne ke baad mene bhi apne jeevan ka ek anubhav aap sabhi ke saath share karne ka man banaya aur me apni sacchi kahani aap sabhi ko batane ja raha hun.Yah baat ek saal pahle ki he,Ghar me mere alava mammi papa aur ek badi rahti he, jiski umar tab 19-20 ki hogi aur me koi 17-18 saal ka tha, meri mammi aur bahen jitni modern aur bold thi me utana hi sidha aur shant tha,aas pados ke kai log to muze pahchante bhi nahi the kyonki me aamtor par ghar me rahna hi pasand karta tha jabki meri badi bahen aur mammi rozana marketing par jati,dono maa-beti ka badan gadraya hua tha, mansal deh, gora rang dono choti badi bahen lagti thi. Papa govt. Auditor hone ke karan adhikatar tour par hi rahte the. Mammi aur meri bahen bade khule vicharo vali thi ghar me dono hi bade bindas andaaz me rahti thi, mammi ko thodi bloodpressure ki shikayat thi es karan unhe jyada garmi sahan nahi hoti thi es karan vah ghar me bade aur chode gale ka deep nack blouse aur patikot pahani rahti ya phir nighty me ghumati, vahi meri bahen bhi apne badan ka bhugol dikhati rahti, un dono ke badan ke nazare dekh muze kahi auyr muh marne ki koi jarurat hi nahi padti, mammi jab ghar ke kam karti to unke safed mansal stan blouse phad bahar ane ko hote vahi mammi apna patikot bhi ghutano ke upar tak utha leti jis vajah se mammi ki safed kele ke tane ke saman gori jhanghe bhi dikhayi padti rahti, lekin me jab bhi unhe chori chupe dekhata meri bahen muze ghurate hue hi milti es karan me apni nigahe jhuka leta. Kai bar vah halke se muskura bhi deti, lekin me uske man ki bat bhap nahi pata tha.

Garmiyo me meri bahen ne college me summer courses me dress designing ka crash course shuru kiya tha aur classes ke end me uske college me kuch naya concept liye fashion show tha, jisme meri bahen ne bhi participate kiya, use apni khud ki design ki hue dress pahan kar ramp par show dena tha, concept yah tha ki jo bhi dress bane vah mahangi na ho aur latest design ki modern dress ho. Meri bahen Pura din sochati rahi ki kya dress design kare lekin use kuch samaz nahi aa raha tha, eske alava use fashion show me ramp par chalane ki practice bhi karni thi. Mammi hoti to jarur kuch creative idea deti, lekin mammi aur papa to ghumane ke liye 10-12 dino ke liye bahar gaye the. Tab usne meri help mangi to mene dimag par jor dekar use apne purane kapdo se kuch naya karne ka idea diya, kuch sochkar vah bahut khush hue aur muze ghar ke upar bane store room me le gayi, vaha hamne purane kapdo ke potalo ko khola jisme se uske koi 8-10 saal purane kapde mil gaye, Mammi ne unhe shayad es liye sambhal rakha tha kyonki meri bahen ka badan badi tezi se develop hua aur uske kai kapde use tab chote padne lage the, kisi jaruratmand ko dene ke vichar se unhe mammi ne rok liya tha, aur shayad unhe dena bhul ghayi thi. Kher kuch dresses le kar ham niche aye aur unhe saf kar press karke unse koi nayi dress banane ka vichar shuru kar diya.

Ek skirt jo ki denim ka tha use hamne dhila kar ke meri bahen ki kamar ke naap ka kar diya,lekin uski length bahen ke hips par chadane ke baad mini skirt ki hi rah gayi. Me to use etna mini skirt nahi pahanane dena chahta tha, lekin usne kaha ki vaha dresses modern honi chahiye, aur phir vah ladies college he jaha keval ladies hi hogi, eske baad usne ek smoking work kiya hua top nikala usko sabhi side se dhila karne ke baad bhi vah uski body par tight tha, tab vah boli ki chal meri help kar aur mera accurate nap le, pahle to me kuch samaza nahi lekin, jab vah hath me tape le kar mere samne khadi ho gayi to mene kaha ki muze nahi ata, to vo boli ki yadi meri saheliya us fashion show me bhag nahi le rahi hoti to vah muze taklif nahi deti kyonki yadi uski saheliyo ko uska yah idea pata chal gaya to vah bhi esa hi kuch dress tyyar karke competation jeet jayegi, aur yadi phir bhi muze kuch taklif he to koi baat nahi me apna body mesure gali ke kone vale jents tailor se karva lungi, ya phir show se apna naam vapas le legi.

Uski en bato ko sun mene apne hath me tape le liya, aur kaha ki batao kese nap lena he, to vah khush ho gayi, aur boli ki muze bilkul fix nap chahiye kyonki me aisi dress design karungi jo ki mere badan ko chupaye kam aur dikhaye jyada, uski bato ko sun me chupsa ho gaya. Usne tatkal apna T-shirt mere same hi khol diya jisme usne ek ladies innerwear (samij) pahan rakhi thi aur usme se uski black bra ki strips bahar aa rahi thi, usne bina sharm sankoch ke muze naap lene ka bola, Pahle to me apne hatho ko uske badan se badi duri se hi try kar raha tha, lekin jab vah zunzhala kar boli ki tum mere sage bhai ho koi ger mard nahi to me kuch normal hua, phir mene uske figure ka sahi mesure kiya, usne usi mini skirt aur innerwear me apni dress tyyar kari, lekin jab usne use try kiya to shayad vah sahi fit nahi rahi, usne muze phir ek baar apne sine ka nap lene ka bola, aur es baar usne apni samij bhi utar phenki,kyonki uske anusar eske karan uska sahi nap nahi aa pa raha tha, use keval black bra me dekh mere hosh ud gaye, uske safed mansal stan ese lag rahe the mano unhe jabardasti bra me thus rakha ho, muze es tarah phati-2 ankho se ghurate dekh vah boli ki kya pahle kabhi kisi lady ke sine ko nahi dekha, to mere muh se bol nahi phute, to vah phir boli ki mammi ke sine ko to badi ankh pha-2 kar dekhata he, kyo he na, nahi dekhata he kya. Me kya jawab deta chupchap nichi nigah kiye but bana raha, to vah boli ki chod me to mazak kar rahi thi, chal phata phat mera sahi nap le, es bar ke nap me sahi me kuch antar aya.

Eske baad to usne naye mesure se jo dress tyyar kari use pahan jab vah mere samne ayi to chok sa pada. Vah purana sa smoking dress katchat kar ek esi designer bra ka rup le chuka tha jisme meri bahen ki chati bamushkil sama rahi thi, esa lag raha tha mano ab phata tab phata, niche pahana mini skirt etna chota tha ki zara sa zukane par uski white panty dikhayi padti, aur upar nabhi se bhi etna niche bandha tha ki ekadha inch aur niche shayad uske guptang hi dikhayi pad jate.Es prakar ke usne lagbhag 4-5 dresses tyyar kare. En sabhi dresses me uske sharir ka pura muayana ho raha tha, upar se vah thodi mansal deh ki thi lekin me khud bhi uske badan ke bhugol ko niharte hue usko vicharo me lakar do baar muth maar chuka tha.Phir Agle din vah muze lekar market gayi aur do pair high hill ki sandles kharidi eske bad vah muze ek ladies store me le gayi jaha ke sabhi salesmen jents the, vaha meri bahen ne chinese pattern ki bra aur panties kharidi, vah bindas ho kar apna size aur design bata rahi thi, usne bina strape vali etni choti bra kharidi jo shayad hi uski nipples ko bhi dhanke, eske alava usne bra me pahanane vali cup aur hair remour lotion adi bhi kharida.

Sham ko jab hum bazar me hi bharpet nashta adi khapikar ghar aa rahe the to vah bike par muzse esi chipat kar bethi thi mano meri bahen na hokar koi girlfriend ho,bike par vah salwarsuit pahne dono taraf per dalkar bethi thi aur brack lagane par uske mote-2 uroj meri pith par aa takarate, jeans me mera uttejit lund bhi bada pareshan kar raha tha,jab hum adhe raste me hoge tabhi joro ki barish hone lagi, mene gadi roki to usne mana kar diya ki nahi chalate raho. Jab hum puri tarah bhig kar ghar aye to mene dekha ki meri bahen ke gile kapde puri tarah se bhig kar uske badan se chipak chuke the, aur uski safed bra usme se saf dikhayi pad rahi thi. Ghar me ghusane ke bad me towel le kar jab bathroom se bahar aya to dekha ki meri bahen darwaja band karne ke baad apni kurti utar rahi thi, mere samne hi usne mere hath se ek towel liya aur use apne sine par lapetate hue apni bra, panty aur salwar bhi khol di,ab usne keval ek towel apne sine par bandh rakha tha, jisme se uske sine ke ubhar saaf dikhayi pad rahe the, aur niche uski nangi jhanghe saaf dikhayi pad rahi thi.

Esse pahle vah muze kabhi etni jyada bindas nazar nahi ayi thi, aur uski ankhon me terati shararat muze kisi alag chij ka ahsas kara rahi thi, bal sukhane ke baad usne muzse kaha ki chalo ramp par chalane ki practice kar lete he, aur usne abhi-2 layi hue new sandles ko pahan kar do tin moti-2 books ko sir par rakha aur bade hi sadhe kadmo se vah hall ke bicho bich chalane lagi, kuch der ki koshish ke baad to uski chal hi badal gayi, uske hilte hue chutado ko dekh mera lund tana ja raha tha,aur meri ankhe uske badan ka bhugol napjokh rahi thi, tabhi achanak uska santulan dagmgaya aur uski high hills pointed sandles ek aur mud gayi jis vajah se uske per me moch aa gayi, tej dard se vah chikh padi, mene daud kar use thama, aur ahista se use bedroom me le jakar bed par betha diya, uske pero ke panjo me halki si sujan si aa gayi thi, lekin chot jyada gahri nahi thi, me jaldi se moov le aya, aur use dene laga to vah boli muzse nahi lagega, tu hi laga dena, tab me jamin par beth gaya, aur vah bed par per latka kar bethi thi, uski gori-2 safed tango par hath lagate hi mere badan current sa lagne laga, vah karahati ja rahi thi, aur apne pero ko bar-2 mod kar apne dard ko daba rahi thi, jab vah per uthati to me uske jhangho ke jodo tak nigah marne ki koshish karta, lekin kahi pakda na jau esliye, bahut hoshiyari barat raha tha, tab muze laga ki meri bahen janbuz kar muze apne badan ki numayish kara rahi thi, kyonki es samay usne apne badan par keval ek towel lapet rakha tha, aur yadi vah chahti to pahle hi apne kapde change kar leti.

Mene bhi moke ka fayda uthane me hi samazdari samzi, aur me apne hatho ko uski jhangho tak pherane laga, jis vajah se shayad vah bhi excite hone lagi, tab vah muzse boli ki muze bathroom jana he, pls. Meri help karoge, to me use apne kandho ka sahara dekar bathroom me le gaya, lekin vaha vah boli ki me apne es per par load nahi de pa rahi hun, ab niche kese bethun,tab mene use sahara de kar combot par betha diya, aur bahar jane laga to vah boli ki yahi ruk jaa bas do minut ki baat hi to he, yah to mere man ka kam ho gaya tha aur me vahi ruk gaya,tab mene apna muh dusari aur pher liya kuch palo baad muze peshab karne ki citi ke saman awaz sunayi padne lagi, jise sun me palat kar dekhane ke liye tadap sa gaya,tabhi vah bol padi ki tu bhi bathroom kar le, mene kaha ki ha baad me kar lunga, to has kar boli ki kyo sharmata he, me ladki hokar tere samne peshaab kar rahi hun aur ek tu he ki bas. Tab mene kaha ki me kaha samne hu, to vah boli ki mene to nahi kaha muh pherane ke liye, tab me chok sa gaya aur mene uski aur muh kiya aur mene bhi apne tantanaye lund ko bahar nikal kar uske samne hi peshab karne laga, mere lund ke akar ko dekh uski ankhe phati ki phati rah gayi.

Aur vah mano but ki tarah mere lund ko ektak ghurane lagi, tab me bol pada ki kya hua, to vah boli ki kuch nahi, me janbuzkar apne lund ko hatho me hilate hue bilkul uske pas pahuch gaya, to vah asharya se bol padi ki boli ki yah kya he to mene badi besharmi se use kaha ki khud hi hath me lekar dekh lo,to usne combot par bethe-2 hi lund hath me le liya aur use sahlane lagi, uske hatho ka narm sparsh hote hi mera lund phir tanna gaya aur apne pure akar me aa gaya, uske chehre par bhay mishrit muskan thi, aur vah dhire se khadi hone lagi, me sahara de kar use bathroom se bahar le aya,aur phir se use bed par chod diya. Achanak vah boli ki jo undergarments me layi hu vo muze de do to me unhe try kar lu, yadi koi size ka problem hua to baad me vah change nahi karega, mene use undergarments se bhara beg la diya, me jab pani pikar lota to dekha ki vah bra aur panty me bed par bethi he aur muze dekh boli ki kaha chala gaya tha, bata me kesi lag rahi hun, es bra me uske stan sama hi nahi rahe the, lagraha tha mano abhi kabutar pinjara tod bahar aa jayege,keval uski nippals hi dhaki hue the, niche pahani panty me se bhi uske pure mansal gundaj kulhe bahar the, keval uski chut hi dhaki hue thi.

Mene kaha ki esi bra panty kyo kharidi to vah boli ki jo dress me fashion show ke doran pahanugi yadi usme vahi normal bra pahanati to vah bahar nikalati, aur esme to kandhe ke strips bhi nahi he es karan yah jyada sahi rahegi, tabhi meri nigah uski layi ek aur panty par padi jisme kahne ke nam par keval do rassiya thi, ek to vah jo ki kamar par rahti he, aur dusaridono jhangho ke bich ki, jo ki nam ki hi thi, mene kaha ki yah kya bala he, to vah has padi aur boli ki ese G-string kahte he, aur usne apni panty mere samne hi khol use pahan liya, jab vah kuch uthane ke liye jhunki to me uske nange kulhe dekhata hi rah gaya,uski gand ka ched saaf dikhayi pad raha tha, aur jab vah age mudi to me bola ki ab per ka dard kesa he to vah boli ki ab bahut aram he, aur usne apne pero ko hawa me nachate hue apne dono pero ko choda kar apni jhangho ke jod ko dikhane lagi, es samay vah kisi professional dhandhewali ki tarah harkate kar rahi thi, me bhi uske bed par ja betha,aur uske pero ko hatho me lekar sahlate hue use kamuk nazaro se dekhane laga, uski G-string ki patti uski kachori ki tarah phuli hue chut me dhasi hue thi, jis vajah se uski chut ki phanke saaf dikhayi pad rahi thi aur usme se uski chikani, bina balo vali chut ka gulabi hissa saf jhalak raha tha, ab to ek-2 pal bhari hota ja raha tha, tabhi usne jhatake se muze apni aur khicha aur mere honthon ko apne muh me lekar chusane lagi, apni jibh ko mere muh me ghumane lagi, me bhi uski es harkat se josh me aa gaya aur use pakadkar uski bra ki nikal pheka.

Uske mansal stan bra se bahar ate hi uske sine par ese tane hue the, mano ki kisi sunder minar ke upar dom bane ho, unsi tikhi-2 gulabi nipples gazab dha rahi thi, mene jese hi uske stano ko apne hatho ke panjo me lekar dabaya vah ankhen munde chihunk padi, uske kadak nipples ko mene jyohi muh me lekar chusana shuru kiya, vah palatkar mere lund ko towel se bahar nikal muh me lekar chusane lagi, mene apne ek hath ki ungaliya uski chut me jese hi gusayi vah chikh padi aur meri ungaliya uske madak ras se sarabor ho gayi, mene tatkal uski panty nikal pheki aur uski chut ko muh me lekar chusane laga, es samay hum dono 69 ki position me the, mere dwara use lagatar chusane se vah chikhate hue zad gayi aur me uske madak ras ko sapad-2 chus gaya,vah thak chuki thi, lekin mere lund ko muh se nikalana nahi chahti thi, mere lund ko usne puri tarah se thuk se gila kar rakha tha, aur use apne gale me gahrayi tak le lekar chus rahi thi, tabhi achanak me bhi josh me aa gaya, aur mene use lund ko muh se bahar karne ka bola to, vah nahi mani aur usne mere lund ko apne muh me hi zadne diya, etne josh me hone ke karan der sara virya,uske muh aur chati par phel gaya,jiski usne apne sine par malish kar li, me bhi thak kar let gaya, lekin usne mere lund ko sahlana chalu rakha, mene dhire se usse pucha ki yah sab kaha se sikha to boli ki meri sabhi saheliya.

Kisi na kisi ard se sambandh rakh maje marti he saliya, koi apne bhai, baap, rishtedaro, boyfriend ya phir driver, gharelu nokar kisi se bhi maje lutati he, aur ek me hu jo barso se tadap rahi hu.Aur yah sab to mene apni saheliyo ke sath bluefilms dekh kar hi sikha he, sali vo videshi ladkiya kese apni chut aur gand me lund lekar tisra muh me liye chusati rahti he, aur ek film me to chut me do-2 lund ghusate dikhaya gaya tha, uski es tarah bebak bachit se mera lund phir garma gaya, to vah bhi yah bat tad gayi aur usne tatkal lund ko muh me lekar chusana shuru kar diya, jab mene kaha ki tu muzpar etni meharban kyo hue to vah boli ki eske bhi do karan he, pahla to yah ki bahar muh markar kala muh karane se accha to apne bhai se maze lena jyada accha, na bimari lage na kisi se muh chhipana pade,tabhi mene pucha ki dusara karan kya ? To vah boli vah aur bada karan he, kyonki mammi bhi tuz par nigahe jamaye hue he, me jab bhi mammi ke sath kitti parties me jati hun to mammi ki sabhi saheliya bas ek yahi chudai ki baten karti he, sabhi rande kisi na kisi se marwati he, esliye mammi ki bhi eccha bahut hoti he lekin vah ghar se bahar kisi paraye mard ke sath sambandh rakhane se bachana chahti he, aur indirectly me muze yah samaz aa chuka tha ki vah tere upar dore dalne lagi he, tabhi to aajkal vah tere samne jyada se jyada khud ko expose karti he. Mene bhi moke ki nazakat ko bhap tuze pahle set kar liya, kyonki yadi mammi muzse pahle tuze set kar leti to tu meri aur etni jaldi dhyan nahi deta. Mene kaha man gaya bahna teri rajniti ko, lekin hamare pas koi condom ya bachav ka sadhan to he nahi to vah boli, ki tu chinta mat kar mene pahle se hi goli khana shuru kar diya he.

Tab mene asharya se kaha ki mano teri dal nahi galti to tu kya karti, to vah boli ki sala esa husn dekh kar to sattar sal ke buddhe ka bhi lund khada ho jaye, phir tu to jawan mard he, upar se jis tarah tu mammi ke blouse me ankhen gadata tha, usse hi me samaz gayi thi ki tuze to me pura hi nigal jaungi.Uski esi baten sun mene tatkal apna laplapata hua lund uski chut me pel diya, pahle to vah thodi bilbilayi, tadapi, chikhi lekin dusare jhatake me to pura lund andar dalwa kar jor-2 se machalane lagi, usko chillapo sun mene apne dhakko ko speed aur tez kardi, lagbhag adhe ghante me hum dono sath-2 hi zad gaye, aur vaise hi nange so gaye, subah lagbhag panch baje meri bahen ne phir lund ko muh me lekar chusana shuru kar diya, to mene use pakadkar phir ek jordar round laga diya.Uske pero me ayi moch to sadharan hi thi, joki agle din thik ho chuki thi. Agne do dino bad uske college me fashion show tha, vaha usne muze apna photographer bata kar entry karva di, vah Girls college hone ke karan nam matra ke hi jents the, vaha uske dwara design kiye kapdo ko sabse jyada pasand kiya gaya, kyonki ve lik se hatkar modern aur kam budget vale the, jab vah unhe pahankar ramp par ayi to mahol garma gaya, ladkiya jor-2 se citi bajane lagi aur fast music ke DJ par sabhi ladkiya nachane lagi. Yah sabhi ladkiya jab college ayi thi tab alag kapdo me thi lekin show shuru hone tak sabhi ne modern dresses pahanli thi. Mene bhi apne naye digital camere se un sabhi ki khoob photo khichi.Es function me meri bahen ko dress designing aur fashion show dono me hi first award mila. Jab mammi ayi tab vah yah sab jankar khush hue, aur mammi bhi muze ab dane dalne lagi he, lekin abhi vah hum dono bhai bahano ke bich ke sambandh me kuch nahi janti he. Lekin bahut jaldi hi me mammi ko bhi set karke maje lena shuru kar dunga.
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Shanti mom

2011-Apr-20, 05:03
My name is Jagat and I am a jat from Harayana.

We stay in a small town near paniput. My pita is in police and is a constable. In our house apart from me there is my sister Dhami and my amma Shanti Devi. We live in our own house and pita is usually on posting at nearby towns and comes home two or three times in a month.
I am 21 years old and have finished my B.Com. My sister is 14 years old and amma is 45 years old. I studied near home only in Paniput and used to do daily up and down from my house. During those days the terrorist problem was at its peak and at night trains used to run almost empty. I sometimes used to come home late and my amma used to scold me saying that I should not come late. I would always tell her that the trains at these hours were totally empty so there was nothing to worry about and I would tell her how I had full compartment to myself in the middle of the night and for full one and a half hour the train didn't stop anywhere and in my enthusiasm I would describe to her how in the dark night the train would be running at full speed through the dark fields and I could close the windows or open them. At those times amma would just say that she will see. My second year exams had just finished and pita was on out state tour for two months. After he had gone for some fifteen days amma said to me that she wanted to buy some clothes for herself. I told her that we would go to Paniput and buy them. So on a week day we left Dhami at home and myself and my amma started for Paniput at around 11 AM. We roamed in Paniput main market throughout the day and I treated amma to lunch. It was around six PM when amma actually started her shopping at some ladies garments shop. When I reminded amma that it was getting late she didn't pay much attention to it and casually said that if we were late we will try my late night train. I then treated maa to chaat and gool gappas. When it was around ten o'clock we went to the station and purchased tickets. There were not many people on the platform as we waited. At around ten thirty the train arrived and when we went into the compartment we saw six seven people sitting in it. We went to a place where no one was there and sat. Amma casually remarked. "Tu to kahta tha ki koi nahi hooga. Yahan to log baithe hain."
I told her that those people would get down at the next station which was ten minutes run from Paniput .
Amma just said "Dekhte hain." And sat down looking out of the window.
As I had predicted after ten minutes the station came and those people got down. I casually told maa "Dheka na sab log utar gai hain."
Maa got up and went towards the corridor and walked throughout the length of the compartment. She then looked into all the four laterines in the compartment. When she came back to our seat she was a bit excited and said
"Saach Jagat yahan to koi bhi nahi hai."
Then we sat down near the window seats facing each other. Cold night wind was blowing through the windows . After some time amma asked me to close the windows. I was about to pull down the glass window when she said "Nahin kaanch ki khidki nahin loohe ki khidki gira."
I now pulled down the metal sheet window and then over it pulled down the glass pane also.
Then Amma asked me how much time train would take to reach next station.
I told her that it would take not less than two hours.
Amma then said to me
"Jagat tu saari khidkian band kar de."
I asked "Kyun maa thand lag rahi hai kya?"
She replied "Tu band to kar ke aa."
I went to each and every window and closed it. It took me around ten minutes but I was back. When I sat down on my seat in front of amma she took out the cloth packets and told me that she wanted to try out the new clothes to see if they fitted her. I was amazed and asked her
"Maa ghar jaa ke dekh leena."
She told me
"Jagat thuje paata nahin hai hum auratoon ko kapde try karne ka kitna shauk hota hai."
Then she lifted the packet and went towards the end of the compartment where toilets are there. While going she looked back and said to me
"Tu bhi aa ja mujhe akele main daar lagta hai."
I went behind her and we went to that small corridor in front of the latrines and maa went and stood at the end of it. The light bulb was giving full light and the corridor was lit fully. I stood on the opposite side and stood with my back to the wall facing my amma. There was a distance of around three meters between us. Just then amma started removing her clothes. First she removed her jumper. Then she untied her naada and pulled down her salwar. Then she unhooked her bra and then pulled down her kaachi. She then bent down and pulled out a panty out of the first packet. She then pulled up that panty and lifted her face up to see me. She then in a slow voice asked me
"Jagat dekh is kaachi main meri poori dhak gai hai ki nahi?"
I slowly looked down to her panties and saw her choot for the first time. My amma's choot lips were puffed up and the transparent cloth of the panty was stretched over it. I slowly went forward and was now facing maa. Maa slowly whispered "Dekh theek se fit aai hai?"
I kneeled down in front of her and was now facing her choot. The panty was stretched beyond limit over my amma's choot and half of her choot lips were exposed. I stood up and again faced her. Then I said
"Maa teri choot ki phanken dikh rahi hain."
Her face was red but still she replied
"Kya kaaron meri choot phooli hui hai na. Kaachi ke andar dhaakti hi nahi hai."
She then said "jagat apna lund bahar nikal naa."
By now I too was excited and asked her
"Dekhegi ya choodegi bhi."
Now amma confessed to me
"Dekh Jagat tere Papa maheene main ek do baar ghar aate hain. Jab tak main choodene ke mood main aati hoon woh phir chale jaate hain. Baata na main kya kaaroon? Meri choodaas kabhi mit-ti hi nahi hai." Kab tak apne andar ki aurat ko daba ke rakhoon."
I took out my lund and showed it to her and asked
"Maa mera lund dekh yeh teri choot ki pyaas thandi karega."
Maa slowly looked down at my lund and said
"Hai yeh to poora saand ka lund hai."
She then said "Chal mujhe laterine main le jaa ke chood."
I caught hold of her wrist and dragged her into the toilet and closed the door. The train was running at full speed when I pulled my amma's panties down. I then pulled down my pant and stepped out of it. Now we both were naked and were eyeing each other. All around us there were dirty things written on the walls. Also there were crude sketches of choots and lunds. Maa turned around and faced the sink in the toilet. Then she bent forward and held the edge of sink in both her hands. She then lifted her head and looked into the mirror in front and in full voice shouted
"Chood de meri bete."
I pushed my hand under her buttocks between her thighs and motioned her to spread her legs. She immediately obeyed me and and then she bent her stomach down and arched her buttocks up so that her choot hole was wide open from behind. As soon as I saw my amma's hole my lund stiffened to its full tightness and along with it I also had the joy of seeing my own amma's gaand hole. I then inserted one finger just to see if she was wet just then amma turned her face and said
"Bete main poori choodas se bhari hoi hoon tu bas apna lund andar daal."
I then simple took hold of my lund and placed it on top of my amma's hole and with one slight push of my buttocks forward I inserted my lund into my amma's hole. I then bent forward and and now my top body was over my amma's back and my lund was inside her choot. I then put my hands down towards her chest and held her big dhood. After this I started inserting my lund into her hole still further. When my lund was fully inside her choot she simply said
"Haan bete aab chood mujhe."
Now I started pushing my lund in and out of her choot.After around five minutes of getting fucked my amma slowly turned her head and looked back and said
"Sun mera chumma le le ke chood."
I simply placed my lips on her cheek and kissed her and down there I pushed my lund in her choot. Meanwhile my amma kept on shouting dirty words. I never knew that my religious amma would be such a slut. She was saying "Hai re bete chood mujhe joor se re."
She turned her face to the wall where crude drawing of a choot and lund was made.
She then said "Hai Jagat dekh kaise choot banai hai."
I was too busy in fucking her and simply said
"Bhosadi ki chup chaap choot marwa."
After some time she streightened up and my lund slid out of her choot. She then turned around and faced me. She looked streight into my eyes and said with a smile on her face
"Bete mujhe choodne mein maaja aaya?"
I looked down at my lund and she inturepped
""Lund ko kya dekh raha hai Jagat abhi to bahut choodna hai tere lund ko."
I placed both my hands on her big boobs and looked into her eyes. Then I said
"Ab kaise choodegi?"
She widened her legs and said
"Le mera ched khula hai lund daal de andar."
I slowly placed my hand on her waist and pulled my amma towards myself. Now my hard lund was touching my amma's choot. She slowly lifted her one leg and placed it around my waist. Then she looked into my eyes and said
"Jagat bete chood de meri choot."
I took my hand down and adjusted my lund on her hole and then pushed it in. She had a satisfied expression on her face and we started fucking . Maa was in full mood when suddenly train started slowing down. Maa looked at me enquiringly. As train stopped at a small station we were in a bad position. But I comforted maa and said that I will look what was happening. I put on my pant and shirt and went to the door. There I lifted the window pane and saw outside that train had stopped on a small station. I thought it was a signal problem. I was about to down the shutter just then a TT came with an old women and said. "Amma sit in this compartment."
I had no option but to open the door and let that old beggar like aurat (lugai) inside.
She was very old and from lower strata of society maybe some gypsy. She came and sat in the corridor near the toilet. I knew that maa was inside and very horny. But at that moment I didn't know what to do. Just then the train started and picked up speed. Maa must have waited inside but when the train started she knocked at the door from inside and said
"Jagat kya hua?"
I slowly went towards the door which maa opened and I went inside even as that old lady was looking at me strfarishtay. She seemed like a worldly wise lady. I went in and saw that maa was standing fully naked. I told her about the old lady. Maa was totally disappointed and a bit angry. As she stood there fingering her choot she said
"Saali ko abhi anna tha?"
I went near her and said
"Maa chal abhi ghar ja ke thuje chood doonga."
Amma slowly started wearing her clothes. After some time when she was fully clothed I opened the door and walked outside. That old lady was still sitting there and looking in our direction. When i looked at her face there was a wicked smile on her face. And as my amma stepped outside with her disheveled hair, disfigured bindi and crumpled clothes the old lady's smile was prominent. That lady looked at amma and passed a comment
"Teri salwar ka naada bahar latak raha hai."
That comment was enough for amma who was left high and dry. My amma shot back
"Haan chud ke aa rahi hoon. Teri choot main khaaj kyon ho rahi hai?"
it seemed that old lady was also fully open in sexual matters and said
"Kya mere anne se choodai ruk gai hai kya, thuje choodna hai to chud le yahan par."
Now amma was totally angry on hearing her comments and wanted a full showdown with that lady. She loudly called me
"Jagat yahan aa."
As I turned back and went towards my amma she said
"Chal mujhe yahein par chood."
With this amma untied the nada of her salwar and lowered it and once again bent forward and supported her hands on the wall of the compartment. I had no other option but to take out my lund and put it in my amma's choot from behind. The old lady was fascinated but amma wanted to shock her to the extreme.
The lady complimented amma in her boldness
"Tu aurat himmat wali lagti hai. Lakin ladka thoda chota hai."
Now was the time for amma to play her trump card. Amma looked straight into that old lady's eyes and said
"Mera beta hai."
This floored the old lady completely. A stream of obscenities flew out from her mouth.
"Saali harami chodi kutia bhosadi ki bete se marwati hai."
Now maa was master of the situation. She gave a full smile to the lady and said
"Mera saga beta hai jis choot se nikela tha usi choot ko chood raha hai."
Now the atmosphere was sexually charged and the old lady started lifting her saree and in no time she was sitting with her saree above her waist and her old big choot exposed.
Our fucking was going on full swing and after about ten minutes I discharged my sperm into my amma's womb.
As I was discharging my cum the old lady shouted
"Hai bete apna beej daal de apni maa ki choot main."
After some time when the fuck was over both of us sat down naked in front of that lady.

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Sexy Mom: Meena

2011-Apr-20, 05:02
Sexy Mom: Meena
It is regarding
my mom.Her name is Meena. I am going to narrate how Mom was fucked by her best friend's husband.

Meena is of age 32 but look like girl in 20s.Everyone calls her Minu.She has fair with cute face.She has dark,
silky straight hairs.She always maintain her hairs upto shoulder level and very rarely tie them. Maximum times, she keep
hairs untied.She has sexy boobs of size 34.She always wears transparent and tight clothes.Her assets are clearly seen
because of this.Her blouse and dresses are of deep neck cut.Her blouses have only 3 buttons.Out of 3,mom never ties
the uppermost button.This leads to high voltage cleavage show.Some of her blouses have so much deep neck cut that inside
bra hook strips are exposed.She wears such blouses without bra at the time of parties.No need to say that everyone
in the party keep looking at her only.She prefers sleevless dresses and blouses.Due to her appearance,anybody talking
with her keep starring on her boobs.She has great piece of ass too.
She has numerous number of bras and panties.In our home,you can find her bras and panties in every room at every place.
Her bras and panties are lying on floors,on beds,on sofa sets,on tables, near telephone, on TV,in bathrooms,on computer
table,on kitchen otta,on dining table,on music system's spreakers.Whenever she arrives home from outside,she removes the
existing bra and panty.She changes her clothes while doing household work.She keeps the removed bra and panty at the
position where she is standing while roaming in the house.She never wears the same bra and panty again without washing.
And she is too lazy to collect the removed bras and panties from various places and put them in washing machine.She wears
a gown/nighty without bra and panty when she is at home. Her gowns and nighties are sleevless and semi transparent.
They have deep neck cut too.Mom always keeps the upper 2-3 buttons open so that her beautiful cleavage is exposed.
I always observe her while she changes her clothes
Minu smokes regularly.She always starts and ends her day with a ciggerate.She smokes out 15-16 ciggerates per day.
She is a occasional drinker.She drinks in parties.My dad smokes too.Sharad is his name.He is also an occasional drinker.
Infact it was my dad who taught smoking and drinking to mom.I came to know this when I once heard a conversation
between Mom and her best friend sheela.
Minu is the hottest babe of our society.She is very famous among men.She is like a sexygodess.Whenever I meet anybody
living in our society,he always asks about my mom. When i was young,i was not able to know their meaning, but now i can
easily find out why they keep on asking me about mom.
Mom works for a NGO. This NGO performs its work for pet animals.My dad works in Bank and he is at very high post.
His job consists of lot of travelling.We are the rich family and we have our bunglow in Pune.

Sheela is mom's childhood friend. she is mom's best friend.She works in governemt organization.Her company is at Nigdi
near pune.Sheela is also sexy lady. But she was not as beautiful as Minu.She is little fat compared to mom. Her boobs
are of size 32.She is slighly dark in colour.She has long hairs upto belly level.She also wears sexy dresses like mom.
In fact i can feel the competition of exposing dresses between Sheela and Minu.
Avinash is Sheela's husband.He works in private mechanical industry.Sheela and Avinash also hve thier bunglow in pune
and it is not too far from our home.Just 15 minutes car journey is enough to reach thier house.
Sheela often visits our place and mom also does the same. Dad and Avisnash also accompany them many times.
Avinash is smoker and drinker too.But Sheela smokes very rarely.Whenever sheela-avinash and mom-dad meet each other,
3 smokers force sheela to smoke a ciggerate.After lot of forcing efforts, she smokes 1 or 2.But she is quite heavy
drinker.She often get herself completely drunk in parties.

Now i will move towards the incidence.I am going to tell you how Avinash fucked mom.It happned in hot summer.Summer
vacations are going on.It was wednesday evening when Sheela had arrived at our home for some work with Mom.
She was in hurry.

Minu: Sheela, wait a while. why are you in so much hurry?
Sheela: Are no yaar. I have to go to Mumbai tommorrow. There is an important meeting.I have to pack my luggage.
Minu: Ohh, are you going alone for that fucking meeting?
Sheela: My boss Abhay will be with me.We are going by his car only.Tomorrow he will be at my place at 6.00 A.M.
to pick me up.
Minu: Wow, means you are going to have lot of fun tomorrow.
Sheela: Madmaji, control yourself.Stop fantasing.We are not going for fucking.
There is real meeting with head office collegues.Your lust is increasing day by day.
Wait, i will ask Sharad to double the 'frequency'.It seems that one every night is not
enough for you.(Laughs)
Minu: (Laughs)Certainly.One every night is very low frequency.Ha ha ha.Just kidding dear.
Have a happy journey babe.Love you. Bye.
Sheela: Thanks dear. Bye.I will call you tomorrow night to tell you the fun.Ha ha ha.

And then Sheela went to her house.On next day i.e. on thursday,Mom and Dad went to office in morning
in regular way.But at around 12 noon,Mom arrived at home.She changed her clothes.she put of her bra and
panty and weared a gown with 3 upper buttons open.Her left nipple was almost visible.We started a lunch
on dining table.

I: Mom, how come you arrive so early today?
Minu: Are I have taken a half day from office.
I: Why?
Minu: I have very important work with Avikaka.So i will go to his place after lunch.
I: How come Avikaka is at home today? Is he on leave today?
Minu: Today is Thursday dear.Have you forgot that he has a weekly holiday on thursday?
[Mechanical industries in Pune have thurday as weekly holiday]
I: Oh yes, you are right, today is thursday. Mom i will also come to Avikaka's place with you.
Minu: No. I have very important work with Avikaka and I dont want your disturbence.You will not
let me to finish my work.
I: Mom please please.I will get bored in home alone.I will promise you that i will not disturb you
while you are working.I will play in their garden with Sheru
[Sheru was Sheela's pet dog]
Minu: No.
I: Please. or otherwise i will call dad to tell you to take me with you.
Minu: No. don't call him.He must be busy in meetings.i will take you with me.

This was really shocking.This was not a normal case.Mom normally never entertains such 'dhamkis' by me.
But this time, she looked little scared when i said i will call dad.She was very quick to say NO.it seemed
that she didnot want to let dad know about her work with Avinash. This was something fishy.She was so disturbed
that she lit a ciggerate while eating.She didn't speak a word ahead and she was looking in deep thinking.She was
making some plans in her mind.

After lunch,mom asked me to get ready. she herself also got ready.She was looking sexy.She wore a sexy deep neck
cut sleevless black colur blouse with no bra inside.The blouse was amlost backless.She had kept the uppermost
button of blouse open.Her sexy cleavage was very much inviting.She had kept her Mangalsutra resting between her
boobs.this was adding a hottness in the view. she had a light make-up with lipstick on.
I had instant errection after looking her.I immediately went inside bathroom and masturbated. When i returned from
bathroom, I saw mom was sitting on sofa.She was adjusting length of her Mangalsutra.She adjusted the length and took
her pallu over it.Then she leaned forward and her pallu came down.She decreased the mangalsutra height a little so
that its pendal will rest on her cleavage over upper open button of her blouse.She took her pallu over it again and
leaned forward.The pallu came down again.She did it 2-3 times more and then she looked satisfied.She called me and
said lets go.She took promise from me that i will not disturb her and will play in garden with Sheru.We went to
Sheela's place in our car.Mom drove it herself.She was looking very nervous.She smoked 2 ciggerates while we were
on our way to Sheela's place.
When we reached Sheela's bunglow, before getting down from car, she checked up her make-up in mirror and put lipstick
again.Then we entered the bunglow and rang the doorbell.It was 2.30 p.m.in the clock.Avinash opened the door.It was
very hot afternoon of very hot summer.To beat the heat, he was on his underpant only.Fans were rotating with their maximum
speeds.But they were not able to beat the heat.

Avinash was smoking.A half smoked ciggerate was in his hands.He looked little suprised to see us.He was not at all
expecting us.He was enjoying TV.He welcomed us and asked to come in and sit.Before going in, Mom asked me to say hello
to Avinash and she asked me to go in garden to play with with Sheru.I went off in a garden and started searching for my
viewpoint. I knew something important is going to happen inside. I wanted to see what the important work Mom was having
with Avinash.I found a window covered with bushes immediately.The window was in such a way that i could see everything
inside hall but nobody from hall could see me.

From window I saw Avinash and minu were sitting on sofa in front of each other.Avinash was continously starring on
Minu's cleavage.Minu was sitting on sofa with her purse on her lap.There was a sofa table in
between Minu and Avinash.Avinash offered a ciggerate to Minu. she accepted it. When Minu kept the ciggerate in her
lips, Avinash quickly moved forwand and lit that with his lighter.Minu took a puff and started talking.While
talking too, Avinash was looking at her boobs only.

Minu: Thanks Avi. You are such a nice man.
Avi: Its my pleasure Minu.I know you are a great smoker.i know you love to smoke.I hope this will satisfy you.
Minu: No. I this only wont satisfy me. I want more.
Avi: What more you want?

And Minu leaned forward to keep her purse on sofa table.The action was well practised in home.Due to Mangalsutra
pendal's force,her came down to expose her sexy cleavage to maximum.Her curved flesh on blcak blouse background was
looking amazing.Avinash was stunned by that view. He had immediate errection.He was not moving his eyes from her
cleavage.It was clear invitation for him.But he didn't do anything. Minu was waiting for 20-25 second with her
pallu down position and then adjusted her pallu to normal.

Minu: Excuse me! What are you starring at? C'mon speak with me looking t my face.
Avi: Ohh Minu, I am sorry. But i can't control myself. I am a man afterall.
Minu: Don't forget that you are married and I am your wife's best friend.C'mon behave yourself.
Avi: Forget that. It was too hot today.Lets drink cold beer.
Minu: ohh yes, thats a good idea.I will bring it from refregerator.

But before standing up, Minu leaned again to keep a ciggerate in ashtray. Again the pallu came down to expose cleavage.
Again Avinash got stunned and kept starring her boobs.This time minu waiting for almost a minute in pallu down
position.This time Avinash puffed smoke on Minu's face.She returned a beautiful smile.Getting that signal,
Avinash started moving his hand towards her, but before he could reach Minu, Minu stood up. She adjusted her pallu
and went inside kitchen.

in the mean time,Avinash lit another ciggerate as he has finished his last one.
Within few minutes, Mom returned with tray in her hand and 2 beer cans in the tray.
While on her way back to sofa, she stood in between and dropped pallu down again. She stood at the same position.
She was waiting for Avinash. Avinash understood this message. he went up to her and took that tray from her hand.
he kept it on sofa table.he also kept his ciggerate in ashtray Minu was standing in same pallu down position.

Avinash came back to her and took his boobs in hand, he started squeezing her boobs.He took a long kiss of her lips.
Avinash then kissed Minu everywhere. He kiised her lips, her chicks, her neck, her belly,her back,her ass, her shoulders,
her hands,her legs and almost every part of body. Minu started to moan with pleasure.
After shower of kisses,he started to remove her clothes.He unbuttoned Mom's blouse and her boobs were out.He has black
errected nipples.He started eating them.in parallel, Avinash removed Minu's sari and petticoat too. Now Minu is on her
black panty only.He was continously kissing her and licking her boobs.He licked her boobs for long time.He was
also messaging them.Then Avinash removed Minu's panty.He licked her thighs.Minu's pussy was clean shaved.Avinash kissed
her pussy and began to lick her pussy hardly.Minu was now moaning loudly.He separated her pussy with lips and started to
lick deep inside her pussy.Minu pressed his head hard on her hole.Then avinash inserted his middle finger inside her
pussy and began to finger her.She responded him by making loud moans.Now Minu started to press her own boobs with her
lovely hands.Avinash continued to finger her and soon she started to moan very loudly and fastly. She almost cried
and said.

Minu: Ahh Avi darling,I'm cumming now.Fuck me hard. Fuck more, more more.Ahhh,AAhhh,Yessss Yesssss.
Ohh my god. This is amazing.Fuckkk more fuckkk me hard.

Juice came from Minu's pussy.Avinash drank it all and removed his finger out of her pussy. They kissed each other
passionately.Then Minu removed Avinash's underpant.She took his dick in her mouth and started sucking it.She was
also eating his balls.Avinash was caressing her head and playing with her hairs.She sucked it hard.After some time,
Avinash cummed inside her mouth.She drank all the juice.
Then both had round of ciggerate and Beer. They started talking while smoking.Avinash was playing with her boobs.

Minu: Honey, your juice was awesome.It was very tasty.
Avi: I love you Minu.You are such a sexy lady.You are most beautiful girl in this planet. I love you.
You have got amazing boobs.Your lips are so beautiful that I just want to suck them continuously.You have
got super ass.You are totally amazing.Your juice was so sweet.Where were you before?
Minu: I love you too.I want your cock to rest inside my pussy forever.You have got tremendous hardness.I love
your dick.

Then she started kissing his body. She kissed and licked him on every part as if she was taking a revenge of his kissing.
After finishing off ciggerates,she asked Avinash.

Minu: Darling, are you ready to put your hammer inside me?
Avi: Ohh yes.i am ready to again.
Minu: Hit it hard then.I can't hold any more.Fuck me deepest.Hit me.

And then Minu leaned herself against sofa.Avinash inserted his dick inside her pussy.She guided him inside her hot cunt.
Minu closed her eyes and moaned loudly while he is inserting in her.Then Avinash started to to move his dick back and
forth. He took out his dick half way and inserted in with a thrush. She made moaned loudly and asked me to do like that
as she was enjoying.

Minu: Ahhhh.O yessss.Do it again dear do it again.Hammer me.I am enjoying. Push it in.Push it hard.

Avinash was stroking her hard.Minu started to press her own boobs with her
hands.said that she was moaning loudly and fastly. Soon she said she was cumming.

Minu: Ohh baby, i am cumming again.Hit me harder.Ahhh, ohhh, yesss yesss.
Avi: Minu,I am cumming too.My balls are ready to explode
Minu: This time I want your juice inside me.Fuck it.

Then both reached orgasm.Avinash removed out his dick.They took 69 position.They licked each other's juices.
after some time, Minu woke up. She started to wear clothes.Both also lit up ciggerates and started to finish that
Beer can.

Avi: Are you going?
Minu: Yeah baby.I have to go now.Have you got what was 'more' thing i was wanting?
Avi: Yeah.
Minu: Did you like me?
Avi: I love you. You are far better than Sheela.
Minu: Ohh really?
Avi: Yes dear. I never had such wonderfull sex before.I want you again.
Minu: Even i do.But not now. Sandy is playing in garden. And its long time now. He may get bored and come in.
Avi: Let him come in. I don't care.I just know that I love you.

And he started kissing her again.He was pressing her boobs.Minu closed her eyes and started moaning.
At this time, Avinash put his tongue in her ass.He started licking it Minu started moaning loudly.Then he inserted
his middle finger in her ass.He inserted that deep inside her ass. and started finguring her.Minu started moaning
loudly.It seems that she was getting hurted.He was asking Avinash to stop it.But Avinash did not stop. he continued
to fingure her ass. Soon Minu started moaning very fast and loud again.She again cried that she was cumming.
But Avinash continued. Minu reached orgasm. But Avinash was not ready to stop.He continued finguring her.Minu tried
to go away from Avinash but he pull her hairs and stopped her from moving away.After 15-20 minutes, Avinash removed
the finger when Minu reached the orgasm again.
Minu collapsed on the sofa. she was very much exhausted. Her whole body was filled sweat.She said she was thursty.
Avinash gave her Beer can.She finished off that Beer can.Then she asked Avinash to give her ciggerrate. Avinash lit
up 2 ciggerates and put 1 in her lips.Nobody talked till both finished off their ciggerates.When ciggeartes were
finished, Avinash spoke up.

Avi: Are you allright now?
Minu: Yeah man.I am ok now. But I am totally exhauseted.I very much liked this all.But now I have to leave.
Avi: Yes, you are right.But give me next appointment and then go.
Minu: We will definately do it on next thursday. But before that, if we get chance, we will call each other.ok?
Avi: Yes sure.I love you.
Minu: I love you too.

And they kissed each other again.Then Minu wore her clothes again.But this time, she did not wear panty. She put
her panty in her purse.Mom called me and asked me to say bye to Avinash. I said bye. while going out,
Mom gave him a flying kiss.He returned a flying kiss too.
Then we went home. in the return journry, mom lit up another ciggerate and she was looing completely satisfied.
She was looking very happy.Inside home, Mom again changed clothes and lit up a ciggerate.Then she asked me that

Minu: Sandy, i am going to take a nap.You also take a while or watch TV. dont go outside the home.ok?
I: : Mom, I will watch TV.
Minu: You are really a good boy. You kept your promise.I love you.

Saying this, she hugged me and kissed me.When she hugged me, her boobs were pressed against my chest.And I got
errection again.I again went into bathroom to masterbate.When I returned, mom was in deep sleep.

I hope you liked this real story. please give feedback and I will narrate more such real incidences of my Mom
for you.

Hi guys and gals, here i m with continuation of my mom's i.e. minu's extra marital affairs.In the last story, I had described about sex between mom and her best friend's hubby Avinash.That incident had happened on thursday. I will narrate about the things happened on saturday in the same week.
You all know about Minu. Still i will describe her once again.
Meena is of age 32 but look like girl in 20s.Everyone calls her Minu.She has fair with cute face.She has dark,silky straight hairs.She always maintain her hairs upto shoulder level and very rarely tie them. Maximum times, she keeps hairs untied.She has sexy boobs of size 34.She always wears transparent and tight clothes.Her assets are clearly seen because of this.Her blouse and dresses are of deep neck cut.Her blouses have only 3 buttons.Out of 3,
mom never ties the uppermost button.This leads to high voltage cleavage show.Some of her blouses have so much deep neck cut that inside bra hook strips are exposed.She wears such blouses without bra at the time of parties.No need to say that everyone in the party keep looking at her only.She prefers sleevless dresses and blouses.Due to her appearance,anybody talking with her keep starring on her boobs.She has great piece of ass too.
She has numerous number of bras and panties.In our home,you can find her bras and panties in every room at every place.Her bras and panties are lying on floors,on beds,on sofa sets,on tables, near telephone, on TV,in bathrooms,on computer table,on kitchen otta,on dining table,on music system's spreakers.Whenever she arrives home from outside,she removes the
existing bra and panty.She changes her clothes while doing household work.She keeps the removed bra and panty at the position where she is standing while roaming in the house.She never wears the same bra and panty again without washing.And she is too lazy to collect the removed bras and panties from various places and put them in washing machine.She wears
a gown/nighty without bra and panty when she is at home. Her gowns and nighties are sleevless and semi transparent.They have deep neck cut too.Mom always keeps the upper 2-3 buttons open so that her beautiful cleavage is exposed.I always observe her while she changes her clothes.
Minu smokes regularly.She always starts and ends her day with a ciggerate.She smokes out 15-16 ciggerates per day.She is a occasional drinker.She drinks in parties.My dad smokes too.Sharad is his name.He is also an occasional drinker.Infact it was my dad who taught smoking and drinking to mom.I came to know this when I once heard a conversation between
Mom and her best friend sheela.Minu is the hottest babe of our society.She is very famous among men.She is like a sexygodess.Whenever I meet anybody living in our society,he always asks about my mom. When i was young,i was not able to know their meaning, but now i can easily find out why
they keep on asking me about mom. Mom works for a NGO. This NGO performs its work for pet animals.My dad works in Bank and he is at very high post.His job consists of lot of travelling.We are the rich family and we have our bunglow in Pune.

The bunglow in front of ours belongs to Anupama.She is a lawyer.Pramod is her husband.But they are divorced couple.Pramod had shifted to Gurgoan after their divorce.He works in an IT company.He visits Anupama's house once in 6 months to meet his child.Anupama is very traditioanal lady.She does not expose atall.She has got good figure but she is not interested in exposing.

Now i will begin the incidence.
On friday evening, Dad came to know that he had to visit Delhi for some official work.The flight was on saturday morning at 6.30 AM.Mom went to drop him at the airport.It was 6 AM when mom arrived back. I was in my bedroom just waking up. I heard the car noise and realised that mom had come back.But Mom didn't entered the home.I was wondering where she had gone.To check that, i went into mom-dad's bedroom.The bedroom is on 1st floor and had window opening at backside of our bunglow.At the backside, there are lot of banana trees and bushes. There is bench to sit too.I saw mom and Pramod were sitting on that bench.Mom was smoking a cigerrate and they both were chatting.Pramod was in jogging suit.
Minu: You had sexual relationship with your colleuge and you failed to
keep that secret. This is the only reason behind your divorce.You
knew what type of lady Anupama is.You should have taken more
Pramod: Yeah, but i could not control myself.
Minu: What the fuck!!!. Thats your fault and you are paying the
price.Thank god that I were not with you at that time. Thanks to
that customer who had come to me when i was just leaving to have
sex with you.And you are such bastard that when you came to
know that i was not coming, you called your colleuge to have sex.
Pramod: Are yaar, I desparately wanted woman on that day.
Minu: But you could have taken proper care na.when you were knowling
the court timings.Why the hell you decided to do it in your house?I
was really lucky. Otherwise we would have been chatting this in
your Gurgoan house's bedroom.

I was shocked.i didn't know that mom and Pramod had sexual relationship before.And reason of Pramod's divorce was also new for me.

Pramod: Leave it.Whatever happened was a history now.Lets enjoy the
Minu: When you are feeling like so, what are you waiting for?

Pramod immediately pushed away Minu's hairs and kissed her back neck.Minu was wearing sleevless tight short top and jeans.Pramod pressed her boobs and then pushed her top down so that boobs were visible.Minu's boobs were poped out due to this action.She was not wearing bra.But as top was tight top,It got tore from center.Both of them ignored that. Pramod then removed that top completely.Pramod then started eating Minu's boobs.While he
was eating boobs, Minu was taking cigerrate puffs and moaning.
when she was finshed with her cigerrate,she joined the action. She removed pramod's track pant and underpant.She started sucking his hard errect dick.
While she was doing a blowjob, Mom's cellphone rang. She took out the cell from jeans back pocket and said to Pramod that its Sharad.Dont make any noise.She picked up the call and put it on loudspeaker.

Minu: Hi dear
Sharad: Hey, have you reached home?
Minu: Oh yes, long time back.I am so sorry I forgot to call you.
Sharad: No problems honey.Just wanted to check whether you reached or
not.I am just entering the plane. will call you when i reach Delhi.
Minu: Ok dear. Have a nice flight. Love you. Bye.
Sharad: Love you too.Bye.

After call, she started sucking the dick.After a while, Pramod removed her jeans and panty and now she was standing naked in the back side garden of our house.But Mom was not worried by this as that area is not covered by bushes and banana trees, there was no chance for anybody outsider to watch them except from house.She was not worried about the fact that i was at home because she was under impression that i was sleeping.
Pramod started licking her pussy and Minu started moaning.While Pramod was licking her pussy, he was pressing her boobs. So it was double pleasure for Minu.Soon she cried that she was cumming.Pramod drank all her juices.
Now it was time for his dick to give joy to Minu.Pramod inserted his dick into her pussy.He started to move his dick back and forth> Minu started moaning and its loudness was increasing with each blow.After few strokes, Pramod said that he was cumming.And he cummed inside pussy.His dick came out of pussy. Minu sucked it.

Minu: Wow darling.Why don't you come every morning?
Promod: Ha ha. You come to Gurgoan and you will get this fun 24 by 7.
Minu: Shup up you bastard.You tore my top.Give me replacement.
Pramod: That was not my fault.Your boobs are the culprit.
Minu: Oho,that's passing the buck.But leave it.i will forgive you but you
have to bring a new at next time.
Pramod: I will buy complete shop for you dear.
Minu: Lets see.Bring one first.then talk about shop.But for now,
atleast lit up a cigerrate for me.
Pramod: As your order madam.

Pramod lit up a cigerrate and gave it to Minu after taking a puff.Mom wore jeans and took panty and top in hand. Pramod also wore his underpant and track pant.Both of them left that place. I went back to my room.Within 2-3 minutes, Mom entered the house.

There is another sex show followed by this.I will narrate it afterwords.
Please post dirty comments and give your feedback.

Thumbs up While Dad is at outstation, Mom converted home into fucking station
Hi, i am back again. i will be continuing with the incidence of saturday morning.You have already read how Meena had enjoyed a nice sex with Pramod in backside garden of our house in the morning.
After sex, Mom entered house with jeans and nothing else.She was topless as pramod had tore her top during sex.She was under impression that i was sleeping. She put the top and panty on the sofa and took her cell. She dialled a number and as usual put the phone on loudspeaker. She was calling Avinash, Sheela's hubby, her lover. Minu had extramarital affair with Avi and it had started just 2 days ago on thursday.

Minu: Hello
Avi: Hi darling
Minu: Where are you?
Avi: I am on my way to gym dear.
Minu: I just called to give you some weather tips.
Avi: Yes yes, tell me
Minu: Yes, sky is clear.You can go for your job within 2 hours.

And she hung up.While smoking cigerrate given by Pramod, She went to her bedroom.She was roaming topless.When she came out of bedroom,she was wearing a cream colour sleevless gown.It was semi-transparant gown.She didn't wear bra and panty.Through her gown, her boobs and black nipples were clearly visible.She had kept 3 upper buttons open so that her cleavage is visible.She had kept her hairs untied as well.She was looking very sexy and attractive.She came out of bedroom and sat on sofa in the hall.
She switched on TV and started surfing the channels.When cigerrate in her hand was about to finish, she picked up another one from packet and lit it using the current one.She was wacthing tv but her attention was not in TV.She was restless and smoking continuously.

At the 15th minute from the call, Avinash arrived at our home.Mom opened a main door for him.Avi had a top to bottom look at her.

Avi: Wow wow wow!!!You are looking gorgeous!

Minu smiled and puffed smoke on his face.Avinash moved ahead and and both started mouth kiss.They had long and passionate lip-locking.While kissing her, Avi was also pressing her boobs.He had put his both hands inside her gown.After a minute or so,Avi stopped kissing.Minu asked him to get in and to close the door.Avi pushed the door by his leg and started unbuttoning her gown.It was full open gown with many buttons.But Mom had kept upper 3 buttons open and also she had not tied buttons below her thighs.so Avi didn't require much time to unhook it completely and remove it.Minu is now completely naked.She was made naked by 2 diiferent men with time gap less than an hour.Icing on it is the fact that niether of the two men was her husband.

Avi took Mom up in his arms.He had put his arms on her buttocks.He started to walk towards mom-dad's bedroom.Both entered the bedroom and in the excitement, they didn't bother close the bedroom door as mom was under impression that I was sleeping. I quickly went at the door and stood up behind the door.From that position i could clearly see what mom and avinash doing on the bed.

Avi was licking each and every part of mom's body.He was literally eating her boobs.Mom was taking cigerrate puffs and was moaning with pleasure.Soon her cigerrate got finished and then she put herself in action.She started removing his clothes.He was also in his track suit.She made him completely nude too.Then she took his dick in her mouth and started sucking it.She was giving a blow job.Avi was starting moaning now.Minu was sucking his tool hard. Soon Avi cried that he was cumming.But Mom wanted to drink his juice.She continued sucking and Avi cummed inside her mouth only.She drank it all. she didn't allow to waste any single drop.
Avi then led her on bed and put his middle finger into her pussy.He started fingering her. Mom started moaning.She started pressing her boobs with her own hand as well.Soon she cummed as well.Then Avi quickly replaced his middle finger with his tongue.He had literally put his mouth inside her pussy.He continued it untill mom got herself cummed again.
Both led on the bed now.Mom woke up and picked up 2 cigerrates from cigerrate pack on the side table of bed.She lit 2 cigerrates at the same time in her mouth.She took deep puff and handed over 1 to Avi.

Avi: Where is that lucky bastard who fucks you everyday?
Minu: Aha.I admire your daring.You are sleeping naked on his bed,in his bed
room, with his wife, already made her nude and fucked her and now you are remembering that ohh the lady is married and you haven't seen her husband around for a long time!!!
Avi: Ohh come on.When I had a phone call from lady herself saying sky os clear, why the hell i should bother about her motherfucker husband.
Minu: Ha ha ha, leave that aside. Listen to me first.I want you to fuck me tonight.
Avi: Sure baby.I will come down here again.
Minu: No No, not here.I want you to fuck me tonight at your place.
Avi: My sexy lady, are forgetting about your best friend?
Minu: No absolutely not.I want you to fuck me tonight at your place in front of her.
Avi: Then that fuck will be last of our life.She will kill us both.
Minu: No she will not.
Avi: What the hell are you planning?
Minu: Ok, listen to my full plan.Invite me tonight for drinks at your house.Give reason that sharad is away.we know about Sheela's drinking habit.She will get herself completely drunk. Additionally put sleeping pills in her drink. Once she is out, you can do anything you want, can't you?
Avi: This is amazing.You are superb.All things will get executed as per your order madam. I will make all the arrangements. You wil recieve invitation call from Sheela herself.
Minu: I love you.
Avi: Ohh i love you too.
Minu: Are you ready again?
Avi: Long time ago only.
Minu: Then why are you waiting, you bastard.i cant wait anymore.Fuck me, Fuck me hard.Take me to heaven.Insert into me darling.

Avi threw his half burnt cigerrate on floor and got himself in action.He had inserted his full hard dick into Mom's pussy.He started stroking her.Mom had gone crazy.She started moaning loudly with pleasure.

Minu: Ohh dear, fuck me, fuuuuuuuuuuck meeee, aahhhhhh, yes yyyeeeeeeeeesssssssss,mummy, mmmmummmmmmmmy more more

Soon mom shouted that she was cumming.After she had cummed,Avi stopped and removed his dick out of mom's pussy.Mom imediately took it in her mouth and started sucking it. While she is sucking it, her cellphone rang.

Minu: It must be Sharad.
Avi: Ohh that asshole
Minu: Shut up now.Don't make any noise.

She picked up the call and put it into loudspeaker mode.Mom was right.It was dad's call

Sharad: Hey dear, what are you doing?
Minu: Nothing honey, just completing household work.Have you reached?
Sharad: Yep.Just now. Still in the plane.Waiting for my turn to get down.
Minu: Cool.Plane was right time that means
Sharad: Absolutely.Will hang now.Will call you at lunch time,ok?
Minu: Fine, I love you.Bye
Sharad: Love you too dear, bye

Dad has reached Delhi. Pune-Delhi flight time is about 2 hours.But here within those 2 hours, Mom had sex with 2 men and still going.

Minu: It seems that you are ready again
Avi: Ha ha ha, for you, i am ready 24 by 7.
Minu: ok, fuck my ass now. I may cry in pain, but dont leave me. Fuck me hard, ok?
Avi: As you say babe.

Mom positioned herself in doggy style.Avi inserted dick into her ass. Minu cried in pain.Avi didn't listen to her.He started stroking her giving hard ass fuck.Minu tried to move away but Avi took her hairs in one hand and held her in the same position.Mom was shouting loudly in pain.She was pledging him to stop.But he was ruthless.He stroked her for some time and then stopped. Both were lying on bed now. Mom again lit a cigerrate and started smoking it.While Avi was licking her boobs.Nobody talked for few minutes.

Minu: Was I able to satisfy you darling?
Avi: Ohh Minu, you are the best.Your boobs are best boobs in the worldYour pussy is best, your ass is best.I love you.

Avi took long passionate mouthkiss.After this, both woke up.Avi started wearing his clothes.Mom was helping him to do so.She didn't bother to wear her clothes.After that, Avi again licked her boobs and kissed her lips.

Avi: I will go now.Cya in evening.We will have lot of fun dear.
Minu: Yes, I am waiting for tonight.
Avi: Bye honey
Minu: Bye

Mom went till door to say goodbye to him. She waited there till Avi started his car.She was standing nude in the main door. Then she offered a flying kiss to him.Avi returned the same and then drove away.Mom came in and lit another cigerrate.She went to kitchen to look after some cooking stuff.

Got fucked by her boss
Hello, I will be continuing with mom's real life stories.

When Avinash left,it was 8.30 A.M. in morning.since morning, mom already had sex with 2 men and she had smoked 13 cigerrates.I was wondering how many cigerrates she would be smoking on that day as she had planned to have sex with Avi at his house by giving sleeping pills with alcohol to Sheela, there would be definately hundreds of cigerrates getting smoked during the execution of the plan.

At around 9.30 A.M., her cellphone rang again.As usual, she picked up the call and put it on loudspeaker.She always does that as it keep her hands freeto light up a cigerrate. It was her boss's call.kankesh is his name.He is a Gujju.Mom started talking to him and lit up her 14th cigerrate of the day.

Kankesh: Hey Minu, whats up?
Minu: Nothing dear, just doing some cooking stuff.
Kankesh: Ok listen, there is a good news for us.I just had a call
from Thakur.He said Patil saheb has included our name in the list.
Minu: Ohh wow, yyyyeeepppiii!!!Finally that happened.
Kankesh: Yeah, and the credit goes to you.The thing which was impossible
in spite of giving lot od money, you made it possible.You are really
a magician. you just slept with Patil for 1 night and its done babe.
Now we need not work atall.Goverment will give us subsidi for the
whole life.
Minu: Yeah, Kuch pane ke liye kuch khona padta hai.but I am happy for
both of us.Now we will get license and we could generate lot of
more money.
Kankesh: Lets celebrate then, just tell me what do you want.
Minu: Well, come to pmy place within 15 minutes and I will tell you what
I want
Kankesh: As per your order dear.I am on my way.Cya in 15 minutes.

I was stunned after hearing that conversation.Basically they were talking about involing thier NGO's name in Goverment approved NGOs list for earning subsidi from Government.Initially they tried to bribe the minister Patil but the attempt was unsuccessful.Then mom had slept with Patil and the target was achieved. It was news for me that Mom had slept with minister as well.I was wondering exactly how many men Mom had slept with.

Mom went to bedroom and put on one kameez without salwar, panty and bra.It was brown color kameez with low cut neck.She might have made some plan in her mind as she was hurriedly started to finish the kitchen work while smoking the cigerrate.She was looking very sexy.

kankesh was in our house within 10 minutes.Mom opened the door for him and he took mom in his arms.he started kissing her .probably he was aware of the fact that dad was away.He removed mom's kameez within seconds.I was wondering why the hell Mom put on that kameez.It remained on her body hardly for 10 minutes.Minu also put herself in action and removed his clothes.She immediately started sucking his dick.His dick was solid hard.Mom started eating his balls.kankesh started moaning.Mom continued sucking his tool untill he cummed into her mouth.Mom drank all.She was like expert in that act.She didn't waste a single drop.Then kankesh started licking Mom's body.He started sucking her boobs, kissing them, eating them, biting them. He was also kissing her in all parts of body.Then he put his middle finger inside Minu's pussy and started finguring her.mom started moaning with pleasure.Soon she had cummed as well.Then Kankesh started licking her pussy.He has put entire his mouth inside her pussy.Mom was enjoying it and maoning loudly for more.Withinn few minutes, she had cummed for 2nd time.Then Kankesh inserted his dick inside Mom's pussy.he started stroking her gentlely.Then slowly, he increased his speed and power.Soon he started fucking her hard.He has held her hairs in one hand to maintain the position
and his 2nd hand was busy in pressing her boobs.Mom started moaning even loudly.She was shouting loudly.She was demanding for more.she was thoroughly enjoying it.She cummed for 3rd time now and then only kankesh stopped.

Minu: Yeaaaaaaah, fuckkkkkkkk meeeee, more, morrrrrrrrrrre!!!
Kankesh: Baby i am cumming baby
Minu: Ohhhhhhh yaaaaaa, i am cummingggggggg toooo.Do it,
moreeeeeeeee aaaaaaaa, mummyyyyyyyy, moreeeeeeeee,
fuccccccckkkkkkkkk meeee

After this passionate first round was over, both sat on sofa.Mom lit up 2 cigerrates and gave 1 to kankesh.Mom started to play with his dick again.

Kankesh: You are magician babe.you can do anything using your assets
Minu: No yaar, I am not that beautiful.Anuja (kankesh's wife) has gr8
asssets than me re. I am very ordinary as compared to her.
Kankesh: Are you mad or what? who is that bastard who told you this? Tell
me his name and I will kill him right now.You are the best , you are
the most beautiful.Your boobs are best boobs in the world.
Minu: No re.Stop honeying me.
Kankesh: I am telling the fact honey.Okay,lets not talk on that.Tell me what
do you want?
Minu: What I am thinking is lets go to Krushnai water park today.We will
play for some time there and then lets go to any lodge nearby to
celebrate, what say?
Kankesh: As per your wish madam.Get ready then. we will go to my home to
collect my swimming chaddi on the way.
Minu: No need to go at your place for that chaddi.You use Sharad's.And
anyway, i am not going to allow you to wear that for long time in
any case.
Kankesh: Anything will do dear.Lets go then.
Minu: Okay.

Mom collected swimming clothes from cupboard.She put herself in white transperant salwaar-kameez with no bra and panty inside.In the meanwhile, kankesh aslo put on his clothes and both were ready to go.Kankesh put his arm around her shoulder and both were out of home.

Please give ur comments about mom and i will continue more
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2011-Apr-19, 11:25
जवानी को जोस

जेठ महिनाको त्यो शनिबार , म आफ्नो कोठाभित्र पढ्न बसेकि थिएं । दिउँसोको त्यस्तै साढे बार बजेको हुंदो हो । बाहिर लागेको चर्को घामले रुखविरुवाका पातहरु लल्याकलुलुक भएर ओईलिएका थिए । थोपै हावा नचलेर बसिनसक्नु भएको थियो मेरो कोठा अझ त्यसमाथी माथीबाट जस्ताको छानो तातिएर पग्लेला झैं भएको । त्यो उखुम गर्मीमा म किताब खोलेर त बसेकि थिएं तर पढाईमा भने पटक्कै मन थिएन । बैसाख जेठको गर्मीमा केटीहरुलाई कुखुरा पालुं कि पोईला जाउं जस्तो हुन्छ भन्थे सांच्चै त्यस्तै भएको थियो मलाई । कोठाभित्र गुम्सिएर म अनेक रंगीन कल्पनामा डुब्दै थिएं । मेरो शरिरमा पातलो सुतीको म्याक्सी मात्र थियो । म्याक्सीभित्र पेण्टी र ब्रा फुकालेर मिल्काई सकेकि थिएं । एक त गर्मीले गर्दा शरिरमा टाँसिने कपडाहरु लगाउनै नसकिने त्यसमाथी यसरी रोम रोम रोमाञ्चित हुने कल्पनाको रंगीन संसारमा डुब्दा मलाई त्यस्ता कपडाहरुले अवरोध खडा गरेको महसुस हुने गर्छ । पढ्नको लागी खोलेको किताब खुल्लै मेरो पेटमाथी घोप्टो परेर नाईटोमा मुख जोतिरहेको थियो । म यौटा हातले म्याक्सी माथी बाटै आफ्नै छाती खेलाईरहेकि थिएं । मलाई आफैंले छाती खेलाउंदा थोरै दुख्ने गरेर स्तनको मुण्टो निचार्यो भने आनन्द लाग्छ - त्यसैले पनि होला मेरो छातीको गोलाई र स्तनको मुण्टो निक्कै सप्रेको निबुवा जस्तो ठुलो ठुलो भएको । म उत्तानो परेर बिछ्यौनामा मडारिईरहेकि थिएं । मडारिने क्रममा तलबाट म्याक्सी सुर्किईएर पेट सम्म आएको थियो । म अर्को हातले भने बाक्लिएर कालो हुंदै जाने क्रममा भएका रहर लाग्दा योनिक्षेत्रका रौंहरु मुसार्दै थिएं । वाताबरणमा भएको गर्मी र मेरो रंगीन कल्पनाले उमारेको जोसको संमिश्रणले गर्दा मलाई मेरो योनि भित्रबाट ज्वालामुखी विष्फोटन भएर लाभाहरु छरिन्छ कि जस्तै लाग्दैथियो । विष्फोटनकै संकेत स्वरुप मेरो योनिको मुखभागबाट निस्किएको चिल्लो चिप्लो पदार्थ मेरो हातले स्पर्स गर्दै गर्दा ढोकाबाहिरबाट आमा कराउनु भयो , " ए ! सानी , आज त बाख्राहरु मरिसकेहोलान । जा जा पानी लगेर दे अनि सिँयालमा सारेर आईज । " मेरो एकाग्रतामा खलल पुर्याउंदा मलाई झनक्क रिस उठ्यो तर ‘कहाँ छन बाख्रा ?’ मैले सोधें । " खै कोनि त कहाँ छन ? बिहान लगेर कहाँ खुटेकि थिईस ? " आमाको जवाफले पो थाहा भयो बाख्राहरु त म आफैंले लगेर बिकाशहर्को खेतमा खुटाएर आकि थें । " लु जा झट्ट , मरिसकेहोलान बाख्राहरु त ।" आमाको आवाज क्रमश मधुरो हुंदै गयो सायद मेरो ढोकाबाट फर्किसक्नु हुंदैथियो । यो तातो घाममा बाख्राहरु भएको ठाउं सम्म पुग्नु पर्ने हुंदा मरे जतिकै लागेको थियो मलाई तर विकाशलाई त्यहाँ भेटिन सकिने संभावनाले मलाई जाँगरिलो बनायो । म सपनाबाट ब्युँझिए झैं उठें र यौटा तौलिया कम्मर मा बेह्रें यसो गर्दा पातलो म्याक्सीभित्रको मेरो बिना पेण्टीको योनिको आकार र योनिक्षेत्रका रौंहरु लुक्न सक्थ्यो । टाउकोमा सानो रुमाल राखेर घाम छेल्दै म बाल्टीभरी नुनपानी बोकेर बाख्राहरुलाई खुवाउन हिडें । बाख्राहरु भएसम्म पुग्नलाई खेतैखेत झण्डै २० मिनेट हिंड्नु पर्थ्यो । म बाटै भरी विकाशलाई सम्झंदै थिएं । हुनपनि अति साह्रै सोझो छ बिकाश । म प्रत्येक पटक उ संग नजिक पर्दा उसको स्पर्सको भोकी हुन्छु तर उसलाई भने केहि वास्तै छैन । मैले आँखाहरुले लाखौं पटक प्रेमको निवेदन हालीसकें तर विकाशले कहिल्यै बुझ्न सकेन । धेरै पटक एकान्तमा भेट हुंदा मैले जानी जानी स्तनहरु उसको कुम छाती तिर रगडेर प्रणयको खुल्ला निमन्त्रणा दिईसकें तर उसलाई कुनै असर हुंदैन । सानै देखि नदेखेको , नजानेको भए म विकाशमाथी यौनाङ्ग छैन कि भनेर शंका गर्न सक्थें तर सानोमा संगै खेल्दा हरेक पटक विकाश आफैं अघि सरेर लोग्नेको भुमिका निभाउंथ्यो भने मलाई स्वास्नीको भुमिका निभाउन बाध्य पार्थ्यो । हामी निर्धक्क भएर बाख्राका पाठापाठीहरु उक्लाउक्ली गरे झैं खेल्थ्यौं । भातपकाई ( भाँडाकुटी ) बाट शुरु हुने हाम्रो बालखेल संधै लोग्ने स्वास्नी भएर लोग्ने स्वास्नीको भुमिका निर्वाह गर्दै बच्चा ( झुम्राको ) जन्मिउञ्जेल सम्म खेल्ने गर्थ्यौं । सानोमा यस्ता सबै खेल खेल्न सिकाउने मेरो नायक आज कसरी यति धेरै सोझो भयो ? मनभरी बिकाशलाई बोकेर म एकसुरमा हिंड्दै गर्दा विकाशकै आवाजले म झस्किएं -’ ए! सानी , तिम्रो बाख्राहरु यहाँ ल्याईदिएको छु , पानी पनि ख्वाईदिएं है । ‘ म बाल्यकालको स्मृतीमा हराईरहेकोले होला एकपटक त विकाशले ए! सानी खेल्न आउ न भनेको जस्तो लाग्यो तर यथार्थमा विकाशले भनेको मैले बुझिहालें । गाउँ देखि निक्कै पर हम्मेसि मान्छेहरु आईनपुग्ने स्थानमा उसकै खेतको बिचमा भएको घना बाँसघारीको सिँयालमा उसका अनि मेरा पनि बाख्राहरु सारेर किताब पढ्दै बसिरहेको थियो विकाश । ढुंगो खोज्दा देउता मिल्यो भन्दै म उ भएनेर गएं । उ किताबमै मस्त थियो । बाल्टीको पानीले खुट्टामा लागेको धुलो पखाल्दै बोल्ने बहाना झिकें - ‘ कति पढ्छौ विकाश ? अल्छि लाग्दैन ? ‘ ‘ लाग्दैन है । ‘ किताबबाट नजर नहटाई सोझो जवाफ दियो उसले । ‘उफ कति साह्रो गर्मी । तिमीलाई गर्मी भएन ? ‘ मैले उसको ध्यान भंग गर्ने हेतुले कम्मरमा बाँधेको तौलिया खोलें । मलाई बिश्वास थियो यदि उसले हेर्यो भने मेरो पातलो म्याक्सी भित्र माथी छातीतिर आकाश छुने रहरले चुलिएका दुई टाकुराहरु र तलपट्टी अरुणको गल्छि अनि त्यहाँको बनस्पती जगत स्पष्ट देख्नेछ । म उसको नजिकै बस्नलाई तौलिया ओछ्याउने उपक्रममा लागें । उसले मलाई हेर्यो र तुरुन्तै भन्यो , ‘ छि ! तिमी त यत्री ठुलि भएर पनि कट्टु नलाएकि ? ‘ सरलपनाको पनि यौटा हद हुनु पर्ने हो तर मेरो योनि र त्यस वरीपरीका रौंहरु स्पष्ट देख्दा पनि उसमा कुनै उत्तेजना आएन क्यार । उसको नजर फेरी किताबमै अडियो । म तौलियामाथी उसको छेवैमा बसें र भनें ,’ तिमीलाई यो सुकेको झारले बिझाएन ? यो तौलियामा बसन ।’ बटन खुल्ला भएको मेरो म्याक्सीबाट बाहिर निस्कन खोज्दै गरेका दुबै स्तनहरुले विकाशलाई ल आउ खेलौं भन्ने अपिल गर्दैथिए । ‘ नाईँ अब म घर जान्छु , तिमी नै बस । ‘ किताब बन्द गरेर उठ्न खोज्दै थियो विकाश ।

मैले हत्तार उसको हात समातेर आफु तिर तानें म यौटा खुट्टा सिधा अगाडी तन्काएर र अर्को खुट्टा तेर्सो पारेर घुंडादेखि केहि खुम्च्याएर बसेकि थिएं । आधा उठिसकेको अवस्थाबाट सम्हालिन नपाउंदै विकाश मेरो काखमा मुख जोतेर लड्यो । उसको तिखो चुच्चो नाक म्याक्सी बाहिरबाटै मेरो योनिको माथ्लो भागमा धस्सिएको मिठो महसुस गरें मैले । सायद उसले पनि पहिलो पल्ट मेरो यौवनको मादक सुगन्धको अनिभुती गर्यो होला । उसले बिस्तारै टाउको उठाएर भन्यो - ‘ तिमीलाई त लाज शरम केहि छैन सानी । अब त हामी ठुला ठुला भै सक्यौं त । कहाँ सानोको जस्तो गरेको ? ‘ मैले विकाशको हात छोडेकै थिइनं । छोड्यो भने उ भाग्छ भन्ने मलाई थाहा थियो । म विकाश संग सानोमा गरेका सबै कृयाकलापहरु दोहोर्याउन चाहन्थें । उसैले सानोको कुरा झिक्दा मलाई अझ अघि बढ्न सहज भयो र भनें - ‘ अनि के त ? सानोमा म अर्कै तिमी अर्कै थिईनौं त , सानोमा गर्न हुने अहिले गर्दा चैं के हुन्छ ? ‘ विकाशको अनुहार लाजले रातो भएको थियो । मेरो अनुहारमा पनि उत्तेजनाको लाली थियो होला । मेरो हातबाट आफ्नो हात छुटाउने प्रयत्न गर्दै विकाशले भन्यो , ‘ सानोको जस्तै अहिले गर्दा तिमी सांच्चैको आमा भयौ भने नि ? अब त सानोको जस्तो झुम्राको नानी जन्मिदैन त ? ‘ ‘ जन्मे के त ? बिहे गरेर बसौंला नि । कि तिमी मलाई बिहे गर्दैनौ ? म त तिमी बाहेक अरु संग त मरे नि बिहे गर्दिन । तिमीलाई त मेरो मायापनि लाग्दैन कि के हो ? ‘ रिसाएको नखरा पार्दै मैले भनें । विकाश अवाक भएझैं मेरो आँखामा हेर्न लाग्यो । उसको अनुहारमात्र हैन कानहरु पनि राता राता भएका थिए । उ आगोको समिप परेको नौनी झैं पलपल पग्लिंदो थियो । लाजले रातो भएको उसको अनुहारमा क्रमश उत्तेजनाको रंग थपिंदै थियो । बिस्तारै उसले मेरो गालामा हात राखेर कपालका केश पन्साउंदै भन्यो ,’ लाग्छ नि सानी , धेरै धेरै लाग्छ तिम्रो माया तर माया लाग्छ भनेर जताततै पोख्दै हिंड्नु हुंदैन नि , हैन र ? ‘ बिकाशको आँखामा कताकता आँशु छचल्किएको थियो । उसले त मलाई चोखो माया साँचो अर्थमा गर्दोरहेछ । मैले पो बुझ्न नसकेको रहेछु उसको मायालाई । त्यसबेला मलाई आफ्नो उत्ताउलोपना देखेर एकैछिनको लागी आफैं संग एकैसाथ लाज र घिन लागेर आयो । मेरा आँखाभरी आँशु भरीए । त्यती धेरै जोश बोकेर विकाश संग यौन कृडामा लिप्त हुने अभिलाशा बोकेर आएकि मैले विकाश संग माफ माग्न पनि सकिनं । सायद उसले मेरो आँखाले गरिरहेको याचना बुझ्यो होला दुबै हातली मेरो दुबै गालामा भएको केशहरु पन्साउंदै लगेर कान मुन्तिर कसिलो गरेर समाई मेरो ओठमा चुम्बन गर्यो । मेरा हातहरु विकाशको पाखुरा मुनितिरबाट पिठ्युँमा पुगेर उसलाई कस्न खोज्दैथिए । चुम्बनको क्रम केहिबेर चलिरह्यो । हामीदुबै एक अर्काको क्रमश दुबै ओठहरु चुस्नेक्रममा थियौं । मैले आफ्नो तल्लो ओठ उसको दुबै ओठको बिचबाट फुस्काएर फुस्फुसाएको स्वरमा उस्लाई थ्याङ्क यु आई लभ यु भनें । उस्तै स्वरमा बिकाशले पनि आई लभ यु टु भनेर मेरो जिब्रो माग्यो । मैले आफ्नो जिब्रो उसको मुखभित्र छिराएं । बडो तन्यमताका साथ विकाशमेरो जिब्रो चुस्न लाग्यो । जिब्रो चुसाउनुको आनन्द मलै पनि भै रहेथ्यो । पालैपालो हामी एक अर्काको जिब्रो चुस्तै गर्दा बिकाशको हात मेरो स्तनमा खेल्न लागिसकेको थियो । मलाई केहि हिम्मत बढ्यो र अनुरोध गरें , ‘विकाश आज एक पटक सबै गरौं न प्लीज । ‘ हामी दुबै जिब्रो चुस्ने क्रममा तौलियामाथी लडिसकेका थियौं । अहिले बिकाशको मुख म्याक्सीबाट जबर्जस्ती बाहिर निस्किंदै गरेको मेरो दाईने स्तनमा थियो । यौटा हातले उसले मेरो घिचुकमा कपालको केश मुठ्याएको थियो भने अर्को हात मेरो योनि क्षेत्रतिर डुलाउंदै थियो । यस्तोबेलामा सायद शरिरलाइ दिमागले नियन्त्रणमा रख्न सक्दैन होला मेरो हात विकाशको घुँडासम्म आउने हनुमाने कट्टुभित्र पसेर कडा लिङ्ग संग खेल्न लागे । सानोमा देखेछोएको भएपनि जवानभएपछि कल्पना मात्र गरेको विकाशको लिङ्ग मेरो कल्पनामा झैं लम्बाई र गोलाईमा थियो । सानोमा उसिनेको सखरखण्डको त्यान्द्रो जस्तो देखिने बिकासको तुरी अहिले मेरो मुठ्ठीमा अटाई नअटाई थियो । मैले मुठ्ठीमा नापीरहेको उसको लिङ्ग मेरो योनिभित्र सम्म छिराउन पाएहुन्थ्यो जस्तो लागेर मैले पुन अनुरोध गरें तर मेरो अनुरोधको उल्टो असर परे झैं विकाश हठात मेरो शरिरबाट अलग भयो र मैले तानेर तल पुर्याईदिएको कट्टु माथी सार्दै बोल्यो , ‘ अहिले नै गर्ने र सानी? कोहि आए भने? ‘ म पनि अलि सम्हालिएर यताउता हेरें । त्यहां वरपर बाँधेका बाख्राहरु हामी के गरिरहेछौं भन्ने जिज्ञासा भएझै हामीलाई हेरिरहेका थिए । अलि पर्तिर मेरो घरको बोको विकाशको घरको पाठीमाथी उक्लेर डल्लो पर्दैथियो । ‘ को आउँछ र यहाँ ? ‘ मैले प्रतिप्रश्न गरें र उठेर एकै ठाउँ गुजुल्टिएको तौलियालाई फेरी सजिलो गरि ओछ्याउन थालें । तौलिया ओछ्याउनको लागि म आधा निहुरिएको अवस्थामा हुंदा पछिल्तिरबाट विकाश आएर उसको लिङ्ग मेरो योनिभागमा पर्ने गरी रगड्न थाल्यो । उसको दुबै हात मेरो स्तनमा खेल्न लागेका थिए । म घुंडा टेकेर उ भएतिर फर्किएं र उसको लिङ्ग हातमा खेलाउन थालें । मैले एकाध पटक ब्लु फिल्महरुमा केटीहरुले लिङ्ग चुसेको अनि केटाहरुले योनि चाटेको देखेको थिएं । अबेरै नगरी मैले विकाशको लिङ्ग आफ्नो मुख भित्र हालें र लालीपपझैं चुस्न थालें । ‘ अरे सानी , यो के गरेको ? ‘ विकाश भन्दैथियो । सायद उसले म यती अगाडी बढ्न सक्छु भन्ने सोचेको थिएन । केहिबेर सम्ममात्र विकाशको लिङ्ग मेरो मुखभित्र रगडिएको के थियो मैले आफ्नो किलकिलेमा तातो पानीको सिर्का महसुस गरें साथै विकाशको मुखबाट आह!!! को आवाज निस्किएको सुनें । क्रमश बिकाशको लिङ्गले भातको माड जस्तो बाक्लो तातो चिप्लो तरल पदार्थ छाड्न थाल्यो । उसको बिर्यको केहि भाग मेरो मुखभित्र के पसेको थियो मलाई वाकवाकी आयो । मैले विकाशको लिङ्ग आफ्नो मुखबाट बाहिर निकालें र उसको विर्य ओकलेर फालें । पुरानो जमानाको टेको कलमले झै छादीरहेको विकाशको लिङ्ग आफ्नो योनिमा छिराउन खोज्दैथिएं म । ‘ मलाई त भयो सानी ।’ बिकाश बोल्यो । उ पुरै स्खलन भै सकेको थियो । म भने प्यासी नै थिएं । विकाशले मलाई समाएर उत्तानो पारेर लडायो र आफु म माथी घोप्टो परेर चढ्यो । मेरो ओठमा एकपटक म्वाईं दिएर उ मेरो स्तनमा झर्यो र दुबै स्तनका मुण्टो क्रमश चुसेर फेरी उ मेरो योनि भागमा सर्यो र दुबै हातका बुढिऔंलाहरुले मेरो योनिको दुई गालाहरु च्यातेर मेरो योनि चाटीचुटी पारेर चुस्न थाल्यो । यौनकृयामा हामी मान्छेहरु पनि पशुहरु भन्दा कम कहाँ रहेछौं र ? बरु पशुभन्दा अझ तल झरेर हामी दुई रतीरागको धुँवा उडाईरहेथ्यौ । सायद पहिलो प्रयास भएर होला विकाश केहि छिट्टो स्खलित भएको थियो मेरो पनि हालत त उस्तै थियो । विकाशले च्याती च्याती मेरो योनि चुस्ता म पनि धेरै बेर कहाँ टिक्न सके&
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जवानी को जोस

2011-Apr-19, 11:25
जवानी को जोस

जेठ महिनाको त्यो शनिबार , म आफ्नो कोठाभित्र पढ्न बसेकि थिएं । दिउँसोको त्यस्तै साढे बार बजेको हुंदो हो । बाहिर लागेको चर्को घामले रुखविरुवाका पातहरु लल्याकलुलुक भएर ओईलिएका थिए । थोपै हावा नचलेर बसिनसक्नु भएको थियो मेरो कोठा अझ त्यसमाथी माथीबाट जस्ताको छानो तातिएर पग्लेला झैं भएको । त्यो उखुम गर्मीमा म किताब खोलेर त बसेकि थिएं तर पढाईमा भने पटक्कै मन थिएन । बैसाख जेठको गर्मीमा केटीहरुलाई कुखुरा पालुं कि पोईला जाउं जस्तो हुन्छ भन्थे सांच्चै त्यस्तै भएको थियो मलाई । कोठाभित्र गुम्सिएर म अनेक रंगीन कल्पनामा डुब्दै थिएं । मेरो शरिरमा पातलो सुतीको म्याक्सी मात्र थियो । म्याक्सीभित्र पेण्टी र ब्रा फुकालेर मिल्काई सकेकि थिएं । एक त गर्मीले गर्दा शरिरमा टाँसिने कपडाहरु लगाउनै नसकिने त्यसमाथी यसरी रोम रोम रोमाञ्चित हुने कल्पनाको रंगीन संसारमा डुब्दा मलाई त्यस्ता कपडाहरुले अवरोध खडा गरेको महसुस हुने गर्छ । पढ्नको लागी खोलेको किताब खुल्लै मेरो पेटमाथी घोप्टो परेर नाईटोमा मुख जोतिरहेको थियो । म यौटा हातले म्याक्सी माथी बाटै आफ्नै छाती खेलाईरहेकि थिएं । मलाई आफैंले छाती खेलाउंदा थोरै दुख्ने गरेर स्तनको मुण्टो निचार्यो भने आनन्द लाग्छ - त्यसैले पनि होला मेरो छातीको गोलाई र स्तनको मुण्टो निक्कै सप्रेको निबुवा जस्तो ठुलो ठुलो भएको । म उत्तानो परेर बिछ्यौनामा मडारिईरहेकि थिएं । मडारिने क्रममा तलबाट म्याक्सी सुर्किईएर पेट सम्म आएको थियो । म अर्को हातले भने बाक्लिएर कालो हुंदै जाने क्रममा भएका रहर लाग्दा योनिक्षेत्रका रौंहरु मुसार्दै थिएं । वाताबरणमा भएको गर्मी र मेरो रंगीन कल्पनाले उमारेको जोसको संमिश्रणले गर्दा मलाई मेरो योनि भित्रबाट ज्वालामुखी विष्फोटन भएर लाभाहरु छरिन्छ कि जस्तै लाग्दैथियो । विष्फोटनकै संकेत स्वरुप मेरो योनिको मुखभागबाट निस्किएको चिल्लो चिप्लो पदार्थ मेरो हातले स्पर्स गर्दै गर्दा ढोकाबाहिरबाट आमा कराउनु भयो , " ए ! सानी , आज त बाख्राहरु मरिसकेहोलान । जा जा पानी लगेर दे अनि सिँयालमा सारेर आईज । " मेरो एकाग्रतामा खलल पुर्याउंदा मलाई झनक्क रिस उठ्यो तर ‘कहाँ छन बाख्रा ?’ मैले सोधें । " खै कोनि त कहाँ छन ? बिहान लगेर कहाँ खुटेकि थिईस ? " आमाको जवाफले पो थाहा भयो बाख्राहरु त म आफैंले लगेर बिकाशहर्को खेतमा खुटाएर आकि थें । " लु जा झट्ट , मरिसकेहोलान बाख्राहरु त ।" आमाको आवाज क्रमश मधुरो हुंदै गयो सायद मेरो ढोकाबाट फर्किसक्नु हुंदैथियो । यो तातो घाममा बाख्राहरु भएको ठाउं सम्म पुग्नु पर्ने हुंदा मरे जतिकै लागेको थियो मलाई तर विकाशलाई त्यहाँ भेटिन सकिने संभावनाले मलाई जाँगरिलो बनायो । म सपनाबाट ब्युँझिए झैं उठें र यौटा तौलिया कम्मर मा बेह्रें यसो गर्दा पातलो म्याक्सीभित्रको मेरो बिना पेण्टीको योनिको आकार र योनिक्षेत्रका रौंहरु लुक्न सक्थ्यो । टाउकोमा सानो रुमाल राखेर घाम छेल्दै म बाल्टीभरी नुनपानी बोकेर बाख्राहरुलाई खुवाउन हिडें । बाख्राहरु भएसम्म पुग्नलाई खेतैखेत झण्डै २० मिनेट हिंड्नु पर्थ्यो । म बाटै भरी विकाशलाई सम्झंदै थिएं । हुनपनि अति साह्रै सोझो छ बिकाश । म प्रत्येक पटक उ संग नजिक पर्दा उसको स्पर्सको भोकी हुन्छु तर उसलाई भने केहि वास्तै छैन । मैले आँखाहरुले लाखौं पटक प्रेमको निवेदन हालीसकें तर विकाशले कहिल्यै बुझ्न सकेन । धेरै पटक एकान्तमा भेट हुंदा मैले जानी जानी स्तनहरु उसको कुम छाती तिर रगडेर प्रणयको खुल्ला निमन्त्रणा दिईसकें तर उसलाई कुनै असर हुंदैन । सानै देखि नदेखेको , नजानेको भए म विकाशमाथी यौनाङ्ग छैन कि भनेर शंका गर्न सक्थें तर सानोमा संगै खेल्दा हरेक पटक विकाश आफैं अघि सरेर लोग्नेको भुमिका निभाउंथ्यो भने मलाई स्वास्नीको भुमिका निभाउन बाध्य पार्थ्यो । हामी निर्धक्क भएर बाख्राका पाठापाठीहरु उक्लाउक्ली गरे झैं खेल्थ्यौं । भातपकाई ( भाँडाकुटी ) बाट शुरु हुने हाम्रो बालखेल संधै लोग्ने स्वास्नी भएर लोग्ने स्वास्नीको भुमिका निर्वाह गर्दै बच्चा ( झुम्राको ) जन्मिउञ्जेल सम्म खेल्ने गर्थ्यौं । सानोमा यस्ता सबै खेल खेल्न सिकाउने मेरो नायक आज कसरी यति धेरै सोझो भयो ? मनभरी बिकाशलाई बोकेर म एकसुरमा हिंड्दै गर्दा विकाशकै आवाजले म झस्किएं -’ ए! सानी , तिम्रो बाख्राहरु यहाँ ल्याईदिएको छु , पानी पनि ख्वाईदिएं है । ‘ म बाल्यकालको स्मृतीमा हराईरहेकोले होला एकपटक त विकाशले ए! सानी खेल्न आउ न भनेको जस्तो लाग्यो तर यथार्थमा विकाशले भनेको मैले बुझिहालें । गाउँ देखि निक्कै पर हम्मेसि मान्छेहरु आईनपुग्ने स्थानमा उसकै खेतको बिचमा भएको घना बाँसघारीको सिँयालमा उसका अनि मेरा पनि बाख्राहरु सारेर किताब पढ्दै बसिरहेको थियो विकाश । ढुंगो खोज्दा देउता मिल्यो भन्दै म उ भएनेर गएं । उ किताबमै मस्त थियो । बाल्टीको पानीले खुट्टामा लागेको धुलो पखाल्दै बोल्ने बहाना झिकें - ‘ कति पढ्छौ विकाश ? अल्छि लाग्दैन ? ‘ ‘ लाग्दैन है । ‘ किताबबाट नजर नहटाई सोझो जवाफ दियो उसले । ‘उफ कति साह्रो गर्मी । तिमीलाई गर्मी भएन ? ‘ मैले उसको ध्यान भंग गर्ने हेतुले कम्मरमा बाँधेको तौलिया खोलें । मलाई बिश्वास थियो यदि उसले हेर्यो भने मेरो पातलो म्याक्सी भित्र माथी छातीतिर आकाश छुने रहरले चुलिएका दुई टाकुराहरु र तलपट्टी अरुणको गल्छि अनि त्यहाँको बनस्पती जगत स्पष्ट देख्नेछ । म उसको नजिकै बस्नलाई तौलिया ओछ्याउने उपक्रममा लागें । उसले मलाई हेर्यो र तुरुन्तै भन्यो , ‘ छि ! तिमी त यत्री ठुलि भएर पनि कट्टु नलाएकि ? ‘ सरलपनाको पनि यौटा हद हुनु पर्ने हो तर मेरो योनि र त्यस वरीपरीका रौंहरु स्पष्ट देख्दा पनि उसमा कुनै उत्तेजना आएन क्यार । उसको नजर फेरी किताबमै अडियो । म तौलियामाथी उसको छेवैमा बसें र भनें ,’ तिमीलाई यो सुकेको झारले बिझाएन ? यो तौलियामा बसन ।’ बटन खुल्ला भएको मेरो म्याक्सीबाट बाहिर निस्कन खोज्दै गरेका दुबै स्तनहरुले विकाशलाई ल आउ खेलौं भन्ने अपिल गर्दैथिए । ‘ नाईँ अब म घर जान्छु , तिमी नै बस । ‘ किताब बन्द गरेर उठ्न खोज्दै थियो विकाश ।

मैले हत्तार उसको हात समातेर आफु तिर तानें म यौटा खुट्टा सिधा अगाडी तन्काएर र अर्को खुट्टा तेर्सो पारेर घुंडादेखि केहि खुम्च्याएर बसेकि थिएं । आधा उठिसकेको अवस्थाबाट सम्हालिन नपाउंदै विकाश मेरो काखमा मुख जोतेर लड्यो । उसको तिखो चुच्चो नाक म्याक्सी बाहिरबाटै मेरो योनिको माथ्लो भागमा धस्सिएको मिठो महसुस गरें मैले । सायद उसले पनि पहिलो पल्ट मेरो यौवनको मादक सुगन्धको अनिभुती गर्यो होला । उसले बिस्तारै टाउको उठाएर भन्यो - ‘ तिमीलाई त लाज शरम केहि छैन सानी । अब त हामी ठुला ठुला भै सक्यौं त । कहाँ सानोको जस्तो गरेको ? ‘ मैले विकाशको हात छोडेकै थिइनं । छोड्यो भने उ भाग्छ भन्ने मलाई थाहा थियो । म विकाश संग सानोमा गरेका सबै कृयाकलापहरु दोहोर्याउन चाहन्थें । उसैले सानोको कुरा झिक्दा मलाई अझ अघि बढ्न सहज भयो र भनें - ‘ अनि के त ? सानोमा म अर्कै तिमी अर्कै थिईनौं त , सानोमा गर्न हुने अहिले गर्दा चैं के हुन्छ ? ‘ विकाशको अनुहार लाजले रातो भएको थियो । मेरो अनुहारमा पनि उत्तेजनाको लाली थियो होला । मेरो हातबाट आफ्नो हात छुटाउने प्रयत्न गर्दै विकाशले भन्यो , ‘ सानोको जस्तै अहिले गर्दा तिमी सांच्चैको आमा भयौ भने नि ? अब त सानोको जस्तो झुम्राको नानी जन्मिदैन त ? ‘ ‘ जन्मे के त ? बिहे गरेर बसौंला नि । कि तिमी मलाई बिहे गर्दैनौ ? म त तिमी बाहेक अरु संग त मरे नि बिहे गर्दिन । तिमीलाई त मेरो मायापनि लाग्दैन कि के हो ? ‘ रिसाएको नखरा पार्दै मैले भनें । विकाश अवाक भएझैं मेरो आँखामा हेर्न लाग्यो । उसको अनुहारमात्र हैन कानहरु पनि राता राता भएका थिए । उ आगोको समिप परेको नौनी झैं पलपल पग्लिंदो थियो । लाजले रातो भएको उसको अनुहारमा क्रमश उत्तेजनाको रंग थपिंदै थियो । बिस्तारै उसले मेरो गालामा हात राखेर कपालका केश पन्साउंदै भन्यो ,’ लाग्छ नि सानी , धेरै धेरै लाग्छ तिम्रो माया तर माया लाग्छ भनेर जताततै पोख्दै हिंड्नु हुंदैन नि , हैन र ? ‘ बिकाशको आँखामा कताकता आँशु छचल्किएको थियो । उसले त मलाई चोखो माया साँचो अर्थमा गर्दोरहेछ । मैले पो बुझ्न नसकेको रहेछु उसको मायालाई । त्यसबेला मलाई आफ्नो उत्ताउलोपना देखेर एकैछिनको लागी आफैं संग एकैसाथ लाज र घिन लागेर आयो । मेरा आँखाभरी आँशु भरीए । त्यती धेरै जोश बोकेर विकाश संग यौन कृडामा लिप्त हुने अभिलाशा बोकेर आएकि मैले विकाश संग माफ माग्न पनि सकिनं । सायद उसले मेरो आँखाले गरिरहेको याचना बुझ्यो होला दुबै हातली मेरो दुबै गालामा भएको केशहरु पन्साउंदै लगेर कान मुन्तिर कसिलो गरेर समाई मेरो ओठमा चुम्बन गर्यो । मेरा हातहरु विकाशको पाखुरा मुनितिरबाट पिठ्युँमा पुगेर उसलाई कस्न खोज्दैथिए । चुम्बनको क्रम केहिबेर चलिरह्यो । हामीदुबै एक अर्काको क्रमश दुबै ओठहरु चुस्नेक्रममा थियौं । मैले आफ्नो तल्लो ओठ उसको दुबै ओठको बिचबाट फुस्काएर फुस्फुसाएको स्वरमा उस्लाई थ्याङ्क यु आई लभ यु भनें । उस्तै स्वरमा बिकाशले पनि आई लभ यु टु भनेर मेरो जिब्रो माग्यो । मैले आफ्नो जिब्रो उसको मुखभित्र छिराएं । बडो तन्यमताका साथ विकाशमेरो जिब्रो चुस्न लाग्यो । जिब्रो चुसाउनुको आनन्द मलै पनि भै रहेथ्यो । पालैपालो हामी एक अर्काको जिब्रो चुस्तै गर्दा बिकाशको हात मेरो स्तनमा खेल्न लागिसकेको थियो । मलाई केहि हिम्मत बढ्यो र अनुरोध गरें , ‘विकाश आज एक पटक सबै गरौं न प्लीज । ‘ हामी दुबै जिब्रो चुस्ने क्रममा तौलियामाथी लडिसकेका थियौं । अहिले बिकाशको मुख म्याक्सीबाट जबर्जस्ती बाहिर निस्किंदै गरेको मेरो दाईने स्तनमा थियो । यौटा हातले उसले मेरो घिचुकमा कपालको केश मुठ्याएको थियो भने अर्को हात मेरो योनि क्षेत्रतिर डुलाउंदै थियो । यस्तोबेलामा सायद शरिरलाइ दिमागले नियन्त्रणमा रख्न सक्दैन होला मेरो हात विकाशको घुँडासम्म आउने हनुमाने कट्टुभित्र पसेर कडा लिङ्ग संग खेल्न लागे । सानोमा देखेछोएको भएपनि जवानभएपछि कल्पना मात्र गरेको विकाशको लिङ्ग मेरो कल्पनामा झैं लम्बाई र गोलाईमा थियो । सानोमा उसिनेको सखरखण्डको त्यान्द्रो जस्तो देखिने बिकासको तुरी अहिले मेरो मुठ्ठीमा अटाई नअटाई थियो । मैले मुठ्ठीमा नापीरहेको उसको लिङ्ग मेरो योनिभित्र सम्म छिराउन पाएहुन्थ्यो जस्तो लागेर मैले पुन अनुरोध गरें तर मेरो अनुरोधको उल्टो असर परे झैं विकाश हठात मेरो शरिरबाट अलग भयो र मैले तानेर तल पुर्याईदिएको कट्टु माथी सार्दै बोल्यो , ‘ अहिले नै गर्ने र सानी? कोहि आए भने? ‘ म पनि अलि सम्हालिएर यताउता हेरें । त्यहां वरपर बाँधेका बाख्राहरु हामी के गरिरहेछौं भन्ने जिज्ञासा भएझै हामीलाई हेरिरहेका थिए । अलि पर्तिर मेरो घरको बोको विकाशको घरको पाठीमाथी उक्लेर डल्लो पर्दैथियो । ‘ को आउँछ र यहाँ ? ‘ मैले प्रतिप्रश्न गरें र उठेर एकै ठाउँ गुजुल्टिएको तौलियालाई फेरी सजिलो गरि ओछ्याउन थालें । तौलिया ओछ्याउनको लागि म आधा निहुरिएको अवस्थामा हुंदा पछिल्तिरबाट विकाश आएर उसको लिङ्ग मेरो योनिभागमा पर्ने गरी रगड्न थाल्यो । उसको दुबै हात मेरो स्तनमा खेल्न लागेका थिए । म घुंडा टेकेर उ भएतिर फर्किएं र उसको लिङ्ग हातमा खेलाउन थालें । मैले एकाध पटक ब्लु फिल्महरुमा केटीहरुले लिङ्ग चुसेको अनि केटाहरुले योनि चाटेको देखेको थिएं । अबेरै नगरी मैले विकाशको लिङ्ग आफ्नो मुख भित्र हालें र लालीपपझैं चुस्न थालें । ‘ अरे सानी , यो के गरेको ? ‘ विकाश भन्दैथियो । सायद उसले म यती अगाडी बढ्न सक्छु भन्ने सोचेको थिएन । केहिबेर सम्ममात्र विकाशको लिङ्ग मेरो मुखभित्र रगडिएको के थियो मैले आफ्नो किलकिलेमा तातो पानीको सिर्का महसुस गरें साथै विकाशको मुखबाट आह!!! को आवाज निस्किएको सुनें । क्रमश बिकाशको लिङ्गले भातको माड जस्तो बाक्लो तातो चिप्लो तरल पदार्थ छाड्न थाल्यो । उसको बिर्यको केहि भाग मेरो मुखभित्र के पसेको थियो मलाई वाकवाकी आयो । मैले विकाशको लिङ्ग आफ्नो मुखबाट बाहिर निकालें र उसको विर्य ओकलेर फालें । पुरानो जमानाको टेको कलमले झै छादीरहेको विकाशको लिङ्ग आफ्नो योनिमा छिराउन खोज्दैथिएं म । ‘ मलाई त भयो सानी ।’ बिकाश बोल्यो । उ पुरै स्खलन भै सकेको थियो । म भने प्यासी नै थिएं । विकाशले मलाई समाएर उत्तानो पारेर लडायो र आफु म माथी घोप्टो परेर चढ्यो । मेरो ओठमा एकपटक म्वाईं दिएर उ मेरो स्तनमा झर्यो र दुबै स्तनका मुण्टो क्रमश चुसेर फेरी उ मेरो योनि भागमा सर्यो र दुबै हातका बुढिऔंलाहरुले मेरो योनिको दुई गालाहरु च्यातेर मेरो योनि चाटीचुटी पारेर चुस्न थाल्यो । यौनकृयामा हामी मान्छेहरु पनि पशुहरु भन्दा कम कहाँ रहेछौं र ? बरु पशुभन्दा अझ तल झरेर हामी दुई रतीरागको धुँवा उडाईरहेथ्यौ । सायद पहिलो प्रयास भएर होला विकाश केहि छिट्टो स्खलित भएको थियो मेरो पनि हालत त उस्तै थियो । विकाशले च्याती च्याती मेरो योनि चुस्ता म पनि धेरै बेर कहाँ टिक्न सकें र ? 
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Lado Puti

2011-Apr-19, 11:24
ਬਸ ਵਿਚ ਫੁਦੀ ਮਰਵਾਈ ਭਾਗ 2

ਜਦੋ ਮੈ ਇਕ ਦਮ ਉਠ ਕੇ ਉਸ ਆਦਮੀ ਵਾਲ ਦੇਖਿਆ ਤੇ ਉਹ ਦਰ ਗਿਆ ਪਰ ਮੈ ਉਸ ਵਾਲ ਦੇਖ ਥੋੜਾ ਜਿਹਾ
ਮੁਸਕਰਾ ਦਿਤਾ ਜਿਸ ਨਾਲ ਉਹ ਸਮਝ ਗਿਆ ਕੇ ਮੈ ਖੁਸ਼ ਹ ਤੇ ਫੁਦੀ ਦੇਣ ਨੂ ਤਿਆਰ ਹ ..ਉਸ ਨੇ ਆਪਣੇ ਆਲੇ
ਦੁਵਾਲੇ ਇਕ ਨਜ਼ਰ ਮਾਰੀ ਤੇ ਫਿਰ ਮੇਰੇ ਵਾਲ ਦੇਖ ਕੇ ਹਸੀਆ ..ਤੇ ਫਿਰ ਆਪਣਾ ਇਕ ਹਥ ਮੇਰੇ ਪਾਤ ਤੇ ਰਖ ਕੇ
ਗੁਮੋਨ ਲਗਾ ਜਿਸ ਨਾਲ ਮੇਰੀ ਫੁਦੀ ਇਕ ਦਮ ਗਿੱਲੀ ਹੋ ਗਈ
ਮੈ ਉਸ ਨੂ ਰੁਕਣ ਦਾ ਇਸ਼ਾਰਾ ਕੀਤਾ ਤੇ ਆਪਣੇ ਬੇਗ ਵਿਚੋ
ਇਕ ਸ਼ਾਲ ਕਢ ਕੇ ਉਸ ਦੀ ਬੁਕਲ ਕਰ ਲੈ ਉਹ ਸਮਝ ਗਿਆ ਕੇ ਮੈ ਕੀ ਚੋਂਦੀ ਆ ..ਸੋ ਹੁਣ ਉਸ ਨੇ ਮੇਰੇ ਸ਼ੋਲ ਅੰਦਰ
ਆਪਣਾ ਇਕ ਹਥ ਪਾ ਕੇ ਮੇਰੇ ਮੁਮ੍ਮੇ ਘੁਟਨੇ ਸੁਰੂ ਕਰ ਦਿੱਤੇ ਜਿਸਨ ਨਾਲ ਮੇਰੇ ਮੁਹ ਵਿਚ ਸਿਸਕੀ ਆਹ ਕਰ ਕੇ
ਨਿਕਲ ਗੇਈ ..ਹੁਣ ਹੋਲੀ ਹੋਲੀ ਉਸ ਦਾ ਹਟ੍ਜ ਮੇਰਿਆ ਲੱਤਾ ਦੇ ਵਿਚਲੇ ਚਲਾ ਗਿਆ ਮੇਰੀ ਸਲਵਾਰ ਢਿਲੀ ਹੋਣ
ਕਰਕੇ ਉਸ ਦਾ ਹਥ ਆਸਨ ਨਾਲ ਅੰਦਰ ਚਲਾ ਗਿਆ ਤੇ ਜਿਵੇ ਹੀ ਉਸ ਨੇ ਮੇਰੀ ਫੁਦੀ ਨੂ ਹਥ ਲਾਇਆ ਮੇਰਾ ਦਿਲ
ਕੀਤਾ ਕੇ ਹੁਣੇ ਹੀ ਇਸ ਕੋਲੋ ਆਪਣੀ ਫੁਦੀ ਮਰਵਾ .. ਹੁਣ ਹੋਲੀ ਹੋਲੀ ਉਸ ਨੇ ਮੇਰੀ ਫੁਦੀ ਉਪਰ ਆਪਣਾ ਹਥ
ਗੁਮਾਣਾ ਸੁਰੂ ਕਰ ਦਿੱਤਾ ਤੇ ...ਮਨੁ ਮਜਾ ਆਉਣ ਲਗਾ ...ਮੈ ਆਪਣੇ ਚਾਰੇ ਪਾਸੇ ਇਕ ਜੋਰ ਦੀ ਨਿਗਾ ਮਾਰੀ
..ਸਾਰੀ ਬਾਸ ਵਿਚ ਲੋਗ ਸੁਤੇ ਸੀ ..ਉਸ ਮੈ ਆਪਣਾ ਹਥ ਉਸ ਦੀ pent ਉਪਰ ਲਿਜਾ ਉਸ ਦੇ ਲੰਨ  ਤੇ ਜਦ
ਰਖਿਆ ਤੇ ਮੇਨੂ ਲਗਾ ਕੀ ਪੂਰਾ ਖੜਾ ਸੀ ..ਉਸ ਨੇ ਆਪਣੀ ਪੇੰਟ ਦੀ ਜੀਪ ਖੋਲ ਕੇ ਜਦੋ ਆਪਣਾ ਲੰਨ ਮੇਰੇ ਹਥ
ਵਿਚ ਫੜਾ ਦਿਤਾ ਮੈ ਹੋਲੀ ਹੋਲੀ ਉਸ ਦੀ ਮੁਠ
ਮਾਰਨ ਲਾਗੀ  ਤੇ ਉਹ ਆਪਣਾ ਹਥ ਮਾਰੀ ਚੋਂਦੀ ਹੋਈ ਫੁਦੀ ਦੇ ਅੰਦਰ ਬਹਾਰ ਕਰਨ ਲਗਾ ..ਹੁਣ ਹੋਲੀ ਦੇਣੀ
ਉਸ ਨੇ ਮੇਰੇ ਕਾਨ ਵਿਚ ਕਿਹਾ .ਇਥੇ ਮਾਰ੍ਵੋਨੀ ..ਪਰ ਮੈ ਉਸ ਨੂ ਕੋਈ ਜੁਵਾਬ ਨਾ ਦਿਤਾ ..ਉਸ ਨੇ ਹੋਲੀ
ਹੋਲੀ ਮੇਰੀ ਸਲਵਾਰ ਦਾ ਨਾਲਾ ਖੋਲ ਦਿਤਾ ਤੇ ..ਉਸ ਨੂ ਢਿਲੀ ਕਰ ਕੇ ਥਲੇ ਨੂ ਕਰਨਾ ਸੁਸ੍ਰੁ ਕਰ ਦਿਤਾ
ਮੇਰੇ ਮਨ ਵਿਚ ਡਰ ਸੀ  ਕੀਤੇ ਕੋਈ ਦੇਖ ਨਾ ਲਵੇ ਪਰ ਜਦੋ ਉਸ ਨੇ ਜੋਰ ਦੇਣੀ ਮਾਰੀ ਸਲਵਾਰ ਥਲੇ ਕੀਤੀ
..ਮੇਰਾ ਡਰ ਜਾਂਦਾ ਰਿਹਾ ..ਹੁਣ ਉਸ ਨੇ ਹੋਲੀ ਦੇਣੀ ਮਨੁ ਖੜਾ ਕੀਤਾ ਤੇ ਆਪ ਮੇਰੇ ਥਲੇ ਆ ਗਿਆ ਤੇ ਮੇਨੂ
ਆਪਣੇ ਲਨ ਦੇ ਬਿਲ ਕੁਲ ਉਪਰ ਕਰ ਕੇ ..ਥਲੇ ਬੇਥਾਨ ਨੂ ਕਿਹਾ ਮੈ ਦੇਖਿਆ ਬਾਸ ਵਿਚ ਸਾਰੇ ਸੋ ਰਹੇ ਸੀ ਤੇ
ਕੋਈ ਵੀ ਸਾਨੂ ਨਹੀ ਦੇਖ ਰਿਹਾ ਸੀ ...ਜਦੋ ਮੈ ਨਾ ਬੇਠੀ ਤੇ ਉਸ ਨੇ ਆਪ ਹੀ ਆਪਣਾ ਲਨ ਮਾਰੀ ਫੁਦੀ ਦੇ
ਵਿਚਲੇ ਉਸ ਦੇ ਮੁਹ ਤੇ ਰਾਹ ਦਿਤਾ ...ਬਾਸ ਵਿਚ ਇਕ ਬੜੀ ਜੋਰ ਨਾਲ ਝਟਕਾ ਲਗਿਆ ਤੇ ਮੈ ਥਲੇ ਨੂ ਹੋ ਗਈ
ਜਿਸ ਨਾਲ ਉਸ ਦਾ ਲਨ ਪਚ ਕਰ ਕੇ ਮੇਰੀ ਫੁਦੀ ਵਿਚ ਦਾਖਲ ਹੋ ਗਿਆ ਮੈ ਆਪਣੀ ਫੁਦੀ ਦਸ ਸਾਲ ਬਾਦ
ਮਰਵਾ ਰਹੀ ਸੀ ਜਿਸ ਕਰਕੇ ਮਨੁ ਬਹੁਤ ਦੁਖ ਹੋਇਆ ਪਰ ਜਲਦੀ ਹੀ ਮੈ ਸਭ ਕੁਝ ਭੁਲ ਕੇ ...ਉਪਰ ਥਲੇ ਹੋਣ
ਲਗੀ ਉਸ ਦਾ ਲਨ ਬਹੁਤ ਵਡਾ ਸੀ ਜਦੋ ਪੂਰਾ ਅੰਦਰ ਜਾਂਦਾ ਸੀ ਤੇ ਮੇਨੂ ਬਹੁਤ ਮਜਾ ਆ ਰਿਹਾ ਸੀ ਮੈ ਪਗਲਾ
ਵਾਗ ਉਸ ਦੇ ਉਪ੍ਪੇਰ ਥਲੇ ਹੋਣ ਲਗੀ ...ਉਹ ਵੀ ਥਲਿਓ ਘਸੇ ਮਾਰਨ ਲਗਾ ਮਨੁ ਲਗਾ ਕੀ ਹੁਣ ਮੇਰਾ ਚੁਤਾਂ
ਵਾਲਾ ਹੇ ਤੇ ਉਸ ਦਾ ਲਨ ਵੀ ਅੰਦਰ ਫੁੱਲ ਰਿਹਾ ਸੀ ..ਅਚਾਨਕ ਹੀ ਮੇਨੂ ਮਹਿਸੂਸ ਹੋਇਆ ਕੀ ਮੇਰੇ ਅੰਦਰ
ਗਰਮ ਪਾਣੀ ਦੀਆ ਪਿਚ੍ਕਾਰਿਆ ਬਾਜ ਰਹੀਆ ਹਨ ਤੇ ਮੈ ਆਪਣੇ ਆਪ ਤੇ ਕਾਬੂ ਨਾ ਰਖ ਸਕੀ ਤੇ ਮੇਰੀ ਫੁਦੀ ਨੇ
ਵੀ ..ਛੁਟਨਾ ਸੁਰੂ ਕਰ ਦਿਤਾh .....ਜਦੋ ਮੈ ਉਸ ਦੇ ਲਨ ਤੋ
ਉਠੀ ਤੇ ਪਾਕ  ਦੀ ਅਵਾਜ਼ ਨਾਲ ਉਸ ਦਾ ਉਸ ਦਾ ਲਨ ਬਹਾਰ ਨਿਕਲਿਆ ...ਉਸ ਦਾ ਮਾਲ ਮਰਿਆ ਲਤਾ
ਤੇ ਵੀਹ ਰਿਹਾ  ਸੇ ਤੇ ਮੈ ਆਪਣੇ ਸ਼ੋਲ ਨਾਲ ਆਪਣੀ ਫੁਦੀ ਸਾਫ਼ ਕੀਤੀ ਤੇ ਆਪਣੀ ਜਗਾ ਤੇ ਬੇਠ ਗੇਈ ਉਸ ਨੇ
ਜਦੋ ਮੇਰੇ ਵਲ ਦੇਖਿਆ ਤੇ ਮੈ ਮੁਸਕਰਾ ਦਿਤੇ ਤੇ ਉਹ ਹੱਸ ਪਿਆ ਤੇ ਅਸੀਂ ਸਾਰੇ ਰਸਤੇ ਵਿਚ ਕੋਈ ਗਲ ਨਾ ਕੀਤੀ
..ਪਰ ਜਦੋ ਉਹ ਉਤਰਨ ਲਗਾ ਤੇ ਮਨੁ ਆਪਣਾ ਨੰਬਰ ਦੇ ਗਿਆ ..ਮੈ ਉਸ ਦਾ ਨੰਬਰ ਆਪਣੇ ਬਾਗ ਵਿਚ ਰਖ ਕੇ
ਅਗੇ ਵਾਦ ਗੇਈ ...ਦੋਸਤੋ ਮਨੁ ਜਾਰ੍ਰੁਰ ਦਸਿਓ ਕੀ ਮੈ ਉਸ ਨੂ ਫੋਨ ਕਰ ਜਾ ਨਾ ...  ਆਪਣੇ ਵਿਚਾਰ ਜ਼ਰਰੂ
ਲਿਖਿਓ ਤੁਹਾਡੀ ਰਮਨ
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ਫੁਦੀ ਦੀ ਭੁੱਖ

2011-Apr-19, 11:23
ਫੁਦੀ ਦੀ ਭੁੱਖ 3

ਅਗਲੇ ਦਿਨ ਵੀ ਮੈਨੂੰ ਰਾਤ ਵਿੱਚ ਕਿਸੇ  ਦੇ ਚਲਣ ਅਵਾਜ ਆਈ ।  ਚਾਲ ਤੋਂ ਮੈਂ ਸੱਮਝ ਗਈ ਸੀ ਕਿ ਇਹ ਸੁਰੇਸ਼
ਹੀ ਸਨ ।  ਉਹ ਮੇਰੇ ਬਿਸਤਰੇ ਦੇ ਕੋਲ ਆਕੇ ਖੜੇ ਹੋ ਗਏ ।  ਖਿਡ਼ਕੀ ਤੋਂ ਆਉਂਦੀ ਰੋਸ਼ਨੀ ਵਿੱਚ ਮੇਰਾ ਉਘੜਾ
ਸ਼ਰੀਰ ਸਾਫ਼ ਨਜ਼ਰ  ਆ ਰਿਹਾ ਸੀ ।  ਮੇਰਾ ਪੇਟਿਕੋਟ ਜਾਂਘੋਂ ਨਾਲ ਉੱਤੇ ਉਠਾ ਹੋਇਆ ਸੀ ,  ਬਲਾਊਜ  ਦੇ ਦੋ
ਬਟਨ ਖੁੱਲੇ ਹੋਏ ਸਨ ।  ਇਹ ਸਭ ਇਸਲਿਏ ਸੀ ਕਿ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ  ਦੇ  ਆਉਣੋਂ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ ਮੈਂ ਆਪਣੀ ਚੂਚੀਆਂ ਤੋਂ ਖੇਲ
ਰਹੀ ਸੀ ,  ਆਪਣੀ ਜਨਮ ਮਲ ਰਹੀ ਸੀ ।ਆਹਟ ਸੁਣਦੇ ਹੀ ਮੈਂ ਜਡ਼ ਵਰਗੀ ਹੋ ਗਈ ਸੀ ।  ਮੇਰੇ ਹੱਥ ਪੈਰ
ਸੁੰਨ ਨਾਲ ਹੋਣ ਲੱਗੇ ਸਨ ।  ਉਹ ਹੌਲੀ-ਹੌਲੀ ਤੋਂ ਝੁਕੇ ਅਤੇ ਮੇਰੇ ਅਧਖੁਲੇ ਥਣ ਉੱਤੇ ਹੱਥ ਰੱਖ ਕਰ ਸਹਲਾਇਆ ।
ਮੇਰੇ ਦਿਲ ਦੀ ਧੜਕਨ ਤੇਜ ਹੋ ਉੱਠੀ ।  ਬਾਕੀ  ਦੇ ਬਲਾਊਜ  ਦੇ ਬਟਨ ਵੀ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਨੇ ਖੋਲ ਦਿੱਤੇ ।  ਮੇਰੇ
ਚੁਚੂਕ ਕੜੇ ਹੋ ਗਏ ਸਨ ।  ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂਨੇ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂਨੂੰ ਵੀ ਹੌਲੀ-ਹੌਲੀ ਤੋਂ ਮਸਲ ਦਿੱਤਾ ।  ਮੈਂ ਬੇਹਰਕਤ ਸੀ ਪਈ ਰਹੀ
।  ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਦਾ ਹੱਥ ਮੇਰੇ ਉੱਠੇ ਹੋਏ ਪੇਟੀਕੋਟ ਉੱਤੇ ਆ ਗਿਆ ਅਤੇ ਉਸਨੂੰ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂਨੇ ਅਤੇ ਉੱਤੇ ਕਰ ਦਿੱਤਾ ।  ਮੈਂ
ਸ਼ਰਮ ਤੋਂ ਲਹਿਰਾ ਸੀ ਗਈ ।  ਉੱਤੇ ਬੇਹਰਕਤ ਸੀ ਪਈ ਰਹੀ ।  ਹਾਂ੍ਹੇਰੇ ਵਿੱਚ ਉਹ ਮੇਰੀ ਫੁਦੀ  ਨੂੰ ਦੇਖਣ ਲੱਗੇ
।  ਫਿਰ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਦਾ ਕੋਮਲ ਛੋਹ ਮੇਰੀ ਫੁਦੀ ਉੱਤੇ ਹੋਣ ਲਗਾ ।  ਮੇਰੀ ਫੁਦੀ  ਦਾ ਗੀਲਾਪਣ ਬਾਹਰ ਰਿਸਣ
ਲਗਾ ।  ਉਸਦੀ ਅੰਗੁਲੀਆਂ ਮੇਰੀ ਜਨਮ ਨੂੰ ਗੁਦਗੁਦਾਤੀ ਰਹੀ ।  ਉਸਦੀ ਉਂਗਲੀ ਹੁਣ ਮੇਰੀ ਫੁਦੀ  ਵਿੱਚ
ਹੌਲੀ-ਹੌਲੀ ਤੋਂ ਅੰਦਰ ਪਰਵੇਸ਼  ਕਰ ਗਈ ।  ਮੈਂ ਆਪਣੀ ਅੱਖਾਂ ਬੰਦ ਕਰ ਲਈ ।  ਇੱਕ ਦੋ ਵਾਰ ਉਂਗਲੀ ਅੰਦਰ
ਬਾਹਰ ਹੋਈ ਫਿਰ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂਨੇ ਉਂਗਲੀ ਬਾਹਰ ਕੱਢ ਲਈ ।  ਕੁੱਝ ਦੇਰ ਤੱਕ ਤਾਂ ਮੈਂ ਉਡੀਕ ਕਰਦੀ ਰਹੀ ,  ਉੱਤੇ
ਫਿਰ ਕੋਈ ਛੋਹ ਨਹੀਂ ਹੋਇਆ ।  ਮੈਂ ਹੌਲੀ-ਹੌਲੀ ਤੋਂ ਆਪਣੀ ਅੱਖਾਂ ਖੋਲੀ  .  .  .  ਉੱਥੇ ਕੋਈ ਨਹੀਂ ਸੀ  !
!  !  ਮੈਂ ਅੱਖਾਂ ਫ਼ਾੜ ਫ਼ਾੜ ਕਰ ਇੱਥੇ - ਉੱਥੇ ਵੇਖਿਆ ।  ਸੱਚ ਵਿੱਚ ਕੋਈ ਨਾ ਸੀ ।ਆਹ  .  .  .  ਕੀ
ਸੁਫ਼ਨਾ ਵੇਖਿਆ ਸੀ ।  ਨਹੀਂ  .  .  .  ਨਹੀਂ  .  .  .  ਇਹ ਪੇਟੀਕੋਟ ਤਾਂ ਹੁਣੇ ਤੱਕ ਫੁਦੀ   ਦੇ ਉੱਤੇ
ਤੱਕ ਉਠਾ ਹੋਇਆ ਹੈ  .  .  . ਮੇਰੇ ਥਣ ਪੂਰੇ ਬਾਹਰ ਆ ਗਏ ਸਨ  .  .  .  ਮਤਲੱਬ ਉਹ ਇੱਥੇ ਆਏ ਸਨ  ?
ਅਗਲੇ ਦਿਨ ਸੁਰੇਸ਼ ਜੀ  ਦੇ ਚਿਹਰੇ ਤੋਂ ਅਜਿਹਾ ਨਹੀਂ ਲੱਗ ਰਿਹਾ ਸੀ ਕਿ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ  ਦੇ  ਦੁਆਰਾ ਰਾਤ ਨੂੰ ਕੁੱਝ
ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ ਸੀ ।  ਉਹ ਹੰਸੀ ਮਜਾਕ ਕਰਦੇ ਰਹੇ ਅਤੇ ਕੰਮ ਤੋਂ ਚਲੇ ਗਏ ।  ਲੇਕਿਨ ਰਾਤ ਨੂੰ ਫਿਰ ਉਹੀ
ਹੋਇਆ ।  ਉਹ ਚੁਪ ਨਾਲ ਆਏ ਅਤੇ ਮੇਰੇ ਅੰਗਾਂ  ਦੇ ਨਾਲ ਖੇਡਣ ਲੱਗੇ ।  ਮੈਂ ਵਾਸਨਾ ਤੋਂ ਭਰ ਗਈ ਸੀ ।
ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਦਾ ਇਹ ਖੇਲ ਮੇਰੇ ਦਿਲ ਨੂੰ ਭਾਣ ਲਗਾ ਸੀ ।  ਉੱਤੇ ਅੱਜ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂਨੇ ਸਮੱਝ ਲਿਆ ਸੀ ਕਿ ਮੈਂ ਜਾਗ ਰਹੀ
ਹੂ ਅਤੇ ਜਾਨਬੂਝ ਕਰ ਬੇਹਰਕਤ ਸੀ ਪਈ ਹੋਈ ਹਾਂ ।  ਅੱਜ ਮੈਂ ਆਪਣੇ ਆਪ ਨੂੰ ਜਤਨ ਕਰਕੇ ਵੀ ਨਹੀਂ ਛੁਪਿਆ ਪਾ
ਰਹੀ ਸੀ ।  ਮੇਰੀ ਵਾਸਨਾ ਮੇਰੀ ਬੰਧਨ ਤੋਂ ਅਜ਼ਾਦ ਹੁੰਦੀ ਜਾ ਰਹੀ ਸੀ ।  ਸ਼ਾਇਦ ਮੇਰੇ ਤੇਜ ਦਿਲ ਦੀ
ਧੜਕਨ ਅਤੇ ਮੇਰੀ ਉਖੜਤੀ ਸਾਂਸੋਂ ਨਾਲ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂਨੂੰ ਪਤਾ ਚੱਲ ਗਿਆ ਸੀ ।ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂਨੇ ਮੇਰਾ ਬਲਾਊਜ ਪੂਰਾ ਖੋਲ
ਦਿੱਤਾ ਅਤੇ ਆਪਣਾ ਮੂੰਹ ਹੇਠਾਂ ਕਰਕੇ ਮੇਰਾ ਇੱਕ ਚੁਚੂਕ ਆਪਣੇ ਮੂੰਹ ਵਿੱਚ ਲੈ ਲਿਆ ।  ਮੇਰੇ ਥਣ ਕੜੇ ਹੋ ਗਏ .
.  .  ਚੂਚਕ ਵੀ ਸਰੀਰ ਗਏ ਸਨ ।  ਮੇਰੀ ਫੁਦੀ  ਵਿੱਚ ਵੀ ਗੀਲਾਪਣ ਆ ਗਿਆ ਸੀ ।  ਉਦੋਂ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਦਾ
ਇੱਕ ਹੱਥ ਮੇਰੀ ਜੰਘਾਵਾਂ ਉੱਤੇ  ਹੁੰਦਾ ਹੋਇਆ ਫੜੀ  ਦੀ ਤਰਫ਼ ਵੱਧ ਚੱਲਿਆ ।  ਜਿਵੇਂ ਹੀ ਉਸਦਾ ਹੱਥ
ਮੇਰੀ ਫੁਦੀ  ਉੱਤੇ ਪਿਆ ,  ਮੇਰਾ ਦਿਲ ਧਕ ਤੋਂ ਰਹਿ ਗਿਆ ।ਸੁਰੇਸ਼ ਨੇ ਜਦੋਂ ਵੇਖਿਆ ਕਿ ਮੈਂ ਕੋਈ ਵਿਰੋਧ ਨਹੀਂ
ਕੀਤਾ ਹੈ ਤਾਂ ਹੌਲੀ-ਹੌਲੀ ਤੋਂ ਮੇਰੇ ਨਾਲ ਬਗਲ ਵਿੱਚ ਲੇਟ ਗਏ ।  ਆਪਣਾ ਪਜਾਮਾ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂਨੇ ਢੀਲਾ ਕਰਕੇ
ਹੇਠਾਂ ਖਿੱਚ ਦਿੱਤਾ ।  ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਦਾ ਕੜਕੜਾਤਾ ਹੋਇਆ ਲੰਡ ਬਾਹਰ ਨਿਕਲ ਪਿਆ ।  ਹੁਣ ਉਹ ਮੇਰੇ ਉੱਤੇ ਚੜ੍ਹਾਂੇ
ਲੱਗੇ ਅਤੇ ਮੇਰੇ ਉੱਤੇ ਜਿਵੇਂ ਕਾਬੂ ਪਾਉਣ ਦੀ ਕੋਸ਼ਿਸ਼ ਕਰਣ ਲੱਗੇ ।  ਮੈਂ ਵੀ ਸੁਰੇਸ਼ ਦੀਆਂ ਇਸਵਿੱਚ ਸਹਾਇਤਾ
ਕੀਤੀ ਅਤੇ ਉਹ ਮੇਰੇ ਉੱਤੇ ਠੀਕ ਤੋਂ ਪਸਰ ਗਏ ਅਤੇ ਲੰਡ ਨੂੰ ਮੇਰੀ ਫੁਦੀ  ਉੱਤੇ ਟਿਕਿਆ ਦਿੱਤਾ ।  ਮੇਰੇ ਦੋਨਾਂ
ਹੱਥਾਂ ਨੂੰ ਆਪਣੇ ਦੋਨਾਂ ਹੱਥਾਂ ਤੋਂ ਦਬਿਆ ਦਿੱਤਾ ਅਤੇ ਆਪਣਾ ਖਡ਼ਾ ਲੰਡ ਫੁਦੀ  ਦੀ ਧਾਰ ਉੱਤੇ ਦਬਾਣ ਲੱਗੇ ।
ਪਿਆਰ ਦੀ ਤਿਹਾਈ ਫੁਦੀ ਤਾਂ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ ਹੀ ਲੰਡ ਤੋਂ ਗਲੇ ਮਿਲਣ ਨੂੰ ਆਤੁਰ ਸੀ ,  ਸੋ ਉਸਨੇ ਆਪਣਾ ਮੂੰਹ ਫ਼ਾੜ
ਦਿੱਤਾ ਅਤੇ ਪਿਆਰ ਤੋਂ ਅੰਦਰ ਸਮੇਟ ਲਿਆ ।ਸਮਧੀ ਜੀ   .  .  .  ਪਲੀਜ ਕਿਸੇ ਨੂੰ ਕਹਿਣਾ ਨਹੀਂ  .
.  .  ਰਾਮ ਕਸਮ  !  ਮੈਂ ਮਰ ਜਾਵਾਂਗੀ  !  ਮੈਂ ਮੁੜ੍ਹਕੇ ਤੋਂ ਭਿੱਜ ਚੁੱਕੀ ਸੀ ।
ਸਮਧਨ ਜੀ  ,  ਵਰ੍ਹੀਆਂ ਤੋਂ ਤੂੰ ਵੀ ਤਿਹਾਈ ,  ਵਰ੍ਹੀਆਂ ਤੋਂ ਮੈਂ ਵੀ ਪਿਆਸਾ  .  .  .  ਪਾਣੀ ਬਰਸ
ਜਾਣ ਦੋ  !  ਅਸੀ ਦੋਨਾਂ ਨੇ ਸਰੀਰ ਉੱਤੇ ਖੁਸ਼ਬੂ ਲਗਾ ਰੱਖੀ ਸੀ ।  ਉਸੀ ਖੁਸ਼ਬੂ ਵਿੱਚ ਲਿਪਟੇ ਹੋਏ ਅਸੀ ਇੱਕ
ਹੋਣ ਦੀ ਕੋਸ਼ਿਸ਼ ਕਰਣ ਲੱਗੇ ।
ਤੁਹਾਨੂੰ ਮੇਰੀ ਕਸਮ ਜੀ   .  .  .  ਦਿਲ ਬਹੁਤ ਘਬਰਾਉਂਦਾ ਸੀ  .  .  .  ਮੇਰੇ ਜਿੰਦਗੀ ਵਿੱਚ ਫਿਰ
ਤੋਂ ਬਹਾਰ ਲਿਆ ਦੋ  !
 ਤਾਂ ਸਮਧਨ ਜੀ  ਆਓ ਇੱਕ ਸਰੀਰ ਹੋ ਜਾਵੇ  .  .  .  ਇਹ ਕੱਪੜੇ ਦੀ ਦੀਵਾਰ ਹਟਾ ਦਿਓ .  .  .
ਉੱਤੇ ਕੰਡੋਮ ਤਾਂ ਲਗਾ ਲਾਂ ?ਸਮਧੀ ਜੀ  ,  ਤੁਹਾਨੂੰ ਮੇਰੀ ਕਸਮ  !  ਆਪਣੀ ਅੱਖਾਂ ਬੰਦ ਕਰ ਲਓ ,  ਅਤੇ
ਤੁਸੀ ਚਿੰਤਾ ਨਾ ਕਰੋ ,  ਮੈਂ ਆਪੇਰਸ਼ਨ ਕਰਾ ਰੱਖਿਆ ਹੈ ।
ਵਾਹ ਜੀ  ਤਾਂ ਹੁਣ ਸ਼ਰਮ ਕਿਸ ਗੱਲ ਕੀਤੀ ,  ਇੱਥੇ ਬਸ ਤੁਸੀ ਅਤੇ ਅਸੀ ਹੀ ਹੈ ਨਾ ,  ਬਸ ਆਪਣੀ
ਯੋਨੀ  ਦੇ ਦਵਾਰ ਖੋਲ ਦੋ ਜੀ   !
ਕੀ ਕਿਹਾ  .  .  .  ਫੁਦੀ  ਦਾ  .  .  .  ਆਹ ਅਤੇ ਕਹੋ  .  .  .  ਅਜਿਹੇ ਪਿਆਰੇ ਸ਼ਬਦ ਮੈਂ
ਪਹਿਲੀ ਵਾਰ ਸੁਣੇ ਹਾਂ  !
ਸੱਚ ,  ਤਾਂ ਲੈ ਲੋ ਜੀ  ਮੇਰਾ ਸੋਲਿਡ ਲੰਡ ਆਪਣੀ ਭੋਸੜੀ ਵਿੱਚ .  .  .  ਮੈਂ ਉਸਦੀ ਅਨੋਖੀ ਭਾਸ਼ਾ ਤੋਂ
ਖੁਸ਼ ਹੋ ਗਈ ।
ਆਹ ,  ਹੌਲੀ-ਹੌਲੀ ਤੋਂ ,  ਇਹ ਤਾਂ ਬਹੁਤ ਮੋਟਾ ਹੈ  .  .  .  ਅਤੇ ਹੌਲੀ-ਹੌਲੀ ਤੋਂ  ! ਬਾਕੀ ਅਗਲੇ
ਭਾਗ ਵਿਚ
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i am your mother

2011-Apr-19, 11:22
        I have a friend in Delhi. His name is Shekhar and I will write about his family. His mom, Kamala is about 39 with plump body of 38– 30-40 and of 5' 3" height. His sister
Lata is about 18 and is growing into a woman having nice body figure of 35-26-36 and is
a bit taller than his mom, 5' 4" she is in 12 th standard now and studying in convent
school. He has younger brother, Suresh who is 20 and in college. The father, Shiva is
about 49 and is in service. The family is very orthodox type and my friend Shekhar
always yearned after his mom. He had seen her naked on few occasions and that made
him lust for her body.
He also saw his sister, taking bath in nude and that too provoked him to lust after her too.
The father is a drunkard and comes home with high SPIRIT and takes his dinner, just
fucks the wife hurriedly and sleeps like a log. Our hero, Shekhar always lusted after his
Mom and sis and wanted to fuck them both but due to fear was not able to satisfy his lust
on them. He used to fondle his sister Lata in brotherly manner and sometimes he
succeeded in moving his hands over his sister's virgin boobs and she never said anything
about this to anybody. So this was going on for many days, months and he kept mum and
resigned from fucking the two females in the family.
One day in the night Shekhar got up to piss and as he was passing from the bedroom of
their parents, he saw his brother, Suresh, peeping in with his hands on his cock. He was
astonished and went near him and looked inside. There were his father and mother
fucking. His father seemed drunk and his mom, Kamala lay on the floor with legs spread
wide. The father had his cock buried deep in his wife's choot (cunt) and was fucking her
fast as if he was in some hurry. The Mom, Kamala was moaning loudly and shamelessly
and was urging her husband to fuck her nicely.
"Ohhh Chodo muze! Sale jorse chodo! Oohhhh! Main to bhooki raha jati hu aur tum
aapna pani chodke so jate ho! Aaj meri choot ki pyas boozao. Chodo! Phado meri choot
ko!" the mom was uttering those very words. Shiva was unable to control himself and he
came in short time and lay panting on Kamala. After spurting his come inside his wife's
choot, he dismounted her and went to sleep. The frustrated Kamala was cursing him and
rubbing her own cunt.
"Sale! Pani chod diya aur so gaya! Aab meri choot kaun chodega? Tera baap? Ohh sale
harami! Muze pyasa hi chod jata hai! Ohh meri Choot! Aaaahhhhhhhh! Sali khujala rahi
hai! Ohh mere bete! Ohhh Shekhar, Suresh!Tum to chodo muze! Sale apna mota lund
lekar so jate hai! Aapne ma ka to khayal karo. Dekho meri choot kaise phadphada rahi
hai! Ohhhhhh chodo muze. Ohh Suresh! Ohh Shekhar! Mumhare mote lund se tumhari
ma ko chodo! Ohhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!"
And imaging that her sons were fucking her Kamala masturbated with all her strength
and came in short time. Both the brothers looked at each other and saw their cocks erect.
Their mom was imaging their cocks fucking her choot as she masturbated. Shekhar said
to Suresh, "come on brother I know what you were doing and I heard our mother calling
our names as she rubbed her cunt. Ohh God! I wish my cock were fucking her. Do you?"
"Yes Shekhar! I am watching this for last few days and every day our mom sleeps
unsatisfied with our fathers fucking. She often calls our names and imagines that we are
fucking her. What do you think we should do? Shall we fulfill our mother's desire and
fuck her? OR should we wait and keep quite."
"No Suresh! We have to do something about it. Ohh Your cock is hard and big. Ohh its
about 8 inches long. Ohh longer than mine! I think lets fuck our mother right in her bed
room and NOW. Come on remove your clothes and lets push us inside and fuck kamala.
She seems to be great slut, wanting to be fucked by her own sons! Come on lets fuck
mom!" And both the young sons entered the bedroom of the parents. The father, Shiva
was snoring and kamala lay besides him with her hand still on her cunt. The dim light
showed everything of her big fleshy cunt. She had nice bushy hair on her choot and the it
was real fleshy. The slit was longer than the average and at the tip of the slit the clitoris
peeked out. It was about half an inch long and looked like a small cock.
Both the brothers looked at the fleshy cunt and then at the huge black boobs of their
mother. The boobs were loose, sagging but real big and fleshy. She had big aureoles with
big long nipples that looked like shrunk grapes. Her face looked frustrated and it seemed
that she really needed a nice fuck. Their father was lying on his back with his shrunk
cock looking like a small bud and both the brothers felt pity of their mother. Shekhar lay
beside his mother and asked Suresh to join him. Suresh lay on the other side of his mom
and both the brothers took hold of each breast of their mother. Their hands felt the
softness and they started to knead the flesh.
Their mom stirred in her light sleep and sensing the pleasure moaned slightly and again
closed her eyes. Both the brothers were a bit afraid at this but started their game again.
Now Shekhar took one nipple in his mouth and started to suckle on it while his brother
kneaded the same breast. This made both the brothers real hot and they wanted more.
Shekhar went to his mother's cunt and placed his mouth on the sticky cunt. Kamala
stirred again and spread her legs more. Shekhar pushed his tongue in his mom's choot and
started to taste the combined juices of the parents. He pushed his tongue deep in his
mom's choot and moved it in and out. Kamala stirred again and this time thrust her ass up
to take more of her sons tongue in. she was not aware it was her own son sucking her
Suresh took her breast in his mouth and started to suckle on it as if he was a child. He
tried to swallow the entire breast and in the process he bit his mom's tender boob. The
pain made Kamala look around and what she saw! She saw her two young son totally
naked, one sucking her pussy and the other sucking her breast. She never expected this to
happen and she shouted at them, "Ohh No! go away! What are you doing? I am your
mother and you are my son. This is sin! Please don't do this!" Shekhar was bold and he
asked his mom to be quite and enjoy what was going on. He whispered to her, "Mom!
You were calling us when my father slept, leaving you unsatisfied. You wanted your son
to fuck you and satisfy your lust. So why turn back now?
We both want to satisfy you and we wish that you should be happy. We know dad! He is
useless. So spread that cunt for us and enjoy. See our lunds! They are hard for you!" And
Kamala kept quite and spread her legs wide for her son. Shekhar was now in a mood to
fuck his mom. He had lusted after her for a long time and so he got up and coming
between the wide spread legs of his mom, he inserted his throbbing cock in his mothers
pussy. His mom moaned loudly and accepted the incestuous fucking, thrusting her ass to
take her sons cock as much as possible in her hungry pussy. Suresh watched his brother
mount his mom and he pushed his cock near her mouth and asked his mom to suck it
while the other son fucked her choot. "Choose mera lund (Suck my cock) mom! Suck it
while Shekhar fucks your pussy. Ohhhh! Sali Randi! You are a real slut! Do do Lund ek
sath leti haai! Taking both the cocks at the same time. Chal mera Lund choose aur
Shekhar ko chod! Come on Mom suck my dick and fuck Shekhar's cock. You cock
hungry bitch! Whore!"
"Ohh Muze Randi mat kaho bete! (Don't call me slut, son!) You know I am unsatisfied
with your dad. He just fucks me and drops his come in my hungry choot and sleeps.
Muze Lund chahiye! I want some cock! I don't bother if its my son fucking me. Its Lund
that matters. So shut up and fuck mom! Sale tum khali chodo! Randi samazo ya mom
chodo!" Kamala was now enjoying the attention of her two sons, one fucking her cunt
and the other thrusting his cock in her mouth. Her son's were nicely endowed and so she
was happy. She moved her ass in a circular manner to churn Shekhar's cock in her pussy
and moved her mouth over Suresh's cock. Kamala had to bend back to take her son's cock
in her mouth and her teeth scraped the cock as she tried to swallow him.
And Suresh loved it! He held his cock at the base and was pushing it in his mom's mouth.
Shekhar was fucking his mom in earnest and was thrusting his cock faster and faster. All
were making lots of noise, moaning and shouting at each other and forget that Shiva was
sleeping next to them. Shiva moved in his sleep and his legs touched Suresh. Suresh was
afraid and whispered, "Mom! Dad is waking up. I think he wants to piss! Let's stop this
till he is sound asleep."
"No! Don't stop fucking me. Let him wake up I don't mind. Fuck my pussy and mouth!
Fuck me! Chodo muze! Aaj kitne salon baad aaisa mouka aaya hai! Ccchhoo dooooo!"
And both the sons continued. Suresh wanted to fuck his mom too and told it to Shekhar.
Shekhar was now fucking his mom's cunt and did not want to stop. He said, "Come on
brother! There is plenty of room here. I will take mom on top of me and let her ride my
cock and you come behind her and fuck that big ass hole of hers! The slut can take two
cocks at a time. Come on Suresh!" And Shekhar lay on his back and asked Kamala to
ride his cock. Kamala was crazy for her son's cocks and immediately sat on Shekhar's
cock, taking it all the way in her choot. She lay on her son's naked body and moved her
cunt over his cock, rubbing both of her boobs on his chest. Her ass was thrust up in the
air as she rode the cock and Suresh came behind her and admired the solid ass. He
kneeled behind his mother and put his mouth to her ass hole, licking it.
Kamala felt her other son licking her ass and was beyond herself, "Ohh Chat meri gaand!
Ohhhh sali ko masti aa gayee hai! Ohhhhhhhh! Ek beta meri choot me Lund dal raha hai
aur doosra meri gand chaat raha hai! Ohhhh how lucky I am! Both the sons pleasuring
their mom! Ohhhh Chodo! Chodo aapni Randi ma ko! Fuck your slut mom!" Suresh's
sucking and licking had made Kamala's as hole slippery with saliva and was ready for
some action. Suresh took his cock in his hand and put it at the ass hole of Kamala and
tried to push it in. Kamala's ass hole was tight and Shiva had never fucked her in the ass
and hence it wa virgin. Kamala shouted at her son, "Ohhh! Please don't fuck me in the
ass. You will tear the poor hole. Oohhh GOD! Its not possible. Please don't fuck me
there. Bring that cock here and let me suck you off instead. I will swallow your entire
cock, but please spare my ass hole."
Shekhar was annoyed at losing this double penetration opportunity and so he slapped his
mother as she rode h is cock, "Slut! You don't have no choice! You are a whore! Keep
still and let my brother tear your ass hole. Push your cock in that shit hole brother! And
fuck her gand! Sali Randi nakhare dikhati hai! Dal aapne lund ko. Chod!" Suresh did not
require any other encouragement and he thrust his cock inside the poor ass hole. The cock
head entered easily and Kamala shouted in pain. This made Suresh more aggressive and
he pushed his cock more, making his mother cry in pain. Shekhar thrust his hips up and
pushed his cock deep in to the cunt of his mom, trying to make contact with his brothers
cock in the ass. Now Suresh managed to push 4 inches of his cock in the ass in spite of
the crying of his mom.
The sound this trio made was sufficient to wake up Shiva and nobody had bothered about
the drunkard. Shiva stirred in his sleep and called his wife, "Kamala come here! Where
are you?" he could not see his wife near by and so he sat up in his bed and looked around.
Ohh what he saw made him jump and the effect of the alcohol came down fast. He saw
his own wife getting two cocks at the same time. Both the cocks belonged to his own
sons and his own blood. He could not gather what he saw and so he got up and went near
the trio. Kamala was fucking two cocks. She was sliding her body over the two cocks and
fucking them. Shiva shouted at them, "Sale! Yeh kya kar rahe ho? Aapni ma ko chod
rahe ho! What are you doing. Fucking your own mother. Ohh what a shameless way to
fuck! My slut wife is taking all the cocks my sons are giving her. Ohh She is whore"
come on stop that! I will beat the hell out of you!"
"Keep quite dad! Let us fuck our mom. Your cock cannot satisfy her and that's why she is
fucking her own sons. Just watch and don't try to stop us. Here see your whore wife
fucking us." And both the brothers increased their tempo. Each cock fucked alternately,
the cunt and ass hole of Kamala and she moaned loudly, Ohh Harami! Aapne lund me
dam nahi aur badi badi bate kar raha hai! Dekh tere bete kitne jorse chod rahe hai.
Choopke se dekh aur so ja. Oohhhhh chodo muze! Fuck me! Aaaahhhhhhhhh!
Ohhhhhhhh! Fffuuckkkk! Fuck me! Ohh my sons! Fuck your mom! See how your dad is
watching! Let him watch!" Shiva got annoyed and kicked Suresh on his ass. Suresh fell
down and tried to get up but was hit again. Shiva then hit his wife Kamala and then
Shekhar too.

All the three stopped fucking and then Shekhar made the first move. He grabbed his
father and gave him a blow on his face. Then he called Suresh and asked him to hold the
father. He took hold of his lungi and tied his father's hands behind his back. Then he tied
his legs near the feet. The poor father was not able to move and stood helplessly watching
around. Then Shekhar told his mother, "come on mom! Bite that cock of my father.
Punish him for spoiling the show. Slap his and beat the hell of him!" Kamala crawled
near her husband and slapped his balls. His balls swayed with the impact and he cried in
pain. Then Kamala took hold of the two balls and pressed them.
Rolling them over one another. This made Shiva cry out in pain and Suresh hit him hard
on his face, "don't cry you bastard! Sale aapni bibi ko chod nahi sakata! Hijada kahi ka!
Chal ma! Sale ke lund ko kha ja! Kat usko! Bite him eat his lund! Come on mom do this
while we start the unfinished game." Shekhar got below his mom and pushed his lund in
her choot while Suresh pushed his lund in the ass hole of Kamala and both started to fuck
her simultaneously. Poor Shiva just stood there helplessly and watched. Kamala took her
husbands cock in her mouth and bit it, rubbing the cock head in her mouth. Shiva cried
out loudly and begged his wife to stop.
But she was biting his cock and making him cry out louder. The two sons were fucking
their mom fast and soon came in her ass hole and cunt. The mother Kamala shouted as
they came and she too had orgasm. The incestuous trio fell on each other's body with the
mother in between the two sons. The father watched all this and was crying out loudly.
The door to the room opened and in walked Lata, the only family member left out. She
was in her sleep and had come out to see what was going on. She could not believe her
eyes! There in front of her were her brothers and mom totally naked and lying on each
others body. Her father was tied up and stood there helplessly and naked too.
Lata could not understand what was going on here And so she called her mother, "MOM
what's the matter? Why are you all fighting and who tied up dad? I don't understand."
What could Kamala say? She was still panting from the exertion of fucking with her own
sons and she was breathing faster. Shekhar and Suresh heard their sister too and the
situation they were all in. if Lata was to be left alone they should make it sure that she
will not tell anybody. So they got up, their cocks still dangling from their body and
moving like a pendulum.
They went near Lata and asked her to be quite. They both patted her and asked her to sit
near the mother. Shiva looked at his daughter and said, "Lata! You saw what was
happening! Your mother was fucking with your brothers. She was fucking both Shekhar
and Suresh. They beat me up and tied me here to watch the dirty act. Please help me!"
Shekhar asked his sister to keep quite and not to do anything other then what they say.
"Listen sis! Yes we fucked mom! Your father is drunkard and cant satisfy her and she
goes on begging for any cock available to her. So don't worry darling sis! Its family
matter and your dad deserves what we did to him. Come here let us all enjoy. Come on
Lata. Do what we tell you. Lets fuck and enjoy in the family"
"NO! You all are dirty!! Mom Please tell them to stop! Ohhh GOD save me! Ohh NO!
Please don't make me do those dirty things! Ohhhh Noooo!" Kamala looked up from the
lustful sleep at her daughter. Her daughter Lata stood at her feet asking for mercy.
Kamala looked at her daughter and thought of how beautiful she was and also how her
cunt will taste. She did not think of anything other than sex and she got up and embraced
her daughter, kissing her full on the lips. Lata was unaware of the intentions of her
mother and allowed her to kiss her.
Kamala held her daughter tightly in her arms and put her mouth on her tender lips,
kissing her like she was a man. Both the brothers saw this and kept quite and knew that
their slut mom will make Lata fuck them. Poor Shiva looked at his wife indulged in
incest and lesbianism. He had never seen two women do it and was looking at the duo
with some interest. His cock, which was shrunk, started to swell up with the show his
wife was putting up. Kamala's breasts crushed against the solid and firm breasts of her
daughter and Kamala moaned with the feeling it gave, "Ohhhhhhhh! Come on son's
watch your sisters boobs. See how solid and firm they are. Come on Shiva! Sale dekh
aapne beti ke mamme! Ohhhh my sweet little girl how nice you have developed! Come
on lets enjoy! Kneel before me and suck my cunt Lata. Lick my pussy! Show your
brothers and father how two women can enjoy. Ohhh! Ahhhahhhhhhahhhh! Come
onnnnnnnnnn sssuusccccckkk mmmeeee!"
Lata was new to this and did not know what to do. Her own mother was asking her to
suck her cunt! She could not escape all this. Her body was shivering with something,
some sort of pleasure she never felt before. And instinctively she sat on her knee before
her mother and pushed her mouth in the silky slit. The pussy hair tickled her nose and
chin and she again shivered. The gown rode up and showed her nicely shaped thighs and
the shape of her well-developed ass. Both the brothers looked at their sister as she
serviced their mother and their cocks started to grow. Shiva too was absorbed in looking
at them and forgot that they were his wife and daughter in an incestuous lust. Since his
hands were tied he could not do anything but watch.
"Come on daddy! Watch this! See how your lusty wife is getting her cunt licked by her
own daughter. Ohhhhhhhh! You are having an erection watching this! See brother our
dad's cock! Ohh its small just 5 inches and useless. Come on lets untie him so that he can
suck his own daughter's cunt. How nice it will be to watch the girl sucking mom's pussy
and getting her own licked by her Dad! Come on dad you want to lick it! You want to
lick your daughter's cunt! Yes come on do it!" Shekhar said and both the brothers untied
Shiva. Shiva looked help less in the hands of his grown up sons but shook his head saying
no! Suresh pulled his cock and Shekhar tugged at his balls till he cried. Both the brothers
continued to torture him by doing this alternately and then Shekhar went behind his father
and pushed his cock in his ass hole.
His ass hole was dry and the cock could not go in. Suresh asked his mother to lick his
dad's ass hole and make it wet for him to fuck. The poor mother obliged and licked her
husband's ass hole and wetted it with saliva. She had a secret desire to see her husband
taking a cock in his ass hole and take revenge on his poor fucking skills. So Kamala
encouraged her son, Shekhar, to fuck her husband's ass hole. "Yes come on! Fuck your
father's ass. Sala chod ne mein nakam hai! Dalo aapna mota lund saale ki gand mein!
Fuck his asshole! Ohhhhhh! Suck my pussy Lata! Your tongue feels so nice! Come on
give your pussy to your father. He will suck it. Ohhh Suresh, make your father suck the
pussy of his daughter! Ohhhh the family is enjoying!"
Shiva was terrified and afraid to do anything as his two sons were more powerful than
him so he succumbed to the attack and Shekhar managed to push his cock head in his
fathers tight ass hole. The ass hole was dry and he found it difficult to push his cock in,
so he took out his cock and spat on it and on his father's ass hole too. Then he pushed his
cock mercilessly and Shiva cried out loudly, "No! Remove your lund son! It pains a lot!
Please don't do it! Ohh I am dying with pain." Kamala enjoyed this and said, "come on
fuck the bastard! Fuck your father. Let him understand how it feels to have a cock inside!
Fuck the bastard."
Shekhar did the same and pushed his cock deep in his father's hole. Lata was watching
this and did not know what to say. But she enjoyed what was going on. Lata pushed her
ass up and said, "Ohhhhhhhh! What a family! Come on my pussy is itching. Somebody
suck on it. Ohhhhhhhh my mom's cunt is ssoooo sweet! Ohh god! Suck my cunt!
Ohhhhhhhh yesssss!" saying so Lata threw her gown in the air and got naked like others
in the family. Suresh commanded his father to suck the pussy of his daughter and kicked
him in the stomach. Shiva stumbled and was about to fall, but the cock in his ass
supported him and he just bent forward to lick his own daughter. Shiva pushed his tongue
up the virgin snatch and was rewarded with nice gush of pussy honey. He lapped it and
swallowed as much as he could and pushed his tongue in the slit to take out as much as
he could. Kamala was watching this and was beyond herself with lust and urged her son,
Shekhar to fuck her asshole. Shekhar was more than willing and went behind his mother
and spread her ass cheeks.
Lata watched the activity above the cunt she was lapping and was fascinated by it and her
tongue traveled upwards to lick the shit hole of her mother. Suresh was now able to push
almost all of his 8 inches in the poor Shiva and was fucking him in earnest while Shiva
licked the slit of his own daughter. Lata saw her brothers cock nuzzling against the
asshole of her mom, and lovingly moved her tongue on the hard flesh. Shekhar pushed
his cock in his mother's asshole and started to fuck her. Here was the entire family
fucking and sucking. The father was sucking his daughter's pussy while getting his
asshole banged by his own son.
The mother was getting her snatch licked by her daughter and getting her son's cock up
her asshole. Sounds of moaning and fucking filled the entire room and it smelled of sex.
Kamala moaned loudly and pushed her cunt on Lata's mouth and took her own boobs in
her hands and started to knead them. Lata sensed her mom's lust and pushed her tongue
deep in her mother's cunt hole and started to tongue fuck her. Shekhar had his cock
buried deep in his mom's asshole and was fucking her furiously. Suresh was fucking his
dad's asshole and this made Shiva's cock swell with lust and he was dying to put it in any
damn hole available. "Oohhhhhhhhhh! My cock is hard! I want some hole to put it in.
Ohhh Please my sons allow me to fuck. Give me hole to fuck. Ohhhhhhhh! My slut wife
is getting her ass fucked and cunt licked by her own blood and I am licking my daughter
and getting my ass fucked by my son! Ohhhh Its sin! Ohhhh god! But I love it now!
Please allow me to fuck."
Both the sons looked at each other and saw their father's hard cock. They wanted to be
good to him now as he was enjoying all this and so they asked Lata to spread her legs for
her own father. Lata too wanted something in her hungry cunt and was more than happy
to oblige. She spread her legs and showed her father her cunt hole, spreading her own
cunt with both the hands. Shiva licked his lips and fell on top of his daughter. His cock
rubbed against Lata's naval and Lata took it in her hands and placed it on her cunt hole.
Suresh thrust his cock deep in Shiva's ass and Shiva stumbled forward with his cock
going in Lata's cunt like a bullet in cream.
Lata cried out loudly, "Ohhh Dad! You are tearing my cunt. Ohhh
slowwwwwwwlllyyyyy! Push it in slowly! Ooohh Myyy gggooodddd! Oohh Mom! See
this. Ohhhhh dad's cock is in my cunny and he is fucking me! Ohhhhhh fffuuucckk
meeeee! GOD! Aaiiiii! Oouuccchhhhhh! It pains with pleasure and I love it. Give me the
cock! Ohhhhhhh! Ffucckk me!" Kamala watched as his husband took the virginity of her
daughter and she was enjoying it. The bitch was made like her own self, a real whore
even at this tender age. Kamala moved her ass over her son's cock and fucked him hard.
Shekhar could not control himself and shot his wad deep in his mothers asshole and lay
panting on her back. Suresh too deposited his come in his father's ass and lay on his back,
making his cock go deep into Lata's pussy. Now all the others were watching the father
and daughter fuck and enjoying the show. Lata wrapped her legs around her father and
took his cock deep inside her cunt. Shiva was now holding Lata's firm boobs in his hands
and kneading them, making Lata squirm with pleasure.
Kamala came near Lata's mouth and sat on her face, rubbing her come filled ass over her
daughter's face and slowly releasing the come trapped inside. Lata shot her tongue out to
taste the come of her brother tickling from the ass of her mother. Shiva was fast comer,
and so he couild not hold much longer and shot his load inside the cunt of his daughter,
keeping her unsatisfied. Lata moved her ass in frustration and called names to her father,
"Ohhhhhhh! Cant you fuck till I come? You bastard! Leaving me unsatisfied like my
mother. Ohh fuck me somebody! The pig came fast and I have not come yet! Come on
big brothers! Bring those cocks here and fuck your sisters unsatisfied cunt. Ohhhhh!
MOM! Rub that ass on my face and bathe me in my brothers come. Ohhhhhhhhhh!
Ahhhhhhhhh!" Both the brothers reached the mother and sister and thrust their cocks in
their hands. Lata caught Suresh's cock and rubbed it in her palm while Kamala took
Shekhar's cock in her mouth and started sucking it. Lata imitated her mother and took
Suresh's cock in her mouth and sucked it.
"Lata a man gets pretty hard if his cock is sucked so what you did is correct. Suck his
cock and move your tongue over his cock head and on the lower part, especially, that's
the sensitive portion of a cock. You will learn everything with us. Suck him and make
him hard for your cunt. A woman has to do this and it's a skill. Come on suck it!" Kamala
was teaching her daughter to please men. Lata did as she was told and Suresh moaned
loudly feeling the tongue of his sis on the lower side of his cock. Soon both the brothers
were hard and ready to fuck.
Kamala guided Shekhar's cock in the cunt of her daughter and asked him to push it deep
inside the tight choot. Lata felt the thick, long cock enter her tight cunt and felt the
difference. This cock was much thicker and longer than her father's and was harder too.
Lata moved her ass in appreciation and welcomed his brother the door of her choot.
Suresh's cock was still in the mouth of Lata and he was looking forward to his turn to
fuck his younger sister. Shiva lay helplessly on the floor, his cock dangling between his
thighs, totally useless for any fucking. Kamala encouraged the kids to fuck and went to
her husband. She caught the useless cock in her hand and pulled it.
The cock stretched and looked thin like a rope. Kamala showed the cock to the other
family members and asked, "what to do with this useless cock? Come on tell me any of
you. The cock has troubled me all my life and never gave any satisfaction. As such its
useless for fucking anybody. You saw your sister crying for more cock as he fucked her.
He is useless cock. I will get some satisfaction if I humiliate him. Tell me what to do?"
Suresh went to his mother to help her humiliate his father. He forced his cock in the
mouth of Shiva and asked him to suck it.
Kamala slapped him hard, forcing him to open his mouth to swallow his sons cock.
Suresh's cock forced its way in the throat of the poor father and he gagged. Kamala
clapped her hands and asked Suresh to choke his throat so that his breathing will stop.
Poor Shiva struggled for air and fought with all his power. Suresh's cock came out of his
mouth and Shiva fell on the floor, breathing very fast. Now Kamala kicked the poor
fellow again and then sat on his mouth. She spread her cunt lips and let out stream of piss
that fell directly on his face. Suresh came near his mother and asked her to spit on his
father. Kamala spat on him many times and Suresh took his fathers hand and spread all
the spit on the chest. Lata was taking Shekhar's cock easily in her cunt and both were
fucking in earnest.
They watched the humiliation of their father and were happy to see it. This excited them
to climax and both of them came together. Suresh ran to his sister and pushed his cock in
the come filled hole. As his cock entered the cunt of Lata, it pushed out his brother's
come. Kamala had finished pissing on her husband and dragged him to Lata's cunt and
forced him to lick his son's come out of his daughter's pussy. Suresh continued fucking
Lata as more and more of the come trickled out for his father to eat. Shekhar's cock had
shrunk and he wanted to piss urgently after he had come so he aimed his piss on his
father's mouth and let out the yellow flow. His father had to swallow it too and he
swallowed as much as he could and the rest bathed his body, coating it with thin layer of
piss. Suresh fucked Lata and watched the father's humiliation too. And both came and
then pissed on the poor father.

end of story
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Maa ka Dulaar

2011-Apr-19, 11:21
Maa ka Dulaar
meri mom ka figure 42 36 38 hain baat summer vacations ki hain mummy ne papa ko kaha ki wo is bar haridwar jana chati hain .par papa ne kaha ki unhe ek jarori case tayar karna hain is liye wo nahi aa sakenge .tab papa ne kaha ki tum vansh ko apne saath le jao .mummy tayar ho gayi .aur ham sunday

Subah ko train mein bath liye par train mein bheed bahut jada thi isliye hame seat nahi milpai .meri mummy bahut jada khoobsurat hain wo mere piche khadi thi .aur unke piche bahut sare mard khade the. phir mane apna munh mummy ki taraf kiya to dekha ki mummy ki aankhen band thi aur unhone apna hoonth daba rakhe the .mujhel aga ki unhe neend aa rahi hain par unhone mana kar diya .phir mujhe sakh hua ki kuch gadbad to nahi hain .maine side se dekha to ek admi mummy ki gand mein ungli dene ki kosish kar raha tha.

To mane ek aunty se request ki .to unhone todi si jagah bana kar mummy ko de di . main mummy ke bilkul bagal mein khada tha .meri nazar mummy ke blouse ke bich wali jagah par gayi .mera lund khada ho gaya .aur mujhe dar lag raha tha kyonki mera lund bilkul mummy ke munh ke paas tha .mummy ka rang ekdum safed tha .mummy ne shayd mere lund ko dekh liya tha kyonki wo bahut gusse mein meri taraf ghoor rahi thi .par man mere bas mein nahi tha . ham monday subah haridwar pahunche .hamara kamra ek dharam sala mein book tha .ham shaam tak ganga ka snan kar chuke the .maine papa ko train ki

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mummy:tumne subah se kuch nahi khaya kuch to kha lo

Me:nahi mera mood nahi hain
mummy : tum toilet wali baat ko lekar pareshan ho.
Me: nahiii…asi baat nahi hain
mummy; mujse jhoot mat bolo beta ye sab to natural hain
me : haan mujhe pata hain par aap apne aap kyun kar rahi thi

Mummy :beta tumhare papa hum sbh se bahut pyar karte hain par wo ab do heartattack ke baad kafi kamzor hoo gaye hain aur doctor ne unhe sex se door hi rahne ko kaha hain
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mummy :koi baat nahi

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me :papa main bahut thaka hua hun pehle kuch aaram karna chata hun
papa : but ye bahut important baat hain
tabhi mummy bhi wahan aa gayi

Mummy :baap bete mein kya baat chal rahi hain

papa ;mens personal …..ladies are not allowed
me; papa main sone ja rah hun
papa ;ok baad mein baat karte hain
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didi :buddhu tumhari behan kal jane wali hain aur tum yahan so rahe hoon
me ;to main kya karu
didi : chalo shopping karwa ke lao mujhe

Me :tumhari aur meri chioce bilkul different hain main tumhari koi help nahi kar sakta

didi :janti hun ki meri aur tumhari choice different hain isliye to tumhe le ja rahi hun ..mujhe tumhare liye shooping karni hain ..ab chalo in shopping mall

Didi : maine tumhare liye to dress le li ab muje meri dress ke liye help karo
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mummy ; tumne to bas bahr ki khusboo hi sungi hain khana to khaya hi nahi

Me : jis khane ki khusboo hi itni madhoosh kar dene wali ho wo aage kase bade
mummy :asli maja to kahana khane mein hain baki sab to uhn hi bakwas hain waise bhi tum mera chuula to dekh hi chuke ho kahan to tasty bane ga hi
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me ; haan papa

Papa : chalo mujhe tumse jo baat karni hain wo abhi kar lete hain

me: papa baaein to kam karte hue bhi hoti rahenge kaam bhi karte rahte hain
papa: nahi bete ye baat bahut important hain
papa room ka door band kar diya aur mere pas aa kar baith gaye aur kaha ki bete main tumhe apne bete se jayada ek dost manta hoon .isliye tumse baat share karna chatha hun aur kuch mangna bhi chata hun
me : i know papa we are best frends and we will always remai

Papa: thank u beta beta tum to jante hi ho ki mujhe 2 baar heartattack aa chuke hain aur tumari mummy bhi sab kuch bhool kar meria haelth par dhayan diya usne kabhi bhi apne bare mein nahi socha sirf apni family ke liye kam karti rahi aur uski sari sex felling andar hi dabi rah gayi

me :i know papa
papa ; pehle to tumahri mummy tumhari didi ke saath lesbian kar leti thi par aaj to wo bhi chali jayengi
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Papa ; main chata hun ki tum tumhari mummy ki sari ichha puri karo

me : par papa main ye kaise kar sakta hun
papa ; kyun tumhe tumari mummy ab achi nahi lagti
me ; nahi papa wo baat nahi hain mummy to abhi bhi jawan hain par main ye nahi.
papa : dekho beta ye kam koi bahar wala bhi kar sakta hain par main hamare parivar ki badnami ki fikar hain aur tum to mere dost ho .agar ye kam nahi ho paya to main apne aap ko sharminadgi mein mahsoosh karunga

Me ; theek hain papa par main ye sab aap ke liye karunga but mummy kya ye manegi ?

papa ; maine tumhari mummy ko bhi kafi mehnat ke baad mana liya hain
phir main aur papa bag pack karne mein lag gaye ..tabhi aasman mein bijli chamkne lagi aur kale badal bhi aane lage papa ne mummy se kaha ki hume abhi hi nikalna padega agar kahi pani bhar gaya to muskil ho jayegi .maine phataphat sara saman car me adjust kar diya aur papa aur didi ko alvida kah diya .phir main aur mummy andar aa gaye

Mummy : kya tumhe nind aa rahi hain .raat ke barah baje hain tum ja kar rest kar lo

me : nahi mummy main abhi thodi der pehle hi to utha tha …mujhe nind nahi aa rahi
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mummy ; agli saal konsa course ki sochi hain ?
me : most proabably mbbs

Mummy : to tume apne papa ke bare me kya socha

me ; papa ke bare mein kya sochana wo to chale gaye
mummy : main usbaat ke bare mein baat kar rahi hoon .to kya decide kiya tumne ?
me : mummy ek problem hain
mummy : kya /main tumhe achi nahi lagti ?
me : nahi mom asi baat nahi main to aapko kabse pana chatha tha main to hamesa aap ke naam ki hi muth marta tha par…

Mummy : to par kya ?

maine apna lower nikal diya aur underwear ko bhi niche kar diya aur apne 8 inch ke khade lund ko bahar nikal liya .
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mummy jor jor se hasne lagi aur kahne lagi ki bewkuf ye to jadatar logo ko hota hain aur tumhara lund ki skin pehli chudai ke baad hath jaegi

Main ye jaan kar kushi ke mare uchal pada aur mere aur mummy ke lips aapas mein mil gaye maine pehle mummy ke upar wale hoonth ko chusa bada hi rasila tha phir maine niche wale hoonthon ko pakad liya aur use chusne lage bad mein mummy ne apni jibh mere munh mein dal di main mummy ki jibh ka sara ras pi gaya .tabhi mummy ne mujhe alag kiya aur aur pas mein laptop utha lai aur usme maa bete ki incest movie laga di aur kaha ki tumhare papa ne jab mujhe tumhare bare mein bataya to pahle to maine mana

Kar diya par sochaki ab tum bhi jawan ho aur train mein pehle hi tumne meri chut dekh chuke hoon .iisliye isme haraz hi kya aakhir bete ka farz hota haim apni maa ko kush rakhne ka . mummy ne laptop ko woffer se connect kar diya aur awaz bhi tez kar di pure kamre mein chudai ki aawazein gunz rahi thi maine phir se mummy ko pakad liya aur unko phir se chusne laga par is bar wild tarike se .mummy bhi mere upar bhooki serni ki tarah toot padi thi .maine ek haath se muumy ka face pakda hua tha aur ek hath se mummy ke nighty ke upar se hi chut ko sahla raha tha .sach me doston mujhe to jaise jannat hi mil gayi

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Panty mein thi aur wo kisi apsara se kam nahi lag rahi thi .panty unki puri gili ho chuki thi .maine ek hi jathke mein unki bra aur panty bhi nikal di .aur main unke boobs par pagal kutte ki tarah tut pada ..main apne pure jor se boobs ko ragad raha tha mummy dard ke mare jor jor se chila rahi thi par maine unki taraf koi dhayan nahi diya aur mummy ki chunchiyon ko chume aur katne laga .maine mummy ko 5 min baad choda .mummy ke boobs puri tarah lal ho chuke the

Maine mummy ko kaha ki main apki chut ko chatunga to mummy ne kaha ki beta ab to main tumhari hoon jo man mein aayein wo karna par ab mujhe sirf ek baar chod de main pyassi ho mujhe bhi mummy par taras aaya aur maine mummy ko leta kar apna lund mummy ki lal lal chut par lagaya aur ek jordar jataka diya main aur mummy dono dard se chillaye mujhe dard isliye ho raha tha kyonki mere supare ki skin khul rahi thi aur mummy kai saal ke baad lund dalwa rahi thi aur wo bhi itna bada ..par thodi hi der mein hum dono ka dard dur ho gaya aur mujhe to swarag ka maja aa raha tha mummy bhi jor se moan

Kar rahi th chood hahahhh ? auurrrrr jajjor jor jooorrrrses haaahhha maja aa gaya gaya choooodddd madarchhhod aur jor se oooohopohooho ahahhah aiaiaiiaii main bhi pagalo ki tarah dakhe mar raha tha mujhe apne ghutno aur sarreer me jo maza aa raha tha wo main bata nahi sakta .aur mummy jhar gayi mummy phir shant par gayi .par main dhakke mar raha tha mummy phir se mera saath dene lagi aur mere har dhakke ke saath apni gand uttha uttha kar zawab de rahi thi aur 5 baad main charam seema par aa gaya mujhe jo maza us samah chodne me mil raha tha wo main bata nahi sakta aur is bar main aur

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Mummy mera sar apni chut par daba rahi thi aur thodi hi der main mummy ka sara sareer akad gaya aur mummy ne ekdum se apni dar chod di ahhhhhhhhhhhhchhhhussssssss jorrrrrrr se ahhhhhhhhhh gayiiiiiiiiiiiii kahte hue mummy jhad gayi phir mummy uthte hue kaha ki tum bahut kamal ke ho .maine mummy ko kaha ki mujhe dirty sex pasand hain .phir mummy ne kaha ki mujhe tera lund chusna hain main toilet seat par baith gaya aur mu mmy apne ghutne ke bal jhuk kar mera lund chusne lagi main aram se apni gand seat par tika kar baitha hua tha aur apne haath se mummy ka sir pakda hua

Tha aur mummy ek haath se apni chut masal rahi thi aur ek haath se apne chunche masal rahi thi .main to jaise parlok ki yatra kar raha tha aur karib 4 -5 min baad maine apna sara ras mummy ke munh mein chod diya aur mummy mera sara virya chat gayi aur phir se mere lund ko munh mein le liya jab itni sexy aurat apka lund chuse to budhe ka bhi lund khada ho jaye mera lund phir se lohe ki rod ki tarah sakt ho gaya aur phir mummy uthi aur meri taraf pith kar kar mere lund par dhire dhire baith gayi aur mera lund mummy ki chut mein chala gaya aur mummy ki munh ses ahhhh nikal gayi mujhe bhi maza

Aa raha tha mummy jor jor se upar niche ho rahi thi hahahhahh uufuffuuf hahhahhah aur pagalo ki tarah khud rahi thi jisse mujhe maza to aa raha tha par mummy ki gand mere tatto par jor se lag rahi thi par ye dard to us maze ke samnee kuch bhi nahi aur mummy ahhhahahhah uuufu haianramm basssss aisis ase ahi as4ee hiiiiii ohhhhhhhh godddddd beta tu kaha thaaaaaa ab tak tera maa kabse payasi thi ab

Main roj tujse 10 bar chudungi apni jawani ki payas tujhse hi puri karungi aur haaaaaaaa bassss gayiiiiiiiiyyiiiiiii kahte hua der ho gayi aur mummy uthne lagi par maine mummy ko pakad liya aur jor jor se shots lagane laga aur karib 10 -15 shots ke baad maine sarra maal mummy ki chut mein nikal diya phir humdono lund aur chut saaf kar ke bed par aa gaye aur hum buri tarah thake hue the aur kab hamari aankh lag gayi pata hi nahi chala .....
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his mom has been fuckin others, he discovers.

2011-Apr-19, 11:21
his mom has been fuckin others, he discovers.


hi readers i am new in this field.but i am old in fucking and sex experiences. let me introduce myself. i am a matherchod,sucker of asshole,fucker in each hole of girls .my name is chandan ,i live in delhi.with my family.in my home my papa,my mom,my sys,my brother,my bhabhi is there. and i really tell u maine insabo choda hai.my brother lives in US with his wife, my sister studying in medical. i am studying in delhi private engg. college. as my college is near to my house so i lives in home.as my father is bussinessman so he many days be out of country. and thats how i will start to fuck. my mother first. as onaly me and my mother is there in home most of time ,so we are very friendly i always share my private things with her,before joining the engg. college i never think about my mom as sex godess. but first let me tell u that my mom ki sex ki sari feelings puri nahi ho rahi thi as my papa aksar outside hi rahte the.
one day it happen i come back from my college more early ,at around 10.30 am ,when i reached the home i have seen that door is opened , wo i entered without knocking ,then i think that mom will be inside ,so as normall i have closed,the door,then i go to my room, i heard water falling ,i be sure that mom is bathing then i heard some moaning when i gone near the door it's also slightly open and mom is lying on the bhatherroom floor,but she don't see me ,as she is facing to the shower ,and totally nude and rubbing her pussy with her finger,i feel nervous and go to room, and closed my room i was trembling beca first time i have seen any women as nude,mom ki nangi body mere head me ghoomne laga ,phir me so gaya,after some some one knoced my door ,it is my mom, then we both done lunch, lekin meri nazar ab bar bar mammi ke boobs per jane lagi. main jab kabhi bhi mammi ko dhekta to only unki gand aur boobs aur choot hi dhikai dete the. as i am going to engg. college,waha per to ladke openly sex ki bate karte the aur muth marene ki bate kara karte the.mere ko bhi interest lagana laga, i make a frien rajiv,he is very much chodu of girls.
he shows me porn magzines i have seen naked girls, and how they be fucked,seen sex postures ,it's very enjoying laga then first time i have feel ki mera lund me kuch ho raha hai,tab rajiv ne bataya ki ye har ak ladke me hota hai jab wo jawan hone lagta hai aur btaya ki ye thbi sant hoga jub tum ese rub karoga,then i have strated muth marna.every night i masterbate then slepp ,it is become my lust to think about girls and mom as sexy nude and imagine that i am fucking each of them and i masterbate,daily .then i have staretd to stare on my mom, when she sleeps i see her body her boobs ,going up and down, and masterbet this way it is keeps going till four months during witch, i have read many sexy stories of mother and son incests and many arousing stories, my dick also becomwes large in size then me and rajiv masterbate togehter sharing our fantasies, he talks dirty things about my mom, and enjoyed it then i say when i will fuck my mom, i make him also to fuck her so he becomes my good friend, we also see porn movies on his comp, after some time i also have buy a comp and started seeing pondy in my own room, one night i was seeing a porn movy then i feel that some one seeing from the key hole and i was sure that mom is peeping because nobody else was there in the room that was my chance i started to seduce her,
i open my jip and taken my erect lund in my hand and started to mastrebet and i change a xxxxxx movie in which a elder woman is being fucked by a boy and she is moning. next day i have seen a wonderful chang in mom atitude ,and her two top buttons of her blouse is open giving a glimpse of her tits , now i started more and more fantsy about mom, and i told that time is coming when we will fuck my mom togher, he was very happy, between which in colleg we got project, and what i have got got noone has got and for what i have to go two times in week to panjab it is a five hour journey by train, i go after my classes comes late night . so mom says me its not good to suffer so late night in train because there may be gundas which create problems for general public.then i told her "mom u don't worry there at night noone in boggy except him,because it is last train at late night and starts at 10.pm from amritsar."then mom says" then ok".
one day mom says that her friends saying that they have done shoping from amritsar and it is much cheaper , so she insisted as i have seen amritsar so she will go with me.that she will go panjab and do shoping and i said ok, on monday its is holyday in my college , i said "lets go today i have time. we become ready at 10 am ,i have wore tight @jeans and shirt,mammi wore salwar and kameej of red colour, then we go to amritsar and first we have taken rest in a restaurent then gone for marketing but till evening mom has not taken any thing we are just roaming edhar udhar, then we gone a garments shop, after 3 h bargaining she has taken some sarees blouses and some underg arments and she was very chosy about her panty and bra, in that shop only girls are there so i got hard in my lund then i adusted my lund and mom has seen me doing this and smiled.
Then is 9.30 pm, we went to station and bought to II class tickets, there was very few persons was there then train comes and we went to our boggy .our boggy was like that there is no interconnection between with other boggy because late nght only that old train runs,because TTs don't need to chek tickets ,when we entered the boggy five persons were siiting in one compartment , we gone in other compartment then mom becomes annoyed she said" u were saying that there be no persons in boggy ",i said that" ye log 10 minute me utar jayenge agle station par".aur vaisa hi hua wo after 10 m utar gaye, then speeds up very fast ,mom walked aroun all compartments and then come to me said"ha u are right they have leaved". then she asked me when the next station comes ,i said" trian will iony stop after 3 hhours on next station .and train keeps on speeding .then mom say that she wants to try the new clothes.
i surprised and says"ghar chalne ke bad dhek lena",she said"tum mard log nahi jante ho ki aurto ko naye kapde pahanane ka kitna sok hota hai"then i took out the bag in which her undergarments and saree was ,she took it and goes to the loitrin side and asked me to come there as she says that she is scared of dark. yet in that side enough light is. then i sit on front of her she stood on the gate side .first she removed her kameez,now she is standing only in salwar and in her blouse, i got hard in my lund , then she removed her salwar also, ab who mere samne nearly nangi khadi thi and also noticing a big bulge in my pant we smiled, then she removed her bra and also panty and throw it to me ,it make me more aroused now i am going out of controlled,meri chodni wali pari mere samne nangi khadi hi so mera lund bhi tambu hota jara tha,phir bhi meri ma innocent ki tarah behave kar rahi thi, tab wo mere pas akar boli wo blue wali panty nikalo ,mene nikal kar dedi, (meri ma ka nam maya hai,ab se mai use maya kahunga)maya ki garm sas mere face pe ase lagi jaise me use chod raha hu, phir bhi maine apne pe contorll rakha.phir usne apni panty pahni, wo bhut tight thi,aur thik se bur ko cover nahi kar pa rahi thi,phir maya ne phucha "kaisi lag rahi hai"maine kaha "ye to choti hai".
"to pas se ake dekho kitni choti hai",main maya ke pas gaya"ye to teri bur ko bhi nahi cover kar pa rahi hai" to maya ne kaha " iseleye to le hu,aur isme kya karabi hai teri paint bhi to tere lund ko cover nahi kar pa raha hai, isleye to tambu ki tarah tana hua hai" maya ke ase words sunkar mera jo dhoda hesitation tha wo bhi chala gaya, aur maya ne kaha thik hai"agar ye thik nahi hai to main ese utar deti hu,lekin tm bhi apne lauda ko freee kar do"tab maine apni paint turant utar di aur apna lund ko hath me lekar hilane laga. aur maya bhi puri nangi ho gayi.tab wo ak slut ki tarah mere ko dehne jagi.aur apne lips ko bit karte apne boobs dabne lagi aur main bhi uske samne hi muth marne laga,to maya ne pucha ki "tum kab se muth marte ho""jab se tumko nanga dekha hai "to wo apni cunt ko rub karne lagi. maine pucha tum kab se "muth marti ho""jab se tere papa ne choda hai""to kya ab wo nahi chodte hai"she becomes much bolder,main apna hila raha tha aur main bhi pura nanga ho gaya.aur aur maya ke boobs dabane laga.wo boli"jab se tere papa ka buisness large hua hai wo mere ko satisfy nahi kar rahe hai,isleye main muth marti hu",
she asked " kya tum mere ko chodega "maine kaha "maine to tudhe bahut dino se chodana chahat tha bus hilakar rah jata tha""to ab roj tere se hi chuugi ,bol kaise chodega""meri fantasy hai ki maiin tere sath gandi gandi bate kar kar kar chodu, kya teri bhi kuch fantsy hai""ha mai loitrin me chudna chahti hu"tab main use pakdkar uske mame dabye aur cunt me ungle ghusakar bola"such such bata kitne bar chudi hai" maya boli" jab main 16 sal ki thi to mere classmate ne mere ko mere ghar pe choda tha""to phad diya hoga usne tere ko.acha teri bur kaisi hai kya usme bhi ungli dalti hai""ha matherchod tera lund bhi dalungi,ab bahut bate kar liya ab chal mere ko chod""sali randi ab apne bete se chuddddddddddd"mai aur maya loitrin me ghus gaye phir maya mera lund pakadkar chosne lagi aur boli mere ko piss karna hai "maine kaha mere muh me kar usne mere muh me pisab kar di .phir mainekaha mere ko bhi piss karani hai ,esbar mai use bahar laya aur bola"is bed pe so ja mai tere ko apne piss se nahawahuaga."phir maine uske muh per ,uske gand me ,bur pe,chuchi pe,piss ki, phir se hum loitrin main aa gaye"ab mere ko mat tarsa ab chod me mughe"
"mai tere ko jyaja peresan nahi karonga kyoki tu meri ma hia chal tang ugha per phle mere lund ko khada to kar tu meri randi banane wali hai to meri liye nach kar bhi dhika de"phir maya apni gand hil hila kar chuchii ragad kar loitrin me hhi nachne lagi aur mere lund ko muh me dalkar mere lund ke do balls se khelene lagi maine bhi uske boobs dabane laga aur chuuci ko bite kiya to wo boli"kya bus upar hi maza lete rahoge kuch niche bhi karo ""accha meri randi "phir maine apni ak ungli ukse bur me bhi dal di aur uske bur se bahte rus ko chaka"teri bur to bahut rasli hai"maine kaha."ha bahuto dino se kisi se nahi chudi hai."unse kaha."oooooooooooooo mere lund ka pani nikal raha hai""to mere muh me dal de mai pi jayugi "maya bilkul real whore ki tarah ho gayi thi ,mai aur bhi aroused ho gaya ki jiske liye mai muth marta tha aj use choduga,aur mere lund ka pani uske muh me chod diya ,dhoda bahut uske boobs pe aur face pe bhi laga diya,vo boli"tera lund ka juice to tere papa ke juice se bhi mota hai"phir mera lund shrink kar gaya.
main kaha "ab tu mere lund ko phir se khada karegi thabi chodne me maza ayega" ,wo boli "bol teri rand tere liye kuch bhi karegi",maine kaha"pahle to apne ko meri rand bol,ye sunane me maza ata hai",sali boli"mai apne bete ki randi hu ,uski rakhel hu,mai apne bete ki randi hu ,uski rakhel hu,mai apne bete ki randi hu ,uski rakhel hu,mai apne bete ki randi hu ,uski rakhel hu,usse roz chudungi ukska lund choosungi"phir maine loitrin ki deewaro par dekte hue kaha "dekh kya kya bana hua hai ,ak ak karke enka matlab samjha,meri rakhel"aur mai uske boobs per apna lund ragadne laga aur uski bur me do ungli dal di...maya boli"aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh aur ghumayo mere bur me ,wo lund aur bur ka photo hai,usme lund bur me ghusta hai,wo lips lund ko choose rahe hai,aur maza kar rahe hai" phir wo mere lund ke forskin ko uper karke uski choch chatne lagi aur mera land pole ki tarah khada ho gaya"ye to 9 inch ka hai ,jaldi se mere master apni kuttia ke bur me apna rod ghusa do" usne apni tang basin ke sahare uthaya aur maine apne lund ka pic uski bur pe ragane laga.achanak se train aur tej hui aur dhakke se mera lund pura uski bur me chala gaya"oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh aur jor se s chhhhhhhhhoooooooooodo mujhe meri chut bur ki pyas bujha dooooooooo"main aur tej tej uski bur ko chodane laga "sali bhosdi ki tera chut se nikla tha teri chut ko chod raha hu"hum dono extreme me the mere lund aur uski bur ka pani se suki chut wet ho gayi thi."aur chod mthercho phad dal sale apni ma ki chut me ghus ja",aur wo apne cunt ko ragad bhi rahi thi.
achanak se train slow hone lagi aur ruk gayi,maya ne kaha "sale harami tune kaha tha train 3 h se pahle nahi rukegi to kaise ruk gayi"main suke bur me pel hi ja raha tha,maine kaha "ye jarur koi chota station hoga ,line nahi milane se ruk gayi hogi"to tu koyo ruk raha hai", tabhi boogy ka door khula " maine loitrin ka door band kar liya aur apna lund bina puri chudai kiye nikal liya ,mai dhekraha tha ki mammi puri khus nahi thi,maine kaha"dhek ke ata hu phir chodunga"aur mai apne kapde pahan kar bahar nikal aya,dekha tt a 60 sal ki budhi ko boggy me bhaithakar chal jata hai,aur train phir se spedd pakad leti hai,lekin wo budhi loitrin wale door ki taraf hi muh kar ke bhithi thi,iseleye maine soch ki thik nahi hai ki kisi ko pata chale,ye sochkar ki ghar me mammmi ko chodange waha pe to kio nahi rahega .mai loitrin me chala aya,mammi apni akhe band karke teen ungli se in out kar rahi thi,maine mammi ko sab kuch bata diya ,wo bahut guss hui "is sali ko abhi ana tha thik se mai chud bhi nahi payi," aur apna salavar aur kameez pahan kar bahar chali ayi.
mai age tha ,chudai ki vajah se maya ke bal bikhere hue the ,bindi bhi gir gayi ghi,to wo budhi comment marte hue boli"beti ,apni salwar ka nada to thik kar lo.ki train me bhi chudas lag jati hai aur kisi se bhi chudte rahti hai aj kal ki ladkiya" mammi uski taraf muh kar ke gusse se boli"mai kisi se bhi chudi ,tere ko kya pherek padta hai,sali ak to yaha aka sari chudai ka maza barbad kar diya,ab salah deti hai,aur ye mera beta hai,jo mukhe chod raha tha ,aira gaira nahi" wo budhi boli"sail, randi,tere ko apna beta hi mila tha gand marwane liye""hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mera beta hai mere ko chodta hai ,tere gand me koiyo kujali ho rahi hai" tab meri ma aur bhi jaya gussa ho gayi aur jor se mere ko bulay"ccchhhhhhhhandan,bete ighar aa sali ki bur bahot kujala rahi hai to ab mere ko iske samne ho chodega"aur meri paint koh di aur mera lund nikal li aur apna salwar nikal ke budhi pe phekte hue mera lund apni gand me ghusa diya,aur maine bhi jor laga kar chodne laga,aur ye sab dekh kar laga ki budhi be horny ho gayi aur apne sare kapde nikal kar mammi ki bur niche se chatne lagi"mai es mamle me bahut expert hu jisse chahegi usse chudyaugi tuje "phir maine us budhi ko bhi choda aur mammi us budhi ka cunt chossne me maza le rahi thi,
mai bhi kus tha ki muumm i sab se chuengi"mammi sab se chudegi na nahi to ye budhi bolegi ki tere ko chudwane bhi nahi ata,"mammi ne kaha "ha bete sab se chudegi teri ma ," aur kuch der tak hum teeno akdosre ko chodte rahe ,phir budhi ka station a gaya vo apna pata dekar utar gayi wo sonagachhi ki randi thi pahle,aur boli ki jab kabhi bangal ana to apne bajar me hum ko kush kar degi. phir hum log bhi apne kapde pahn liye aur delhi station per utar gaye,aur taxi lekar ghar chale aye ,taxi me bhi mai uske bur se khelta raha ,aur wo mere land se,ghar pahute hi hum ne 1 h tak ak dusre ko chumte rahe ,maine uski bur ,cunt chati,aur usne bhi mere lund ko daso bar chata us rat.aur phir main use do din lagatar chodta raha ,college bhi nahi gaya,chuod kar sote phir uthate phir chudai karte .in dino me mammi ne kah diya ki wo kisi se chudne ke taiyar hai.ab wo real rakhel,aur randi ban gayi hum log hamesa nange rahte the ghar me ab se ,koi aa gaya to kapde pahnete the,aur jab kisi ko bhi man karta tha chudne ka apne comp per blue film laga kar chudai karte the,maine mammi ko har tarah se choda ,nahate hue ,khana banate hue ,hagte hue,piss karte hue,ak din me bis bar chodta hu
koi bhi jo chudna chahta hai mere ko email kare ,mai sab ke liye taiyar hu,dirty bato ke liye bhi aur mera email id true ,and u will surely a sexy respond. email me at free77ash@yahoo.com
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Bete ke dost ka lauda

2011-Apr-19, 11:19
Bete ke dost ka lauda

Dosto ye kahaani meri apni hai,ye mere jeewan ki sabse bari sachaai hai,jisse kai baar dukh bhi hota hai aur kabhi kushi,mujhe lagta hai ki aap log hi mujhe iss asmanjas se mujhe nikal payege.ta ab mai kahaani ka main part start karti hou. Sonu ke papa delhi rahte the,aur mai ghar apne bete sonu ke saath,delhi me,apne pati ke bagair rahna bahut hi mushkil tha,mai apni sex ki bhookh ko bhi nahi bujha paati thi,mai raato ko kaafi tadapne lagi aur hath se hi kaam chalati thi aur apne aap ko shaant kar leti thi ,par mujhe jaldi hi mahsoos hua kid ki mujhe ek aadmi ki jaroorat hai,mai kaafi udaas rahne lagi,tabhi meri najar ek ladke par padi wo tha bittu ,wo bahut hi gara ladka tha uski umar kareeb 23 saal kid thi,dikhne me kafi sundar tha,aur tha ekdam gora. Bittu aksar mere bete se milne ke liye aata tha,dikhne wo bada hi seedha tha,lekin mere saath wo kaafi ghul mil gaya tha,wo mujhe aunty kah kar bulata tha,. Mai use jo bolti thi wo use maan leta tha ,mai jaanti thi ki wo meri bahut ijjat karta tha,par mai ab mann hi mann usse chudwaane ke bare sochti rahti thi,lekin mai chahti ki pahal wo kare, ab jab bhi ghar aata tha mai uske saamne kaafi open ho gayee thi blouse se pallu gira deti thi ,kameej par chunni nahi leti thi ,kabhi uske patto par hath se ragar deti thi,usse sir ki joone bhi nikalwati thi jisse wo mere booboo ka aankho se rass paan kiya karta tha,aksar wo dopaher ko mere ghar aata tha , uss samay jab sonu college jaata tha,mai soo rahi hoti thi aur bina capade sawaare usse baate kiya karti thi,ek baar maine haatho me mehndi laga rakhi thi aur mujhe paise nikaalne the jise mai blouse ke ander bra me phasa ke rakhti thi, maine bittu ko blouse ke ander se paise nikaalne ko kaha ,wo thoda dara par par usne apne haath ko ander daal ke bag baher nikal liya ,uske hath mere booboo ki golai ko choo gaye the.is tarah maine use kai baar aage badne kaa invitation diya par wo samajh nahi paya. Ek din maine bittu ko apne bete ke saath blue film dekhte hue dekha ,dono apna land haath me liye hue the ,bittu kaa lund ekdum gora tha aur mota bhi tha.uska lund lamba bhi tha aur aage ki aur muda hua tha ,maine sonu ka lund bhi dekha uska lund kaafi choota tha aur kaala bhi ,agar mujhe dono me se kisi kaa lund chunna pade to mai shayad bittu ka hi pasand karoogi kyoki uska lund sonu ke lund ke mukaaable kaafi bada aur soonder tha jisse har koi chuusna bhi chahegi. Jis din se maine bittu kaa lauda dekha tha mai paagal ho gayee thi ,bittu ka lauda ekdam goora tha ,nase bhi saaf dikh rahi thi,mai uske laude ko choosne ko paagal ho gayee thi,,mai uska saara maal bhi peena chahti thi,mai sochti thi kaash wo mera pati hota to shayad meri roj gaand maarta aur mujhe chodta ,mere pati ka lauda to ab khada hi nahi ho pata hai ,bittu ka lauda ekdam ghode jaisa lamba tha aur mai ab ghode se chudne ko taiyaar thi.
Bete ke dost ka lauda
Diwaali ke 3 din pahle sonu ko chandigarh jaana tha,uske jaane ke baad mai ghar me akeli rah gayee,maine us din ghar ke saare bartan dhoone ke nikal diye, maine us din ghar kid safai karne ka plan banaya tha, achanak bittu aa gaya aur sonu ke bare puchne laga,maine use bata diya ki wo bahar gaya hua hai tabhi wo jaane laga ,maine bittu ko awaaz di jiska jawaab usne turan ji auni ji kai ke diya ,maine bittu ko safai me saath dene ke liye kaha aur wo maan gaya, maine use kaha ki wo short paint pahen le aur baniyaan bhi,usne kaha ki koi baat nahi underwear hi pahen lo,usne kaha ki aanti mai paint ke niche underwear nahi pahnta hoo, tab mujhe hassi aa gayee , maine kaha koi baat nahi mai sonu ki shorts deti hoo ,maine use safed rang ki short di jo kaafi loose thi,maiine kale rang ka blouse pahen liya au niche petticoat pahen liya ,mera blose itna deep aur tight tha ki mere boobo ka 80% part baher dikhta tha aur baher nikalne ko taraste the bittu ne wo shorts pahni aur bathroom me aa gaya,wo jaise hi ander aaya mujhe dekhkar wo dang rah gaya,uski najar mere blouse par hi tiki hui thi, wo baar baar mere gore aur bade boobe dekh raha tha ,maine blouse ke niche bra bhi nahi pahni thi ,aur paani padne se mare booboo ka akaar aur nipple saaf dikhai de raha tha,uska lund ne shorts me hi tambu bana liya tha,mai uske khade lund ka aakaar saaf dekh paa rahi thi, par anjaan banne kaa natak kar rahi thi. Maine thodi der baad diwar saaf karne bahaane bittu ko bulaya aur kaha ki wo table pakre aur mai table par chad ke diwaar saaf karoogi, lekin mai girne se darr rahi thi ,isliye maine use kaha ki wo paroo se table ko pakde aur mujhe hatho se pakde taaki mai girne se bachoo,usne apne haatho ko mere chutdo ko pakar liya dheeri dheeri maine mahsoos ki uske hatho ki pakar mere chutdo par majboot ho gayee,uski ungliya mere mote chutdo me gus rahi thi uska land mere ghootno se takraa raha tha, tabhi mera heetth chat tak nahi pahuch paa raha tha isliye maine uske kando me baithkar safai karne ko kaha ,maine apne chutad uske kandhe me rakha aur usne apne hatho se meri chutdo ko pakar liya mia samagh gaye ki usko kaafi majaa aa raha tha. Khana khane ke bad mai t.v. dekh rahe the maine kaha meri skin bilkul rukhi sukhi ho gayi hai ,to bittu ne bola uspar makhan lagane se soft ho jayedi to maine kaha me to thak gayi hu kya tum muje laga donge bittu ne kaha kyo nahi to usne freeze me se makhan nikala aur muje diya, bittu ne pahele mere hatho ko makhan lagana suru kiya ,uska lund to pura khada ho gaya tha maine sleevless nighty pahan rahkhi thi jo two pees thi bittu kaha apki nighty gandi ho jayegi ,to maine kaha utar do jo bhi tumhare bichme aaye use nikal do bittu ne nighty ko utar diya to uske undar dusara peace tha jo adha nanga tha upar se pith bilkul nangi ho gayi .thi aur niche se ghutane ke niche vala bhag saf dikhai de raha taha.

Ab bittu tang par makhan langana suru kiya dhire dhire makan lagata jata vaise main madhosh hoti jati thi ab wo khutano ke upar pahoch gaya aur meri mulayam makhmal jaisi janghe ab to uski uski aanko ke saamne thi aur maine ki sans bhi jor se chalne lagi thi. Tabhi maine ne kaha tumhare kapade bhi gande ho jayede use bhi utar do bittu kaha mere hath to makhan vale hai me kaise utaru to maine kaha me utar deti hu maine uske night dress ke shirt ko nikal diya badme paint bhi utar di ab wo sirf nikar me hi tha ,ab bittu pith par makhan lagana suru kiya lekin nighty ka dusra piece bich me aa raha to usne use bhi nikal diya ab mai sirf bra me hi thi ab bittu pith par makan lagana suru kiya to maine kaha bra bhi nikal do bittu bra bhi nikal di mai ulti soyi huyi thi es liya wo booboo ko nahi dekh rahe the ,tabhi bittu ne kha ab palat jaiye to mai palat gayi ab mere bade bade boobe saaf dikai diye, pahale usne meri pet par makhan lagaya meri dunni bahut gaheri thi aur pet bahut mulayam tha . Usne to mere pet par makhan lagate lagate mere boobo tak pahoch gaya ab mai jyada intejar nahi kar pa rahi thi jaise hi usne boobo par makhan lagana suru kiya mere muh se aah. Nikal gayi maine kaha jor se lagao pura masal dalo mere boobo ko aur mere muh se awaz nikal rahi thi a… H u… Sh lagao mere raja muje pura masal do ab to bittu bhi pure josh me aa gaya aur mere boobs ko dono hatho me le kar masal raha tha aur nipple ko pakad kar masal raha tha ab usne boobs ko masal te masalte mere hotho ko chusana shuru kiya usko lambi kiss ki shyad 10 minut tak uske hotho ko mere hotho me rakha aur andar se apni jib uski jib ko laga rahi thi.badame mere nipple ko muh me liya, mai bol rahi thi choos dal mere boobs ko pura ras nikal le ,badame bittu ne meri yoni par makhan lagana suru kiya mai to ajib ajib si awaz nikal rahi thi ueeeeeeeeeema ufff auch ahhhhh badame bittu meri yoni ke upar ka makhan chatna suru kiya ,mere se ab raha nahi ja raha tha ,bittu ne apne hatho se makhn utha kar meri nipple pe lagaya aur choosne laga. Ab bittu ne mereko apne hatho me uthakar bedroom me le gaya aur bed pe bitha diya.usne lauda pakadkar mere muh me dal diya aur mai chusne lagi.ab uske muh se aavaj nikal gayi chuso mera pura chus dalo. Mai mast ho chuki thi, ab maine uske lund ko apne hath me le liya, aur sahlane lagi boli tera bhi ye bahut bada hai lagta hai puri masti aayegi. Aur use jor jor sahlane lagi, phir usne mere ko upar utha diya aur apne lund ko mere boobs ke beech me daba liya aur boobs ke beech me dabakar masalne laga, bittu bhi mast hua ja raha tha bittu ne bhi apni anguli meri chut me ghusa di thi, mai boli… Ah … Oh..kya masti aa rahi hai re aaj mast kar de.ab to mujhse bilkul nahi raha ja raha tha tab bittu ne jhat se mere boobs ke nipple ko jor se dabaya mai chillayi aur boli chal re ab jaldi kar aur bittu ne jhat apna lund meri chut par rakha aur ek jhatka lagaya to land sarak kar andar chala gaya. Bittu mujhe ko jor jor se kiss karta gaya aur dhakke lagate gaya. Tabhi mai boli phad daal meri bur ko beta kas kas ke chod apni aunty ke bur ko . Mere yeh kehne se usme josh aa gaya ,bittu ne phir se dhakka lagake mere pura ka pura lund ko meri bur me ghused diya mai is baar jor se chilla uthi. Aaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaahh aaaaaahhhhhhh hhhhhhhah hhhh h hhhhhhhh ahahh hhhhha aaaaa ha hhhhhhaa ahhhhhhhahhhhh oooooooo oh h hhh hhhhhh h hh uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiuuuuuu uuuu uui iii ii wo samaj gaya ki uska pura lund bur me ghusad chuka tha. Mai boli bittu sah nahi pa rahi hu beta tumara lund bahar nikal do. Usne kaha ki aunty tumne khud mere lund ko dawat diya he to land ki bhukh mitne ke baad me yeh bahar nikaloonga. Mai bad me kuch boli nahi.. Bittu lagatar dhakke laga raha tha. Aisa 15 se 20 minute tak me meriko isi position me chodta gaya. Aab meriko bhi maja aa raha tha mai aapne gand ko uchal uchal ke mujse chudwa rahi thi bittu ne meri bur ko jor se chodna suru kar diya. Thodi der baad meri jhar gayi. Or saant pad gayi. Usne piche jake pichhe ki taraf se chut me apna lund daal diya. Is baar uska lund ek hi dhakke me pura ka pura meri chut me chala gaya. Bittu ne mere khule balo ko pakad liya jaise koi ghodi par sawar hota hai aur bittu mere balo ko hath me lekar khichta hua dhakka marne laga mai jor se cheekh uthee, “uiii ma, dhire dhire bittu.” Par bittu ne meri bat parr koi dhyan nahee diya aur lund ko peeche kheench kar jordar shot lagaya. Uska lund jor jor se andar bahar hone laga ,mai cheekh uthee. Bittu ne aage ko jhuk kar meri chunchee ko pakar liya aur unhe sahalane laga.dabochne laga lund abhi bhi pura ka pura chut ke andar tha. Kuch der bad wo mere ko pichhe se chodta kamar me hath dalkar boobs ko jor jor se dabane laga. Meriko ghodi banakar chodne me bara maza aa raha tha. Ab meribhi siskaree bharte hue maza lene lagee. Meri mastee dekh kar bittu bhi josh me a gaya aur dhire-dhire apni raftar barah dee. Aur merike balon ko apne hatho me le liya uska lund ab puree tezee se andar-bahar ho raha tha. Mai bhi puree tezee se kamar aage peeche karke uske lund ka maza le rahee thee. Lund aiese andar-bahar ho raha tha mano engine ka piston. Puree kamare me chudai ka thap thap ki awaj gunj rahee thee. Jab mere thirkte hue chutar se uski janghe takratee thee to lagta koi tabalchee tabale par thap de raha ho. Hum dono hi paseene paseene ho gayee the par koi bhi rukne ka nam nahee le raha tha. Mai bittu ko bar bar lalkar rahee thee, “chod lo mere bittu chod lo apni aunty ko. Aaj phar dalo isse. Bittu mere sher, aur jor se bittu aur jor se. Phar dalee tumne meri to.” Bittu bhi humach humach kar shot laga raha tha. Pura ka pura lund bahar keench kar jhatke se andar dalta to mere mou se siskari nikl jatee. Mera lava ab niklne wala tha. Udhar wo apni manzil ke pas tha. Tabhi bittu ne ek jhatke se lund nikala aur meriko chit lita kar meri bur me jar tak apne lund ko dhans diya. Mai ske liye tair nahee thee, bittu mere badan ko puri tarah apni bahon me samet kar danadan shot lagane laga. Mai bhi samhal kar jor jor se ahhh uhhhh kartee huee chutar aage-peeche karke apni bur me mera lund lene lagee. Hum dono ki sans phul rahee thee. Akir mera jwalamukhi fut para aur bittu merise chipak kar uski ki bur me jhar gaya. Hum dono usi tarah se chipke hue palang par let gayee aur thakan ki wajah se so gaye.
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Aunty ki maalish

2011-Apr-19, 11:18
Aunty ki maalish

When I was searching a bachelor accommodation in Delhi few years
back, I could find a house on 2nd floor. This was an old constructed
house having 3 bed rooms. All the three rooms open in the open air
and there was only one toilet and a small bathroom. For washing
clothes, one has to wash clothes under the sky and there was no roof
on this top floor. This house was occupied by the landlord and his
wife. And they agreed to rent out one room to me. Very soon, I have
become just like their family member. The landlord used to say that
I was just like their son as they do not have any issue. I used to
call them uncle-ji & aunti-ji They used to offer me food or tea but
I was not accepting due to hesitation.
The landlord was a gentle man in his fifties, short height and very
thin. He was having his sweet shop on the ground floor. His wife was
around 45 years old, very fair, taller than her husband. She must be
5'6", very fair complexion but she was very fat and must be weighing
around 85 kg. I think her figure could be 44-34-42.

The landlord used to leave at around 7 AM and I used to leave around
10 AM. I was working from Monday to Friday whereas sweetshop keeper
used to work all seven days. But land lord used to come up for
breakfast and lunch. One day when I was taking bath I notice that
aunt was peeping into bathroom. I ignored this said nothing. But
something started cooking into my mind. Next day I deliberately kept
the door little opened and started removing my clothes. I knew that
she was watching me. I removed my last clothe and started taking
bath. I took lot of shampoo in my hand and started rubbing against
my cock. It was fully erected and I was moving its foreskin back and
forth. I became out of control and masturbated in front of her
thirsty eyes. When I came out, the aunt was not there.

On Saturday around noon time, I saw from the window of my room that
aunt was washing clothes sitting outside the bathroom under the sun.
That time she was wearing a white blouse and white petticoat and she
was completely wet. Her big melons were almost exposed due to low
cut blouse and because it was totally wet. She was aware that I was
watching her but she was pretending if she was ignorant my presence.
She then opened purposely two blouse buttons and started washing
again. I became very horny. I could not control and stopped reading
newspaper. I removed my kurta and baniyan and started watching her
very carefully. She was smiling singing and washing clothes. She
used to watch me for a second and ignore me deliberately as if she
was not aware of me. Then she suddenly stood up and made a knot of
her wet and open hair. To my surprise she opened the complete blouse
and sat down and started taking bath there only. She was marvelous,
very white and a big pair of boobs with nice dark nipples. They were
juicy melon of 44 D. I started rubbing my cock.

She was rubbing her body mainly on boobs and reading my face. She
stood up again and unrobed her petticoat. Oh my God! What a
voluptuous lady she was! Very huge breasts, very big buttocks and
swollen pubic area. It was beautiful love triangle but hairy. She
also put shampoo on it and started fingering in. She was moaning,
enjoying it and at the same time noticing my reaction. I knew she
was ready and hot and I could do whatever I wanted but I was very
shy then. I could not dare to go to close to her. I was just rubbing
my cock very hard. Then she wrapped a towel around and
shouted, "Babbal ! ek minute aa na". I went out side in my pyjama
only asked her, "Han auntiji kya hua?" She was watching my tent pole
bulging in my pyjama but only said, "Meri kamar me lachka agaya hai,
tu jara ye kapade sukha de. Mujhse yeh balti nahi udhegi." I told
her to go and relax I would do that job. After doing this job I went
to her room asked her, "Ab dard to nahi hai'. I knew that both of us
were doing drama.

Aunt : Han dard to bahut hai, tu zara tail ki maalish kar de to aram
mil jayega.
I : Theek hai auntiji , kahan rakha hai tail?

Aunt : Rasoi me se liya. Aur sun, zara main darwaza bund kar de,
kabhi koi aa jaye.

I locked the main door and brought oil from kitchen and asked
her, "kahan lagaun?" According to her advice I sat down on floor and
she lied down on the floor on stomach. She put her face in my lap
and put her hand around my waist and told me to apply oil on her

I : aise kaise lagaun. Toliya to hatana padega.

Aunt : Thoda sa neeche kar de.

I responded to her request. She was enjoying massage and at the same
time she was rubbing my cock with her chin and nose. She was
caressing my hips also. I got fully aroused. I asked her with
naughty smile, "Auntiji agar aap seedhi let jay to main aage bhi tel
laga doon." The she obeyed me. I again said, "Aunti, aese to mera
pyzama chikna ho jayega."

Aunt : to ise utar de na, sharmata kyo hai.

I removed my pyjama and I was now only in my underwear. And it was
bulging out. She smiled and lied down on the floor. I applied oil on
her boobs and massaged her gently. It was my first experience with
any woman. I had to use my both hands to fondle her one boob as it
were so big. I was feeling as if I were in heaven. I was fully
enjoying her fondling and she was also enjoying.

Part - I (Contd...)
Aunt : Mujhe bahut maza aa raha hai. Tujhe bhi aa raha hoga?

I : Han auntiji, maine itne bade mamme to picture me bhi nahi dekhe?

Aunt : Tune kissi ladki to nanga nahi dekha kya?

I : bas aaj aap ko hi dekha tha pahli baar.

Aunt : To tu mujhe chhup chhup ke kar dekhta hai. Ab jab tune mujhe
dekh hi liya to hata de yeh toliya aur poore shareer ki maalish kar

I got thrilled and I removed her towel and started massaging her but
mainly her boobs and her hairy cunt.

Aunt : Tujhe meri choot kaisi lagi.

I : Bahut sexy hai. Lekin baal bahut hain.

Aunt ; Tujhe pasand nahi to saaf kar de meri jhante.

I went inside my room and brought my shaving kit and shaved her
pussy. She examined her cunt by hand.

Aunt : Are wah ! Aisa lag raha hai jaise main solah saal ki ho gayi
hoon. Baabbal, zara mujhe ek baar apna lund to dikha.

I removed my underwear and she started playing with it.

Aunt : Kitna jawan lund hai tera. 12 inch ka to hoga?

I : Nahi, khara hone ke baad yeh bus 11 inch ka hot hai. Uncle ka
bhi itna hoga?

Aunt : Us buddhe ka to chhota sa hai aur patla bhi. Usse bara to
Ravi ka hi hai.
(Ravi was servant in their shop).

I : To kya aapne Ravi ka dekha hai?

Aunt : Han, do char baar chudwaya hai us se. Par tera lund to kamal
ka hai.

I : To aap chuso na ise?

Aunt : Kya? Lund koi chusne ki cheez hai kya?

I : kya aapne kabhi lund nahin chusa?

Aunt : 45 saal ki ho gayi hoon maine to kabhi suna bhi nahi. Han
janwaro ko jaroor idhar udhar muhn marte dekha hai.

I : To aapko 69 position ka bhi pata nahi hoga? Aapne kabhi blue
film bhi nahi dekhi kya?

Aunt : Woh kya hota hai?

Oh my God, she was raw lady from some village but what she was doing
in this metropolitan. In order to teach her I lied down on her
voluptuous body putting my face on her cunt and my cock on her face.
She declined to suck it. I told her that I was going to lick her
cunt but I would stop if she did not reciprocate. I ran my fingers
on her pubic area, I opened her cunt lips with my tongue rubbed her
pussy and clitoris and started licking vigorously - pushing my
tounge inside her pussy hole, sucked her pussy lips. She had started
enjoying and moaning. Then I stopped and asked her to suck my tool
if she wants more fun. She immediately started sucking it and I also
resumed. We were in perfect position 69. Soon she came into my mouth
only and I drank her entire cunt juice.
Then I warned her that I can come any moment. She did not listen to
me and kept sucking my cock like lollypop. She was looking like mad
and sex starved. I came in her mouth and to my surprise she drank
every drop of it. My cock became limp and I stood up. Aunt asked why
I stopped. I told her if she wanted more she has to make it erect

She took my cock and slowly moved the foreskin backwards - and
started stroking and sucking again. When it was erected again, I
moved little closer to her so that my cock was between her boobs. I
advised her to hold the melons tightly wrapping my cock and started
pumping up and down. I was enjoying the boob-fucking with this sex
goddess. I rested my hands on her shoulders. She was watching it and
was looking for opportunity to take in her mouth again. She
sometimes opened her mouth so that my cock could enter her mouth. I
was fucking her between her breasts and mouth at the same time.

Aunt : Kitna maza aa raha hai.

I : Par ab main teri choot chodna chahta hoon.

Aunt : To kisne roka hai, chod do meri choot.

Then I put my cock in her loose cunt that was very warm and wet. In
the first stroke itself, it was all in. I started pumping vigorously.

Aunt : Ohhhhhh Ahhhhh zor se jhatkey de. Aur zor se. Aur zor se. Zor
se chod meri choot aur zor say. Ahhhhhh itna maza meri chhot ko
kabhi nahi aaya. Mere mammo ko put de. Masal de. Bheench ke phor de
in gubarron ko. Phar de meri choot ko. Iske phatte chakh de.
Ahhhhhhh maarte ja maarte ja meri choot ko. Bahut piyasi ho rahi thi
yeh, jab se tera lund dekha hai bathroom mein. Apni auntiji ko randi
bana diya tune. Ab chod meri choot. Matherchod, chod chod chod aur
zor se chod. Harami ki pille muth mat mara kar, bas mujhe choda kar.
Karte ja, ruk mat bas lora pelo meri phuddi mein.

Listening to these sex noises of high volume, I started fucking her
more hardly. My cock was going in and out in her pussy. After few
minutes I took out my cock from her cunt and asked her ride on me. I
lied down and she sat down over me and adjusted my cock in her cunt
and started jumping up and down and making her usual noise Ahhhhh,
Ooooooh. My hands were on her big hips and I was sucking her huge
melons. After a long time we came together. My cock and balls were
totally wet with our combined sex juices.

It was my first and nice experience in Delhi and then I never
thought to leave Delhi. Now I am settled in Delhi.

It was going great with my Makaan Maalkin. On one Sunday she told
me that she had narrated this matter to her sister Saroj and she is
coming from Punjab today and wanted to see me. Saroj is a widow who
is teaching in a school in Ludhiana. Her husband expired soon after

I : Woh mujhe dantne ayegi kya?

Aunt : Tujhe kyon dantegi?

I : Kyonki main uski bahan se maza le raha hoon?

Aunt : Isme kya? Main bhi to maza le rahi hoon.

I : Kya woh bhi maza lene aa rahi hai, Punjab se?

Aunt : Shayad, haan

I : Kya woh bhi sexy hai, tumhari tarah?

Aunt : Khud hi dekh lena. Par main kahan sexy hoon?

I : Itne bade tumhare mamme hain aur itni badi gaand hai. Aur sexy
kise kahte hain?

Aunt : Phir to tumhare maze aane wale hai. Kyon ki woh mujhse bhi
jyada moti hai.

I : Jawan hai?

Aunt : Bus 35 saal ki hai. Saroj mujhse 10 saal chhoti hai.

We were just talking that there was a knock on the door and Saroj
came in with a big suitcase. It was very hot summer and she was
totally wet with perspiration and I started looking at her. A tall
lady with extra super big boobs and extra duper buttocks, she was
wearing white Punjabi suit with a sleeve shirt inside. Saroj
embraced aunty. I saw her ass that was like two big footballs
pressed together. Saroj seems to be very frank with her sister.

Saroj: To, aeh hi munda tai, jisde baare to gal kar ri si.( So this
is boy, you were talking about)

Me and aunty felt very shy and just smiled.

Aunt : Pehle tu naha dho le, kha-pi le. Bhir ye baatein karna.

Saroj : Aaho ji. Nahane dhone, khane peene wasde to ai hoon ( Oh
yes, I have just come for bath and eating and drinking). Chalo ek
saah nahate hain.

Aunt : Tu to badi besharam hai.

Saroj : Aur tu, kam hai? Ki kah ri si phone te.....lun chusan
wich... phuddi chatan wich bada maza aya.( What you were saying on
phone...you enjoyed cock sucking and cunt licking...)

I was shocked with her frankness.

Aunt: Chup ho ja, kuchh sharam kar. Tere Jijaji aane wale hain. Uneh
kuch nahi pata chalna chahiye.

Without saying anything, I came to my room and started dreaming
about Saroj Aunty. After two hours, Aunty came to my room and asked

Aunt: Kaisi lagi Saroj?

I : Bahut garam maal hai. Mere baare me kuch kaha kya?

Aunt : Han Kah rahi thi ki tera kirayedaar to bara mast aur sexy hai
tera kaam to ho gaya, mera bhi jugad kar de. Chalo tumhare uncle
khana khake dukaan par chale gaye hain. Jaldi Aao.

I: Ok, aata hoon, par aapki bahan ko koi bada lund chahiye.

Aunt : Tere lund se bada bhi ho sakta hai kisi ka? Poore 11 inch ka
hai? Zindagi bhar yaad rakhe gi... is chudai ko.

I : Tum apni chhoti bahan se aisi baatein kaise kar leti ho?

Aunt: Asal mein hum dono ne bachpan mein apne maa baap ko chudai
karte dekha tha. Tabhi se hum ghul mil gaye. Baad meri Shadi ho gayi
lekin tumhare uncle se mujhe maza nahin aata tha. Saroj ko meri
preshani malum thi. Phir kuchh din baad Saroj ki shadi ho gayi.
Saroj ne do char baar apne pati se mujhe bhi chudwaya. Jab tumne
mujhe naye naye tareeke se choda to maine Saroj ko bata diya.Ab wo
tumse chudna chah rahi hai.

We came aunt's room where Saroj was relaxing on the bed. Her all
buttons of shirt was open. Half of her giant boobs were popping
outside and inside sleeve was already removed. I continued to see
her for 2 minutes and forgot that aunty is watchimg me.

Aunt: Kya pahle kabhi aurat nahi dekhi kya?

I : Dekhi hai par aisa maal nahi dekha?

Saroj : Main tannu Maal dikhdi hoon?

I : Nahi Saroj ji asli maal to aapne chhupa rakha hai.

Saroj : Keda maal, Babbbal ( Which Maal)

Aunt : Main dikhati hoon.

Aunt interferered and and removed Saroj shirt and there after her
salwar. No panty was there. She was totally naked. To me she was the
sexiest women in this world. She has an awesome figure of 48-36-
48.She is big and true voluptuous. Her tits were amazing jugs. Her
boobs are another wonder of this world.

Aunt: Dekho maal hi maal. Ab chod de ise.Iski choot bahut dino se
phudak rahi thi.
Saroj : Babbbal, waise to mai badi sharmili hoon, par ki karan....
is phuddi da? barso te pyasi hagi? Mere karib aa na.

Aunt : Shuru ho jao aur maja lo. Babbbal, iski aisi chudai ksaro ki
yaad rakhe. Saroj, jo bhi chusna hai, chuswana hai ...gi bhar kar

Saroj invited me with open arms. I embraced her kissing her lips,
necks and valley between her mounds. I started touching her boobs. I
could hold her single boob with my both hands. I got excited to feel
such big and sensuous melons.

Saroj : ....hai..hhh.me...mar...gayi...ye.kya.....oh..oh...yes....put
de mere mamme...... zor naal. dooje nu bhi put de. phor de in
gubaron nu. oooooiiiiiii maaaaa zor sey aur zor sey
choosoo meray raja, mere puttar kinna maza ….hai rabba …. kiya
choosta hai re tu….ho tum plz don't stop
choosssooo meri chuchiya nu…..put de mere mamme ay…. .
zor sey chosoo.

I started fondling her boobs very vigorously, some time biting the
erected nipples.

Part - 2 Contd...
Saroj : Are holi holi chakh maro mere mumme nu.....khayega
ki...dooja muh wich le, anu hi choosda payega ki. mujhe ajj tak aisa
maza nahi mila, tum inhey zor zor sey chooso , yeah that's it
ohhh yes zaheeerrr zor sey

Aunty was watching and then she opened my pant down and started
playing with my cock still in underwear. Aunty pulled down my
underwear also and removed my shirt and started puncturing my
nipples on my chest with her nail. Saroj also saw my erected dick.
Her eyes got widened.

Saroj : oh zalim, ye ki hai…. lora hai ki ghora hai , kitta surkh
lal hai, wakai badda hai. oh zalim
kahan chupa rakha tha is lund ko ,is ko pyar karney key liay mein
kab sey mar rahi hoon
She got my dick in her hand.

Saroj : Kitta mota hai , ab to bara maza ayega.

I : Saroj aunty, please didi se bolo disturb na kare.

Saroj : Didi, tu pachhe ho. Manu poora maza len de. Tu to baad wich
bhi chudwa sakdi hai.

Aunt did not move a bit. She was trying to embracing from the back
and trying to reach for my cock. I pushed back aunty with my naked
buttocks. Aunty went back and removed her saree and blouse and
petticoat in a jerk and became nude in a moment. She started biting
her own big boobs and fingering her cunt.

Aunt :hai re karam jale kahan tha itne din. Saroj
aaj to tu chudwale.aaj sari dopahar iss se chud. hay ye
kaisa nasha hai.....me mar gayi..saale uske pichhe kya para hai meri choot ko nahin
dekhega aaj..main mar jaoongi.Babbbal teri to mauj ho
gayi. Ek saath do do maal.

I was feeling really lucky as I was with two big plump ladies with
very big boobs and very big and round ass. Saroj and I ignored
aunty. I sat on Saroj's legs and put my finger in the deep naval. I
was watching her clean shaven cunt from close eyes.
Saroj : Oh.......Aaaj hi iski shave karke chali si ghar tou.....
anoo chhoo na. (Oh I shaved it today only before leaving my house.
Please touch it)

I : Chhoone ki jagha main to ise chaatoonga.

She grabbed my head with both hands and pulled my face into her
crotch. She was getting horny. I started licking and sucking on the
various parts of her cunt. I licked her firm clit, sucked the labia.
She watched me for a few minutes, and then as she got more and more
excited. She was holding my head by my hair. My hands were still
pinching and pulling her nipples.

Saroj "Oh babbbal mauja hi mauja.....kitna maza ahh . Aur karo, manu
isdi laud hagi. Kitne barso te meri phuddi pyasi hagi.....anu
chooose de. Maine kadhi nahi chuswayi phuddi (I am enjoying it. I
need more. My cunt is thirsty for may years. I never have got my
cunt licked like this). Bas chheti chheti meri phuddi nu kha ja....
(Just eat my pussy .... be fast)

I left her boobs and pussy and stood up from her legs and sat on her
boobs with my buttocks towards her face. It was great to sit on
enourmous tits of the world. She tried to reach for my cock. I
lowered my face towards her wet cunt. In this pocess, I massaged my
cock on her boobs. I slipped first one finger into her cunt, and
then a second one. Aunty again interfered and lifted and straighten
my legs so that my cock can touch her lips....a 69 position.

Aunt : Saroj, babbbal ke lund ko choos. Choot chatwane mei dugna
maza ayega. Itna bada kabhi lund dekha hai. Dekh kaise khada hai.
Hachkole maar raka hai. Iski naso ko dekh... lal aur nile rang
ki....kaisi tani hai....

Aunty was demonstrating to her by taking my cock in her thirsty
mouth. Saroj was getting angry on her.

Saroj : Sali kuti, chhad anu... Tu chhadagi to main chosangi.

Aunty gave a fast lick on my pre-cum and left my penis. Saroj
started liking it and then took it at once in her mouth so that
aunty did not get a chance again to disturb her. But aunty started
licking my balls. Saroj used elbow to push her away.

Saroj: Piyo di phuddi, Meri maa ne kutte se chudwaya hoga, tab jake
tu paida hui hogi. Tabhi yeh kutti na lun chodti hai na tatte.

Saroj was mad won my cock and sucking it like sugarcane. I moved my
fingers faster and flicked my tongue over her clit as fast as I
Aunty moved a step back but come again. But this time she came near
to Saroj's cunt and kissed my lips and said silently so that Saroj
could not hear.

Aunt : Babbbal mujhse sahan nahi ho raha hai. Dekho, Saroj to lund
choosne mein mast hai. Tum meri choot chato. Saroj ki choot main
choosti hoon.

I: Please aaj itna mast maal hath laga. Isse chod lene do. Kal se
tumhe hi to chodna hai,

Aunt : Meri choot pagal ho chuki hai. Tumhe meri choot ka kuchh
jugad karna hi padega abhi, nahi to main mar jaongi.

Aunty started sucking Saroj's cunt pipe with full force and put her
legs on my shoulder. I was licking aunt's pussy and aunty was
fiercely putting two fingers inside her sister cunt. Saroj was still
busy with my cock was giving hell of a blowjob. I could not control
further. She was sucking my cock furiously that my throb was feeling
her throat. I told Saroj to leave my dick as I am near ejaculation
but she refused and increased grip on my shaft and started sucking
with extra power. I spurted whole of my semen in Saroj's mouth.
Saroj was gulping in down.

Saroj : oh babbbal meray moon wich chor do sara,….. main twadda sara
maal peeena chandi hoon.Mazaa aa gaya. oh ye ki tera lund chhota ki hon laga. meri
chhot ka ki hoga. Madarchod. Kutte de puttar.

Aunt : Tu fikar na kar Saroj. Main ise choose choose kar phi tyar
karti hoon. Iska lund phir khada ho jayega aur phir der tak tujhe
chodega. Sari khujli mit jayegi.

Saying that aunty started stroking my limp dick. Saroj also joined.
Both ladies were sucking my shaft and balls together. In few minutes
was ready again.

Saroj lied down on floor itself and spread her legs quit a bit.

Saroj : Bada shona hai tera lund….Tera lund itna badda kaise hai.
Teri maa nu gadhe ne choda si ya ghore ne. hoon tu meri phuddi wich
apna lund dal or chod manu. Changi nal chod manu. Zor nal. apna
tagda lund pel de phuddi wich.

I came over her dunlop body and sunk my cock into her. In the first
stroke it went fully inside as her cunt was already too wet. I was
sucking and biting her big boobs and pumping her hard. She was
churning her big ass below. I never enjoyed such a big woman under

Saroj : ui maa...fat gayi re meri choot...ki ghuser diya
re.....Meri choot da aaj bhosra bana ditta ...tussi bahut changa
chodte ho. Aur chod.... aur cod zor nal...aahhh ..Mere mammme kha
za..... chakh mar anu....put put kar inhe mere seene se alag kar de.
Kheench kar alag kar de.....Itna maza kadhi nahi aaya manu.....wah
kya chudai hai.....rab ki toba.....main to bas aaj ki mehman
hoon. chudwa kar chali jaongi.....phir to didi...... ko hi
Aunt : Haan Saroj tu chudwale achchi tarah se chudwale....meri fikar
mat kar.....main to roj chudwati hoon. Babbbal ka lund bahut mast
hai......dekh kaise unde bahar ho raha hai..

Saroj: ......aaa.....ahhhh......didi ...teri chut badi taqdeer wali
hai......main bhi zaroor koi lund dhoond lungi Punjab wich..... ek
bahut bada lund.....jo phuddi te hota hua munh tak aa jaye....Oh...
Maaa ..... babbbal tera ...lund......... bahut changa lagda
hai. ......hi... kitna achchha hai.....Ooooh...meri choot to lund se
labalab bhar gayi hai. aur chheti chheti karo........ zor zor
se .... aur zor
se......chodo .......hai...ohh...aur
chodo ....ye kya...ho..raha...hai......kaha se training li re
tune.....aisa maza zindagi me pehli baar
mila..........hai...... ....kya..chodta hai..re..tu...aisa maja to
pehli raat ko bhi nahi aaya.
oh....oh.....hai....main....mar...gayi....ye..kya ...ho..raha
hai.....ohffff....meri phuddi phar de......aaaahhhhh......choot...
phat jane de....i......are aur...chod....bahut maza aa raha hai.
main bahut khush hoon aaj mujhe
pata chala ki lund kise kahate hain …..aaahhhhh..,mar gayee chodo zor zor se dalo
poora lund phad do meri choot shabash babbbal .....haan aajao aur
bhardo mujhe haan andar aur andar jake aana mere sher mere mard ...
aaj mujhe khush kardo, meri
phuddi jee bhar ke chudo......mujhe andar tak phad do.... maza
aagaya, ab samajh mein aaya ki tum didi ne phone kyon kita si. ab
chodo speed nal.....hai rabba....hai rabba..……..main jharne wali hun
babbbal....... ruk jao.

Saroj used force to push me way and she took a turn. I had to stop
but I was not satisfied. I came on her back. And then I started
fondling her giant size but very round and nice buttocks. I asked
Aunty to bring some oil. Aunty poured oil on her ass hole and
massage my erected penis. I suddenly put inside her hole. It was too
tight. But I was pumping. Saroj started to moan in Punjabi and dirty

Saroj: Oh madar chod meri bund na mar, bahut dard honda hain. Assi
kadhi bund na marwayi...meri phat jayegi...main bekar ho jaungi...tu
nahi jhara to didi choot mar le.

I : Kaise chhod du? Teri jaisi gand kisi ki bhi nahi hogi.

Saroj : Didi mujhe bachao….oooouuuiiii
maaaa mujhe mar dala , uff bahar nikalo
plz aram se karo na. Aunty rubbed Saroj clit with one hand and with other hand's fingers
were inside the vagina.

Aunty : Babbal aj tak tumne mer gand kyon nahi mari. Ab meri gand
bhi aise hi marna. Saroj sach bata maza aa raha hai ki nahi.

Saroj : aho…..Hoon maza hi maza …. Choot se jyada…..

Saroj was getting out of control and at last she came with thrust
….I also came inside her….
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Beti Ki pyaas

2011-Apr-19, 11:13
Beti Ki pyaas

main kabhi nahin maanta tha ki incest sach ho sakta hai. lekin kuch din pehle maine dekha ki
incest ek sachaayee hai. aur ek baat baataoon.....incest is very erotic....more erotic than
normal boy-girl stuff. maine khud kabhi incest nahin kiya (darr lagta hai) , kiya hai toh
imagination mein.

kher, jo story maine likh raha hoon vo ek ladki ki zubaani hai.

Main bhavna, age 20 saal. main apne maa-baap ki akeli aulaad hoon. Hum gaon mein rehte theh. mere
papa kheti baadi karte hain. jab main choti thee toh papa ne mujhe gaon ke school mein daal diya.
vo school 12th tak tha. 12th ke baad maine papa se kaha ki main aage padnaa chahti hoon par
hamare gaon mein koi college nahin tha isliye mujhe shahar aana pada.shahar aakar mera admission
ek girls college main ho gaya aur main shahar mein hi ek girls hostel mein rehne lagi. papa zyada
pade-likhe nahin hain isliye unhone mujhe kaha tha ki padaee ke maamle mein main jaise theek
samjhu karloon.

Shahar aa kar main toh hakki-bakki reh gayee. Shahar ki ladkiyon ke kapde dekh kar mujhe laga ki
mujhe vaapas gaon chale jaana chahiye...kahin main shahar ke mahaul mein bigad na jaaoon. lekin
phir socha ke mujhe toh padaee se matlab hain naki mahaul se. papa kabhi shahar nahin aaye theh.
mera admission karane bhi main apni school ki madam ke saath aayee thee. agar papa shahar aate
aur yahan ki ladkiyon ke kapde dekhte toh shayad mujhe yahan kabhi na padne dete.

Hamare gaon mein ladkiyaan sirf salwaar suit hi pehentee thee aur vo bhi kaafi loose. Shahar mein
toh kisi ladki ko loose ka matlab hi naihn pata tha. Jise dekho tight @jeans, tight t-shirt,
sleeveless shirt, skirt, aur agar salwaar kamiz toh vo bhi bahut tight. Yahan tak ki hamare
college ki teachers bhi blouse pehenti toh deep cut aur kuch teachers toh saree navel ke
neeche baandhtee thee. Lekin main toh vahi loose salwaar kamiz pehenti thee. Shahar main jahan
dekho deewaron par adult filmo ke poster lage hote theh jisme hero-heroine nange hokar pyaar kar
rahe hote theh. Hamare hostel ki lobby mein ek t.v. bhi thaa. Kyoonki hamare gaon mein t.v. nahin
tha isliya mujhe t.v. chalana nahin aata tha lekin hostel mein ek ladki ne mujhe sikha diya. T.V.
par ads, filme aur gaane dekh kar main heraan reh gayee. Mujhe laga kitni gandagee hai shahar

In sab cheezon ne mere andar ek ajeeb see halchal machaa dee thee. Roz raat ko sote waqt main
yeh sochti thee ki shahar mein itna nangapan kyun hai. ek din hostel ke t.v. par main akeli hi ek
film dekh rahee thee. film mein ladka ladki ke hoton par kiss karta hai. maine socha kya hoton
par bhi kiss hoti hai. phir ladka ladki ke mouth mein apni jeebh daal deta hai aur dono ek doosre
ki jeebh chaat-teh hain. Yeh sab dekh kar mujhe kuch hone laga aur maine t.v. band kar diya.
Lekin socha dekhtee hoon kya-kya hota hai so tv phir se on kar diya. ab ladka ladki kee shirt
oopar karke uske pet par kiss kar raha hota, phir vo ladki ki shirt utaar kar uske breast dabane
aur choosne lagta hai, phir ladki ki @jeans nikalta hi, phir kachchi(panty) aur phir uske taangon
ke beech mein chaat-ne lagta hai. phir vo apni pant utaar kar apna lund ladki ki choot main daal
kar aage-peeche karne lagta hai. Yeh sab dekh kar meri haalat kharab ho gayee aur main tv band
karke sone chali gayee. aisee film roz aati thee aur mian roz hee dekhtee thee. Maine notice kiya
kee yeh sab dekhne mein mujhe maza aata hai aur sochne lagi ki asli mein sex karne mein kitna
maza aata hoga. Ab mujhe pata chala ki shahar ki ladkiyaan erotic kapde kyon pehentee hain...asal
mein unhe sex mein maza aata hai aur vo usse bura nahin maanti.

Hamare college ki kuch chutiyan huin toh main gaon chalee aayee. papa mummy mujhe dekh kar bahut khush hue. kuch der tak meri padaee ke baare mein pooch kar papa khet mein chale gaye aur main mummy se baaten karti rahi. dupher hui toh mummy ne kaha :
mum : bhavna, main tere papa ko khet mein roti dene jaa rahi hoon
main : laao mummy, main de aati hoon, bahut dino se apne khet bhi nahin dekhe, kheton ki bhi bahut yaad aati hai
mum : theek hai, tu hi de aa, pehle bhi toh too hi jaati thee
main papa ka roti ka tiffin lekar khet mein chaldi. Papa khet mein sirf lungi pehente theh. Papa ko maine pehele bhi aise dekha tha lekin aaj pata nahin mujhe andar se kuch ho raha tha. Papa ki achi-khasi muscles thee aur chest chaudi. Papa chera masoom tha. Papa ne lungi apni navel ke neeche baandi hui thee aur unka poora badan paseene se bhara tha. papa zameen mein faavda(tool to dig groung) chala rahe theh.
Main : papa
Papa : arre bhavna, tu
Main : papa roti laayi hoon
Papa : apni mummy ko hee aane deti, too safar karke aayee hai, thak gayee hogi
Main : nahin toh

Phir papa roti khane lage. Main papa ke badan ko dekh rahi thee. Pehli baar mujhe eshsaas hua ki mere papa kitne muscular hain, kitne chaudi chest hai aur chest pe baal kitne achche lagte hain aur navel bhi pyaari hai. Main sochne lagi yeh mujhe kya ho gaya hai, bhala koi beti apne papa ko iss angle se dekhti hai, par kya karoon, control nahin hota. Jab papa roti kha chuke toh main khet se wapas aate waqt yeh hi sochti rahi ki yeh mujhe kya ho gaya hai, mera dil kuch karma chahta, par kya karma chahta hai main yeh na samajh paayi.
Raat ko hum log zameen par hi chaadar bhichaa kar sote theh. Meri aankhon ke saamne baar baar papa ki body aa rahi thee. Main papa aur mummy ke beech soti thee, abhi main unke liye bachee thee.
Raat ko sote waqt mujhe laga koi mere stanno (breast) par haath pher raha hai. Phir dheere dheere vo haath mere stanno ko dabaane lage. Mujhe bhi maza aane laga. Phir vo haath mere taangon (legs) ke beech mein rub karne lage, mujhe laga ki yeh mere papa hi hain..main unki chati par haath pherne lagi aur unki lungi utaarne lagi..unhone meri salwaar nikaldi..phir meri kachhi (panty) …aur meri choot ko jaise hi unhone kiss kiya … meri aankh khul gayeee……dekha toh yeh mera sapna thaa..papa toh ek taraf so rahe theh…..
Lekin meri taangon ke beech mein sach mein aag lagi hui thee. Kya ek beti apne baap se sex ka sapna bhi dekh sakti hai ? Ek taraf toh mujhe guilty feel ho rahi thee toh doosri taraf mujhe mazaa bhi aa raha tha.
Kher, agle din dupher ko main phir papa ko khet pe khana dene gayee.
Papa : le aahyee khana
Main : haan papa, chalo kaam choro aur pehle khaa lo
Papa khaane lage
Main : papa, mere college mein sab ladkiyaan naye naye kapde pehen kar aati hain, aur main wohi puraane
Papa : toh beti naye kapde silwalo
Main : gaon se har baar silwati hoon, is baar shahar se silwaloon ?
Papa : kyon ?
Main : shahar mein kapdo ki quality gaon se achchee hai aur paison ka koi khaas farak nahin hai, meri college ki saheliyan vahin se silwati hain
Papa : theek hai, jaate waqt mujhse paise leti jaana aur silwalena lekin jab agli baar gaon aa toh naye kapde apni maa ko dikhana zaroor
Main : theek hai..

Agle din maine shahar wapas jaana thaa. Papa ne mujhe paise de diye theh. Jab main chalne lagi toh us waqt papa khet mein theh.
Main : mummy, main jaane se pehle papa se khet par mil ke aati hoon
Mum : koi baat nahin beti, unhe pata toh hai hi ke toone jaana hai
Main : koi baat naihin, bus ek minute mein aati hoon
Main khet mein papa se milne chali aayee. Papa as usual sirf lungi mein theh
Main : papa
Papa : arre bhavna
Main : papa main jaa rahi hoon
Main papa se lipat gayee aur emotional hokar boli
Main : papa mujhe aapki bahut yaad aati hai
Papa : beti yaad toh humein bhi bahut aati hai tumhari
Main papa ke nange badan se lipti hui thee…papa ki peeth par haath pher rahi thee..mere stann papa ki chest ke touch mein theh..
Papa : beti mere paseene se tere kapde kaharab ho jaayenge
Main papa se aur kus ke lipat gayee aur halke halke apne breast papa ki chest se ragadne lagi
Main : papa agar mujhe aapki bahut yaad aaye toh main kya kiya karoon ?
Iss ragadaayee mein mujhe bahut maza aa raha tha…papa kya samajhte…vo bahut bhole theh
Papa : jab bhi tumhe bahut yaad aaye toh kuch dinno ke liye gaon aa jaayaa karo
Ab main papa se alag hui lekin apne haath maine papa ki chest par pherne lagi
Main : jald hi hamari college ki kuch aur chutiyaan hongi toh main aa jaaongi…….achcha toh ab chalti hoon
Papa : achcha beti….khush raho
Khush toh main apni tamanaa poori karne par hi hoongi…maine dil mein socha
Shahar aakar bhi main papa ke jism ko naa bhulaa payee. Itni baar toh papa se sapne mein sex karte hue meri choot geele ho jaati thee
Maine faislaa kar liya ki meri pyaas ko mere papa hi bujhaaenge
Maine agle din lady tailor se suit silwaaye..maine kameez ko tight silwaya aur salwaar ko bhi…maine kameez ko kafi deep-cut silwaaya aur saamne kuch button rakhwaye….phir mainE ek shop par jaakar ek skirt , tight aur chota top aur ek maxi (fully covered nighty) lee.
Mujhe yeh pata thaa ki kuch dinno baad mummy apne maaike chali jaaengi aur do weeks se pehle nahin aayengi.
Maine college se do hafton ki leave lee aur aur chaldi gaon………
Aaj maine apna purana gaon wala kameez-salwaar pehena tha in case mummy na gayee ho toh….Shaam ko gaon pahunchi toh ghar mein koi nahin tha. main khet ki taraf chaldi. Ab khet ki fasal meri height se oonchi ho gayee thee isliye koi khet mein asaani se dikhta nahin tha…Maine socha yeh bhi toh achcha hi hai
Itni oonchi fasal mein maine papa ko dhoond hi liya
Main : papa…main aa gayee
Main papa se jaakar lipat gayee….aur haan..papa sirf lungi mein theh.
Papa : arre beti, tu kab aayee
Main : abhi abhi, pehle ghar gayee thee toh wahan koi naa tha
Main apne breast papa ki chest se ragadne lagi….maza aa raha tha
Papa : teri mummy apne maaike gayee hai….
Main : kab gayee mummy
Papa : aaj subeh hi toh…usse pata hota ki tone aana hai toh ruk jaati
Isiliye toh main shaam ko aayee hoon….tum kya jaano. Main papa ko aur kus ke lipat gayee
Papa : bhavna tum toh kuch zyada hi udaas rehne lagi ho
Maine socha sab kuch abhi karne se kaam bigad sakta hai….aakhir ek baap apni beti ko itni asaani se nahi chodega…mujhe apne papa ke dande ko apni choot ki taraf dheere dheere aakarshit karma hoga. Main alag hui
Main : haan papa, ghar ki yaad kuch zyaada hi aane lagi hai…kher, main ghar chalti hoon aap jaldi aa jaana
Papa : theek hai..

Ghar aa kar main plan sochne lagi. Mujhe pata tha ki agar main ek dum se open ho gayee toh baat bugad saktee hai….main chahati thee ke papa khud hi bebus ho jaaye aur unhe lage ki iss kaam ke wo khud bhi responsible hain. Maine socha saara kaam kal se shuru kiya jaaye. Raat ko haum baap-beti ek saath toh soye lekin maine kuch nahin kiya…aur papa ne kya karma tha, unke liye toh main beti ke alaava aur kuch na thee. Main raat ko bhi wahi purane salwaar-kameez mein soyee.
Agle din subeh maine papa ke liye nashta banaya
Main : papa main dupher ko khet par roti le aaoongi
Papa : achcha..
papa ke jaane ke baad main nahaayi aur apna shahar mein silwaya hua tight , deep-cut suit pehna.
Dupher hui toh papa ka khana khet par lekar chaldi…main toh excitement se maree jaa rahi thee. Mere deep-cut kameez mein se mere ubhaar (breast) kafi exposed theh…button kholne ki der thee ki ubhaar saaf dikhte…bra to aaj maine pehnee hi nahin thee.
main : papa
papa : bahvna, le aayee roti
Mera suit floroscent green color ka thaa…jab papa ne mujhe dekha toh vo thode haeraan se hue…aakhir apni beti ke ubhaaron ki jhalak pehlee baar mili thee
main : chalo pehle kha lo
papa : toone kha liya ?
main : mujhe abhi bhook nahin hai
papa roti khane lage
main : papa, aapne mera suit nahin dekha
papa : haan, rang achcha hai…par kya yeh thoda tight aur chota nahin hai..
main : chota…kahan se ?
papa : saamne se..
main : saamne se ? kahan saamne se ?
papa : saamne se…mera matlab hai…chaati se..
main : ohh..chaati se, nahin toh, yeh toh shahar mein aam hai
papa : kya tumhe college mein aise suit pehene dete hai
main : sab aise pehente hain……balki yeh toh kuch bhi nahin..
papa : koi mujhe bata raha tha ki shahar ka mahaul aisa hi hai
main : haan vo toh hai…lekin mujhe toh apne par control hai
papa : achchi baat hai beti….tujhe apne aap ko aise mahaul se bachaa ke rakhna chaiye
papa ne roti khaa lee toh main ghar jaane ke liye chali, do teen kdam par hee maine per (foot) mudne (sprain) ka bhana kiya aur gir gayee
main : ooohh……papa..
papa bhagte hue aaye
papa : kya hua beti ?
main : papa..per mud (sprain) gaya..bahut dard ho rahi hai
papa ne mera sandal nikala aur dekhne lage
papa : kahan se muda hai…kahan dard ho rahi hai ?
main : oohh..papa….bahut dard ho rahi hai
papa : chal ghar chal….koi davaa laga le…chal beti khadee ho
main jaise hi khadi ho kar thoda chalne ki koshish ki toh phirse gir gayee
papa : arre, kya hua beti…chala nahin jaa raha
main : nahin papa…chalne mein toh aur bhi dukhtaa hai
papa : beti, thodi koshish kar, ghar jaa kar davaa laga kar hi dard khatam hoga, ghar toh jaan hi hai, hena….
Main phirse uthi , thoda chali par phir gir padi
Main : nahin papa, mujhse bilkul nahin chala jaa raha
Papa : phir toh tujhe uthaa ke hi le jaana padega
Yehi toh main chahti thee…papa mujhe uthaaein…unka ek haath meri taangon ke neeche aur doosra haath meri peeth ke neeche…aur main unke nange jism se chipki hui…
Jab papa mujhe uthaa rahe theh toh maine jaldi se apne suit ke saamne ke button khol diye…aur mere aadhe se zyaada ubhaar bahar aa gaye..
Ab main papa ki goad mein thee aur meri chaati khula darbaar bani hui thee
Main : papa bahut dard ho rahi hai
Papa ne meri taraf dekha toh unki eyes pehle wahin gayee toh main chahti thee……mere ubhaaron ko dekhte hue bole
Papa : bus beti ghar chal ke sab theek ho jaayega
Maine jhoot-moot mein aankhein band karleen aur dekha ki papa ruk-ruk kar meri golaaiyaan (breast) dekh rahe hain……..kisi baap ke saamne uski beti ki aadhi chaati nangi ho toh vo bechara khul ke dekh bhi nahin sakta……
Papa ne mujhe uthaa rakha tha, isliye meri hips papa ki penis ki height par thee….suddenly mujhe hips par kuch hard feel hua….main samajh gayee yeh kya….mere papa ka lora…….aaj baap beti kitne paas hokar bhi kitne door theh….dande aur ched mein mushkil se chaar inch ka faasla tha
Ghar pahunchte hi papa ne mujhe litaa diya……meri aankhen band thee….par chati toh khulee thee
Papa : beti ghar aa gaya hai
Main : papa, kuch karo na..dard ho raha hai
Papa : almaari mein davaa rakhi hai…main lata hoon
Papa disprin ki goli laaye aur saath mein paani. Paani peete waqt maine jaan-moojh kar paani apne breast par girne diya….ab mere aadhe nange ubhaaron par paani tha. Maine goli le lee aur phirse aankhein band karke let gayee….papa baar baar mere ubhaaron ko dekh rahe theh….jawaan beti ke geele ubhaar….baap kare toh kya kare………………………………………………………maine socha itna kafi hai abhi ke liye
Main : papa, aapko jaana hai toh jaao, khet mein kaam poora kar aao, ab dard mein pehle se farak hai
Papa : theek hai….main jald hi kaam karke aata hoon
Maine socha kaam karke aata hoon yaa kaam karne aata hoo…….
Raat ko papa aaye toh main thoda chalne lagee thee
Papa : beti farak pada ?
Main : haan papa, thoda thoda
Phir humne roti khaayee…………
Ab mera jalwa dikhaane ka time aa gaya tha…maine shahar se lee hui maxi (fully covered nighty) pehenee…..is maxi ka advantage yeh tha ki yeh bina kuch expose kiye bhi sab kuch expose kar sakti thee….maine lipstick aur rooz bhi lagaa liya……..maxi pehen ke main papa ke saamne aayee toh papa mujhe dekh kar thode haeraan aur thode khush bhhi. Haeraan isliye ki unhone pehlee baar aisee dress dekhee thee aur khush isliye ki unki beti sunder lag rahi thee
Main : papa, maine yeh shahar se yeh kapde bhi liye hain..kaise hain ?
Papa : achche hain, par isme neend aa jaayegi ?
Main : aur kya, shahar mein toh ladkiyaan aur aurtein raat ko yehi pehan kar soti hain
Papa : achcha
Zameen pe bistar lag chukka thaa…..Main papa ke paas jaa kar baith gayee
Main : papa, jo davaa aapne shaam ko dee thee vo bahut puraani ho chuki hai aura uska asar nahin hoga
Papa : achcha..mujhe toh pata hi nahin tha…
Main : dheere dheere dard bad raha hai
Hamare gaon mein dard ke liye sarson ka garam tel lagate theh……mujhe pata tha ki papa mujhe tel lagane ke liye zaroor kahenge…nahin kahenge toh main khud kehdoongi……tel se hi toh saara raasta khulega
Papa : phir ek kaam kar, sarson ka garam tel laga le
Oh yes…
Papa : tu mat uth, main tel garam karke lata hoon
Papa tel le aaye
Papa : le beti, lagaa le
Main : laao
Maine maxi thodi see oopar ki aur haathon se thoda thoda tel lagaane lagee
Main : oooooo…..aaaaaaa…
Papa : kya hua ?
Main : tel lagaane pe aur dard hota hai……main nahin lagati
Papa : dard hona matlab iska asar ho raha hai….lagale beti…tabhi theek hoga
Maine thoda sa tel aur lagaya
Main : ooooo…..mujhse nahin lagega
Papa : iss waqt teri mummy ko yahan hona chiye tha….la main lagata hoon
Maine thodi see maxi oopar karlee…….papa mujhe per pe tel lagane lage
Main : oooohhh…..aaa…mar gayee….
Papa : tel se toh achche se achcha dard theek ho jaat hai…
Main : oooohhh…papa…dard poori taang mein aa raha hai
Main let gayee aur maxi aur oopar kar lee……maine apni doosri taang thodi oopar kar lee so that papa ko maxi ke andar ka scene dikh sake…….papa thoda sharma rahe theh aur thoda ghabra rahe theh
main : papa, thoda tel taang pe bhi laagaao……
maine apni taange khol dee aur dono ghutne (knees) oopar kee tarah kar diye jisse ki papa ko meri taangon ke beech mein se meri safed (white) kachchi (panty) dikhne lage…….
Ab papa ki nazar meri taangon ke beech mein se meri kachchi par thee
Main : ooo..papa…dard toh oopar badta jaa raha
Papa : beti himmat se kaam le….tel khatam ho gaya hai…main aur garam karke lata hoon
Tel toh thanda ho jaayega….par baap beti toh garam ho rahe theh
Papa : main aur tel le aaya…..bhavna yeh kaam teri mummy ko karna chahiye…..
Main : theek hai toh aap chordo…..dard thodi der se hi sahi par apne aap hi theek ho jaayega
Papa : nahin, kabhi kabhi baap ko hi maa ka dharm nibhana padta hai….chal bata kahan lagana hai
Main : papa, dard doosri taang mein bhi ho raha hai….aap dono taangon par lagaa do
Papa meri dono taangon ke beech mein baith gaye aur tel lagaane lage
Main : papa ghutno par bhi lagaa do
Papa : beti tel lagne se tere yeh naye kapde toh kharab nahin honge
Main : ho sakta hai…..main thoda oopar kar leti hoon
Maine maxi thighs tak oopar kar lee…………ab meri knees oopar..taangein khuleen….maxi thighs tak…aur papa meri taangon ke beech mein….meri choot unke face ke seedh mein…
Main : papa, aap tel bahut achcha lagate ho……kuch kuch aaram mil raha hai
Papa : teri mummy ki bhi dard hoti hai toh main hi lagata hoon…..isliye mujhe tajurba ho gaya hai
Main : achcha…papa ab main pet ke bal (with stomach towards floor) let jaati hoon aur aap taangon ke pichle bhaag par bhi achchi tarah tel lagaa do
Main pet ke bal let gayee….maine maxi thoda aur kar liya….ab maxi meri hips taka a gayee thee….mera maksad apne baap ko apni fleshy hips dhikhaane ka tha……meri taangein toh ek tarah se poori exposed thee…
Maine thoda sa mud kar dekha toh papa meri hips ko dekh rahe theh……..halaki meri hips abhi exposed nahin thee….

Cool Beti ki Pyaas Continue...
Main : ek baat bolu……is waqt aap meri mummy ho na
Papa : haan
Main : pehle mummy mrei sarson ke tel se maalish kiya karti thee, isliye meri hadiyaan mazboot thee, ab nahin karti toh hadiyaan naazuk ho gayee hain
Papa : ho sakta hai……….maalish toh karni hi chaiye
Main : toh agar aapko koi dikkat nahin hai toh aap meri maalish hi kardo……..agar aapko koi dikkat nahin hai toh, varna main ab chaar maheene baad aaongi toh mummy se kara loongi
Papa : ab tu chaar maheene baad aayegi………….is waqt main teri mummy hoon…kar toh deta hoon….lekin tu kisi ko batana mat……apni mummy ko bhi nahin
Main : kabhi nahin bataoongi…
Papa : phir main tel aur le aata hoon
Ab baat ban rahi thee…..garmi sahi nahin jaa rahi thee……lekin mujhe ab bhi lag raha tha ki papa ki niyat ab bhi saaf hai…..mujhe lag raha tha ki unke liye maalish ka matlab sirf maalish hi hai aur kuch nahin…kher ab main phirse seedhee let gayee (peeth ke bal)….amine maxi aur oopar karlee…..kachchi tak….
Papa tel lekar aa gaye
Papa : chal beti…..lagta hai aaj saara tel maalish mein lag jaayega
Main seedhe leti hui thee……maxi kachchi tak chadi hui.
Main : papa , maalish thoda kas ke karma……jaise mummy karti hain
papa meri taangon ki maalish kar rahe theh
main : papa maine shahar mein tv dekha
papa : achcha…kaunsi filme dekhee
main : usmein kya kya dikhatein hain main bata nahin sakti
papa : aisa kya dikhate hain
main : taangein baad mein kar lena…pehle oopar ka bhaag kar lo
papa : theek hai
main : main kapde oopar karoon toh aapko koi dikkat toh nahin hai……aap ek kaa karo…aap aankhein band karlo main apne kapde oopar chadati hoon
papa : haan, yeh theek hai….is tarah baap beti mein parda bhi rahega
my foot !
maine apni maxi apne galle (neck) tak chadalee….ab main apne papa ke saamne ek tarah se sirf bra aur kachchi main thee
main : ab aap tel ki katori ko mere side mei rakh do aur oopar aake mere pet maalish karo…jaise mummy karti hain
papa ne tel ki katori ek side mein rakhi….aur doggie style mein mere oopar aa gaye…ek haath zameen par rakha support ke liye aur doosre haath se mere pet par tel lagane lage…..ab vo mere saamne nahin balki oopar theh isliye hum almost face to face theh….
Main : haan papa..toh main keh rahi thee ki jo cheezein tv par dikhaaten hain vo aapne pehle kabhi nahin dekhi hongi
Papa : aisa kya hai ?
Main : lekin main nahin maanti ki vo sachaayee hai
Papa : kya nahin maanti ?
Main : vo dikhaten hain ki……….nahin main vo bol nahin sakti
Papa : bata na..aisa kya hai ?
Main : nahin…kaise bolu…..nahin bol sakti…
Papa : aisa kya hai jo tu bol nahin sakti ?
Main : main toh kabhi soch bhi nahin sakti ki asia bhi hota hoga ?
Papa : kya hota hoga ?
Main : karke dekhoon…..par aap bura toh na manoge ?
Papa : nahin manugaa.
Main : toh phir apna chehra idhar laao
Maine papa ka face apni taraf kiya aur unke hoton par kiss kar diya….papa ne aankhein khol lee….
Main : papa aapne kaha tha ki aap bura nahin manoge
Papa : mujhe yaad hai
Main :maalish kyon rok di….vo toh karte raho
Papa : kya tv par yeh dikhaatein hain
Main : haan papa….aap hi bataao , kya ladka ladki ek doosre se hnot (lips) milaate hain ?
Papa : maine toh nahin suna
Main : tv mein toh ladka ladki aise hnot milate hain jaise hnot se hnot ki maalish kar rahe ho………………papa yeh aap maalish kar raho ho yaa sirf haath pher rahe ho……achchi tarah karo….aap toh mere kapdo par bhi tel lagaa rahe ho……ek kaam karo……………..aankhein khol lo..
Papa : aankhein toh khol leta hoon lekin tum kisi ko batana mut
Main : kaha na…kabhi nahin bataoongi
Ab papa ne aankhein khol lee aur unki jawan beti almost fully nagni unke saamne unse maalish karati hui…….apni beti ka badan dekhte hi vo thoda sharma gaye…
Main : thode lambe lambe haath chalaao……………tv par toh ladka ladki ki hnoto se itni achchi maalish kar raha tha aur aap toh haathon se bhi achchi nahin kar rahe…
Papa : nahin aisee baat nahin hai…..ab main kas ke karta hoon
Papa ne lungi aur baniyaan pehni hui thee
Main : papa dekho na, aapki baniyaan par tel lag raha hai, yeh kharab na ho jaaye…..isse nikaal do
Papa : theek hai..
Aur papa ne baniyaaan utaar di….ab meri maxi mere bra se oopar thee, papa sirf lungi mein theh aur mere oopar chad kar mere pet ki maalish kar rahe theh
Main : papa…hnot se hnot milaanaa toh maine pehlee baar dekhaa hi…lekin isse badi cheez bhi dekhi….jo main nahin maanti ki aslee mein hota hoga
Papa : achcha…kya dekha
Main : bata nahin sakti….apna chehra idhar laao
Papa ka face apne haathon mein leke main phirse papa ke hnoto pe kiss karne lagi….kuch der tak hamare hnot aise hi ek doosre se chipke rahe…phir papa ne kaha
Papa : par yeh toh tu bataa chukee hai
Main : haan yeh toh bataa chukee hoon….ab jo karna hai vo karne mein thoda sa ajeeb lag raha hai…….chalo kartee hoon…laao apne hnot
Humne phirse kiss shuru kee. Ab maine apnee jeebh (tongue) papa ke hnoto par chalaaee aur papa ke mooh (mouth) ke andar daalni chaahi……papa ne halke se apna mooh khol diya…toh maine apnee jeebh papa ke mooh mein daal dee….
Main papa kee jeebh ko chaatne lagi……ab papa bhi apnee jeebh meri jeebh par ghumaane lage…unhone apnee jeebh mere daanton (teeth) par maaree…kuch der ek doosre kee jeebh choosne ke baad papa ne apna face oopar kiya….
Main : papa, achcha laga
Papa : maine toh yeh sab pehlee baar suna…..mera matlab pehlee baar kiyaa hai
Main : toh main kaunsaa roz karti hoon…maine bhi pehlee baar kiya, papa ek baat kahoon….aapkee jeebh hai badee swaad
Papa : achcha…..
Main : meri jeebh ka swaad aapko kaisa laga?
Papa : hmmm….
Main : yaad nahin toh phir chakh (taste) kar dekh lo
Maine papa ka face pakar kar apnee taraf liya aur apnee jeebh bahar nikal dee…papa meri jeebh ko chaat-ne lage…………is dauraan maine tel kee katoree se thoda tel liya aut papa kee peeth pat lagaane lagi…………………………….kuch der tak chaatne ke baad papa alag hue..
Main : papa, ab toh bataao kaisa hai meri jeebh ka swaad
Papa : achchaa hai………par tu yeh sab kisi se bataana mat
Main : bilkul nahin…papa main apnee maxi nikaal hi deti hoon
Maine apnee maxi utaar dee….ab main sirf bra-panty mein thee aur papa sirf lungi mein…
Main : papa..ab aap meri peeth (back) kee kaamish karo
Yeh keh kar main pet (stomach) ke bal let gayee. Papa ke saamne meri nangi peeth aur meri hips thee. Papa meri peeth kee maalish karne lage
Main : mere koolhon (hips) par lagaao tel….dabaa dabaa kar karo maalish…
Papa mere hips par tel lagaane lage…meri hips umar ke hisaab se badi hain
Main : papa, aap mummy ke koolhon (hips) par bhi maalish karte ho
Papa : haan…lekin ab toh uski maalish kiye paanch cheh saal ho gaye
Papa meri hips kee maalish bahut dabaa dabaa ke kar rahe theh………mujhe yaheen tha kee ab tak papa ka lauda pooree tarah kadak ho chukaa tha….
Main : papa, chalo ab aap thoda aaraam karlo…kaafee der se maalish kar rahe ho…kuch der main aapki maalish kar deti hoon
Ab papa let gaye aur main unke oopar aa gayee…maine haath mein tel liyaa aur unki chaati par lagaane lagee….papa kee nazrein mere badan pe thee…….unki jawaan beti bra panty mein unki maalish kar rahi thee
Main : papa aap anpnee lungi nikaal do toh main aapki taangon kee bhi maalish kar doon
Main jaanti thee kee papa ka lauda khadaa hoga
Papa : nahin beti…..mujhe toh maalish kee zaroorat hee nahin…tu oopar se hi kar le
Main : kyun papa…aaj aapne kachchaa (underwear) nahin pehna
Papa : pehna hai..lekin mujhe maalish kee zaroorat nahin..
Main papa ke oopar doggi style mein thee…unki chaati par tel lagaa rahi thee..
Main : oh….
Papa : kya hua
Main : papa vo haath chikne hain na isliye fisal gaye aur main aapke oopar aa padi….main thoda thak gayee hoon…thodi der aise hi raho
Papa : meri chaati par tel lagaa hai…tera kapda (bra) kharaab ho jaayegaa
Main : ab toh ho hee gayaa…jaane do…..lekin aapke haath khaalee hain..aap meri peeth ke maalish kar sakte ho
Ab papa lete hue theh, main papa ke oopar, apne breast papa kee chaati par dabaaey, aur papa ke haath meri peeth par tel mal rahe theh…dono mein garmee badtee jaa rahee thee…hum dono ke nange pet ek doosre se sate hue theh
Main : oohhh…papa….meri maalish karo…achchi tarah….
Papa : bhavna kya hum theek kar rahe hain..?....ek baap beti aise karte hain..
Main : (dheere awaaz mein) kaise…
Papa : jaise tu aur main kapdon ke bina ek doosre se chipke hue hain..
Main : kapde pehene toh hain…maine bra aur kachchi aur aapne lungi…..bachpan mein toh aapne mujhe bilkul nanga dekha hoga..
Main apne boobs papa kee chaati pe ragadne lagee…
Papa : bachpan kee baat aur thee…ab tu jawaan hai
Main : papa…kya aapko mera jism achcha laga.?...
Papa : par main tera baap hoon..
Main : hum jo bhi karenge main kisi se na kahoongi…..hum thoda sa hi karenge…ab bataao aapko mera jism achchaa laga ?...
Papa : haan….sach kahoon toh tere koolhe (hips) bahut akarshak hain…
Yeh keh kar papa mere hips ko press karne lage
Main : oooo…papa…badan se badan kee maalish ka maza hi kuch aur hai…mere koolhon ko dabaao…..
Papa : ooohh…bhavna…tere koolhe toh teri maa se bhi zyaada achche hain….
Main : papa….aap mere oopar aa jaao
Papa mere oopar aa gaye aur meri gardan (neck) to choomne lage
Main : ooooo….papa…..i lov you so much….main aapse kitna pyaar karti hoon yeh aap nahin jaante…….choomo…apni beti ko choomo
Papa : bhavna….tere badan ne mujhe paagal kar diya hai…
Main : aapki maalish ne mujhe bhi paagal kar diya hai…….
Papa ka ek haath mere boob par gayaa aur usse halkaa halkaa dabaane lage….veh meri gardan aur mera chehra choomte jaa rahe theh…..
Main : paappaaa….ooo….aapke chumban mujhe paagal kar denge……yeh aapka ek haath meri chaati par kyoon hai….kya karoge uskaa
Papa : jee chahtaa hai teri chaati ko masal doon..
Main : oyeemaa….jo karma hai kar lo…..meri chaatiyaan mere papa ke kaam nahin toh kiske kaam aayengee…..yeh bra baap beti ke beech mein aa raha hai…..nikaal do is-e….kar do mere santaron (oranges) ko aazaad..
Papa ne mera bra nikaal diya……vo meri chaati ko dekhte hi paagal se ho gaye….dono haathon se dono boobs ko dabaane lage…
Papa : bhavna….teri chaatiyaan santare nahin..naarial (coconut) hain….kitne bade aur bhare bhare
Main : oohh….dabaate raho…kitna maza aa raha hai….maine apne naarialon main aapke liye bahut saara paani bhara hua hai…….piyo na apni beti ka naarial paani….
Yeh kehne kee der thee ke papa ne mere stun (boob) apne mooh (mouth) mein le liye aur choooosne lage..
Main : uummm….aaahh….oooo…chhoooooooooooooooooos..oo……mere achche papa….dooth piyo mera…..
Papa aur zor se mere stun choooosne lage..beech beech mein mere nipples ko apne daaton (teeth) se kaat rahe theh………….jab bhi veh mere nips (nipples) ko kaat - teh , meri jaan nikal jaati..lekin maza aa raha tha..
Main : ooomaaa….saara dooth pee jaao mera….khaali kar do mere dooth ke katore….main aapki maa hoon, aur aap mere..bete ho…mere bete meri chaati se dudoo pee meri jaan…
Maine apnaa ek haath papa ki lungi mein daalaa aur lungi khol dee…….papa ne andar kachcha pehna tha…..papa mera dooth peeeeeeeeennnne mein magan theh..mere nips ko ruk ruk ke jeebh se chaat - teh….aur daaton se kaat - teh….
Maine papa ki lungi mein haath daalaa…aur unke hips ko masalne lagee…such kahoon toh mujhe papa ke hips bahut aakarshak lagte theh…main imagine kiya karti thee ke unke hips kitne bade aur kitne hard hongeh……
Maine papa ki saari lungi nikaal dee…ab papa sirf kachche mein aur unki beti sirf panty mein….mere dono haath papa ki hips par theh..
Main : ooo papa…aapkaa jism kitna kathor (strong) hai….
Papa : beti tere ang jitney mulayam hain mere ang utne hi kathor hain…tera doodh bada meetha hai…tu khud bhi cheenee hai…..
Baap beti ke nange jismon ka milan aur garam hota jaa raha tha…..papa ab mera doodh khatam kar ke mere pet ko choom rahe theh………………….vo meri naabhi (navel) mein apnee jeebh chalaa rahe theh………meri choot toh poori geelee ho chukee thee………….ab papa meri kaali panty ko choom rahe theh….
Main : ooohh….ppp..aappaa……..mmm….yy..yeh..aapnnne…kya kar diyaaa…hai……..mujhse ab aur sahen nahin hotaa…………aur mut tadpaao..oo……bujjjhaaa….bhujhaa do meri pyaas……..bhujhaa do apnee pppppyaari beti ki pyaaas…..
Papa : ab mujhse bhi aur sahen nahin ho raha…….
Yeh keh ke papa ne pehle meri panty nikaal dee…phir apna kachcha…..oh no…papa ka lauda dekh kar main ghabra gayee….itna mota……….
Papa : chal meri beti…..
Main : ohhhh…papa….kitna mota danda hai aapka…..mujhe bahut dard hogee
Papa : thodi dard toh hogee……lekin kuch der baad achcha lagegaa……..chal jaldi kar….dalvaa..
Maine aankhein band (close) karlee…..papa ne ek jhatke mein meri choot mein lauda daal diyaa……main dard se karaha uthee…
Main : oohhh…papa..main mar jaaoongi…..nikaal lo ise..
Papa : bus thodi der kee hi baat hai…….sabar ka phal bahut meethaa hoga….
Ab papa laude ko meri choot ke andar bahar karne lage…..aaage..peeche..aage..peeche….andar…bahar..andar..bahar………mujhe maza aane lagaa..
Main : aaahhh…..mere papa…..
Papa : ohh..bhaavii….meri jaan………mere laude ki bhookhee…..
Main : meri jaan….le le meri…..mere harami baap……..aaaa….ooo…..apnee beti kee le raha hai……itna mota danda hai tera….karta reh andar bahar…..aage..peeche..ffff…
Papa : aa..mmm……betii…..teri choot kitneeeeee..mazzedaar hai….jitna mulaayam tera badan hai..utni hi tight teri choot hai….
Main : aayee……..mmmmmmm…..tukkk..tukkkkkk…….letaa reh meri…aaahh…….meri jaaann…mere badan kee maalish toh bahut karlee…ab mere andar kee maalish bhi kar….oo..papa…kab se aapke laude ke liye mar rahi hoon……
Papa ne dhakke aur tez kar diye…
Main : aaaa…yehhhhhhhhh……..aur …..aur tez…….aur tez daalo papa…..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……….mera nikalne wala hai
Papa : ushhhhhhh…….eeeshhhh………aaaaa……..
Main :aa…………hhhhhhhhhhhh………mmmmmmmmmaaaaaaa……………aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Main poori mastee main…mera nikal gayaa….mujhe itna mazaa aaj tak nahin aayaa tha…..choot-rus nikalte samah mai toh janat mein pahuch gayee thee……………jab mera orgasm khatm hua toh papa ne meri choot se apna lauda nikal liya…aur meri choot ke oopar jhad diya….unkaa garam garam semen ka meri choot aur pet par girnaa bahut achcha lagaa……
Hum dono thak gaye theh…..isliye jhadte hi kuch der baad so gaye…..
Subah meri aankh khulee toh papa jag chuke theh…unke bathroom mein nahane ki awaaz aa rahi thee….main poori nangi thee par papa mere oopar chaadar daal gaye theh……maine jaldi se uth kar kapde pehne aur papa ke liye naashta banaane lagee….maine skirt aur tight top pehna tha…ghee khatam ho raha toh main shelf pe chad gayee drawer mein se naya packet nikaalne ke liye…….main shelf pe chad ke ghee ka packet dhoond rahi thee tabhee papa rasoi (kitchen) mein aa gaye….
Papa : kya hua…kya dhoond rahi hai…
Main : papa vo ghee ka packet nahin mil raha tha
Main shelf par khadi thee…papa zameen par……hamari shelf itni oonchee nahin thee isliye..papa ka face meri hips ki height tak tha…………………meri skirt kafi choti thee jisse meri taange nangi thee…………….papa dheere se mere paas aaye aur meri taangon par haath pherne lage….main toh ghee nikaalne mein busy thee….. papa ne apnaa haath meri skirt ke andar daal liya..aur meri hips ko press karne lage…..maine kuch nahin kaha…..kyun kehtee….. papa skirt ke oopar se hi meri hips pe kiss karne lage……unhone meri skirt hips se oopar kar dee…maine kachchi nahin pehnee thee……..meri hips pe kiss karne lage..
Main : oohh..papa….
Papa : bhavi….kal raat tere koolhon ka sevan (taste) nahin kiya……..
Papa mere hips/butts ko jeebh se chaat-ne lage………………………….papa shelf par meri taangon ke beech mein baith gaye aur meri choot par jeebh maarne lage…..mere jism mein se ek current sa dauda..
Main : uuushhshhhhhhh…..oohh..papa yeh kya kar rahe ho….
Papa : chup kar…..mujhe naashta karne de….
Main : meri choot ka naashtaaaa…..uuuummm…ooo……..chaato………….ek beti naashte mein apne baap ko apnee choot se zyaada aur kya de sakti hai……….aaaaaaaaaaa…pet bhar ke khaao apnee beti ki choot……ooyeee…………..haayy…..mere ppitaaaji………khalo apnee beti ki jawaan choot………..uuuuuffffffffffff………………..ispe aapkaa hi toh naam likha hai……meri choot mein apnee jeebh toh ghusssaao…….oooooooo…
Papa meri choot mein apne jeebh ghusaa ghusaa ke chaat-ne lage….
Papa : chal ab zameen par aa jaa..
Main shelf se utar ke zameen pe aa gayee……..papa zameen par baith gaye…maine khade hokar taangen khol lee…papa ne baith kar meri taangon ke beech apna mnooh (face) de kar kaha..
Papa : chal ab apne koolhe meri taraf kar..
Maine apnee hips papa ke face ki taraf kar dee
Papa : meri jaan ab tere koolhon ko chaknaa hai……ghutnon ke bal ho jaa
Main doggie style mein aa gayee jis-se ki meri hips asaani se khul jaayen……………………….papa ne meri dono hips ko pakad kar alag kara……aur mere hips ke beech ke bhaag mein jeebh maarne lage………………meri hips ke beech mein baal hain…..veh un baalon ko bhi chaat-ne lage…………dheere dheere veh mere peeche ka ched (asshole) chaat-ne lage……………….
Main : ooooohhhhh…..papa…..i ..love..you……….aaahh…kitna achcha lag raha hai……..iss ched ke baare mein toh maine khud bhi kabhi nahin socha……oooo……..apnee jeebh daalo ismein…..apnee beti ke har ko ched ko bhog lo…………
Main : janeman aap zara let jaao………….main aapke moonh ke oopar baith-tee hoon
Papa let gaye aur main papa ke mnooh ke oopar potty karne kee position mein baith gayee…………maine tv par 69 position dekhi thee………papa mera asshole chaat rahe theh…usmein jeebh de rahe theh….maine papa ki lungi utaar dee……unhone kachcha nahin pehnaa tha…….shayad soch kar aaye theh ki apnee jawaan beti ko phirse chodna hai……….lungi utaar kar maine papa ka kathor mota lauda haath mein ke liya………………phir thoda jhuk kar maine lauda apne mnooh mein le liya aur choosne lagi………………
Papa : aaaaaahhhhhh………….bhavi………yeh tone kahan se seekhaa……………yeh toh teri maa neb hi aaj tak nahin kiya
Main : papa seekha kahin nahin….socha jab aap naashta kar rahe ho toh main bhi naashta kar loo…………….jab main aapka danda choostee hoon toh aapko kaisa lagtaa hai ?..
Papa : bahut achchaa lagtaa hai………choostee reh..
Main phirse papa ka lauda choosne lagi aur papa mera peeche ka ched…………………kuch der baad
Papa : chal beti………..chaatnaa aur choosna bahut ho gayaa……ab ghusaane wala kaam kiya jaaye……….chal apne dono haathon aur ghutno par ho jaa……….ghodi (horse) ban……………
Main : kyun saale…….ghusaane ke liye ghodi banne ki kya zaroorat hai
Papa : tere peeche ke ched mein ghusaana hai….
Main : saale kahan kahan ghusaaeygaa……….
Main ghodi ban gayee…………………papa ne apna lauda mere tatty ke ched pe rakha aur dheere dheere andar karne lage………mujhe dard ho raha tha par main ab kuch bhi rokna nahin chahtee thee……isliye socha dard seh liya jaaye……papa ne poora lauda meri gand me daal diya………main dard se karraha uthee..
Main : ohhh……harami baap…..kya kar diya yeh………meri jaan nikal dee…ooooo….uuyeee..
Papa : meri jaan thoda seh le…phir bahut maza aayega kal raat jaise…….
Phir papa andar bahar andar bahar karne lage………….mera dard bhi kum ho gayaa
Main : ooooooooooooohh……..papa……maro meri……..lelo apnee beti kee………..chod do mujhe………aage se bhi…peeche se bhi….oopar se aur neeche se bhi……….aaaayee…..raat choot lee thee…ab gand lelo…
Papa : saali….apne baap se maalish karvaati hai….tel lagvaati hai………apne papa ko apna doodh pilaatee hai……aur ab apnee gand marvaati hai………besharam tera badan bahut makhmali hai…….tera baap tere jawaan badan ka mazaa lekar rahega..
Main : toh main bhi toh yehi chahtee hoon…….aaaaaaaa………mere papa mere har ek ched mein apna mota danda ghusaayen…..mere chedon ko apne dande se roz saaf karen…….ek doosre ke badan ko roz bhogen..
Papa : uff tere yeh bade bade gore kooleh…….teri meethi gand………
Main : eeeeeeeee……..peeche ka ched na hota toh kitna mazaa adhoora reh jata…..kitni meethee dard hai apne baap se gand marvaane mein….
Kuch der meri gand maarne ke baad papa ne gand se nikal kar lauda meri fuddi mein daal diya aur phir shuru ho gaye…
Main : aaaaahh.shhhh…..papa..mera ek bhi ched na chor-na……
Papa : bhavi…….meri jaaneman………meri chutiya beti………tera har ched makkhan hai…..tera badan bhi makkhan hai
Main : mere betichod papa……..meri jaan…………..chod do apnee jawaan beti ko………lelo iski……..maarlo iski….beraham ban jaao….besharam ban jaao………
Papa : meri mast beti…..roz mujhe apna doodh pilaayegee na…………meri malayee khaayegee na
Main : papa aur tez…main nikalne waali hoon…….aur tez…….yes……..aaaaaaaayyyyyee
Main nikal gayee………kuch baad papa ne meri fuddi se lauda nikala……aur lauda mere mnooh ke paas le aaye…..maine unka lauda mnooh mein daal kar unki saari malayee khaalee….
Ab main aur papa jab mummy nahin hoti toh ghar mein pyaar karte hain…..aur jab mummy hotee hain toh khet mein.

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